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Larka is a nice and quiet sub-urban neighborhood, located in the Larian Valley. The valley's rough walls protect the neighborhood from all the urban city rush and allow it to be on it's own. However, under the covers, there's plenty of undiscovered events...
Name Larka
Game(s) The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
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Larka is a neighborhood located in the Larian Valley. It contains rich families, living in the centre of the valley, and poorer ones, living in the suburbs. It is separated from other neighborhoods by the rough walls of the valley.

Families Edit

Sinjin Lucky, Hazel Lucky, Annabel Smith, Parker Smith, Rob Lucky
When Hazel was left at the altar, she had no idea that she was pregnant with twins. And then came Sinjin, they fell in love, and not soon after she was already pregnant with another child. Can this large family live as one? Will Annabel and Parker adapt to Sinjin being their new father?
Ali Yen, Alla Yen
One night, Al was gazing through his telescope, when something he'd always wanted to happen happened. He was abducted by aliens. But will he be able to fulfill his dreams, now that he has a baby around the house? And will he ever find the right partner?
Demi Moth, Alicia Moth
The Moth sisters are a funky bunch. They seem to complete opposites of each other, while Demi shares a love for arts, Alicia hates them. But while Alicia is more family-oriented, Demi doesn't like children. How are they still getting along? And when will they find out that they both are in love with the same person?