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Geoffrey and Nancy are kind and can maintain their relationship. They are friendly people. They both have great jobs. They are enemies with the Altos, but it could've been because of the Landgraabs being old money and the Altos being new money. The Landgraabs rarely interfere with the Altos, unless the Landgraabs and Altos are fighting over who gets the promotion to CEO. They both have a great relationship with their son, Malcolm. In my opinion, the Landgraabs are more "fit for office." Nancy would make a great CEO and Geoffrey would make a great Doctor! Besides all that, Malcolm has what he needs... a family, shelter, and money.


Nick and Vita have gotten far in their jobs, but both are pretty rude. With Nick being Mean-Spirited and Vita being Evil, Holly Alto is pretty much the opposite, because Holly is Good. Also, Holly has many differences from her mom and dad. It is shown in videos and photos that Nick and Vita have an okay relationship, but they argue occasionally. They have great jobs, but both like making "friends," just for charisma. They are enimies of the Landgraabs, which could be because the Altos are new money and the Landgraabs are old money. They can be mean to others regularly, but is not proven. They're barely aquantnances to their daughter and vice versa. In my opinion, they are mean and hateful and "not fit to lead Sunset Valley." They are good at one thing... using money.