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Learning Spells
Name: Learning Spells
Series: Spells Inside a School
Written by: LolitaG

Previous chapter: New Friends
Next chapter: Under Construction

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As that girl suddenly butted in here, we all stared at her. "Sorry to butt in here, um, my name is Alice Hemlock."that girl said. "Nice to meet you, Al..."I tried to be friendly, but... "Oops! It's almost the time, gotta go!" "She's.. Suddenly.. Gone."Lilith shouted out. "Yes, she always did."Hermia said. "Oh, almost the time. Follow me!"Ginger exclaimed. "Let'..s.. Go..!!"We raced to our classroom where a teacher already waited. "Ginger, Hermia, you are late!" That teacher yelled. It seems that his name is Mr... Mr who? nah, I don't know. "Yes, Mr Cyclone."Both Ginger and Hermia whispered in embarassment. "Oh, you must be Angelina and Lilly Pleasant, right?"The teacher contines to us. "Our names are Angela and Lilith, Mr. Cyclone."I said calmly. "Oh, and Angela, erase that Gothic lipstick right now!" He yelled at Lilith, whose getting confused. "My name is Lilith. And she is Angela."