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The Larson family is a family set in Riverview. The family consists of stay-at-home dad John Larson, his wife, who also happens to be a Resident, Lynn Larson, and their children Taylor Larson, Grant Larson, Patrick Larson, and Sebastian Larson. Soon after the game starts, Taylor will realize that she is pregnant with her first child.

Larson family
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A family photo of the Larsons.

Lynn's quickly rising up the ranks in the medical field, she's already a Resident. She's a great cook, loves her kids, and can make the best Stu Surprise in Riverview. Meanwhile, John stays at home and looks after his kids. He loves to nurture them and care for them every day. Nothing mysterious seems to be happening here, they're just a "normal, nice family". Wait! I thought Taylor's room used to have a computer. Hmm...
Name Larson family
Members Fanon:John Larson,Fanon:Lynn Larson,Fanon:Taylor Larson,Fanon:Grant Larson,Fanon:Patrick Larson,Fanon:Sebastian Larson,Fanon: Unborn baby Larson
Number of generations 3 generations generations
Lot 1056 Cypress Lane
Funds §35,000
Difficulty level Difficulty6
Other Information
Game TS3RV Icon The Sims 3 Store
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Riverview
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  • John Larson
  • Lynn Larson
  • Taylor Larson
  • Grant Larson
  • Patrick Larson
  • Sebastian Larson
  • Unborn baby Larson