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One Big Happy Family...Not!Edit

The Leone's have always been a strong presence whichever town they live in, however not all of them get along...well most of them don't, but you're bound to get dislikes with a family spanning 16 generations.

How it all began...Edit

The story of the Leone family all starts in the small town of Delfino Cove (custom town) where one woman kicked off this grand and illustrious family. She was named Oriana, a pleasant woman with interests in, gardening, business, the supernatural, and just generally being evil (she was one of many to have the evil trait).She also had a sister called Antonia who had been prievously married and the gone through a messy divorce, however the two sisters lived together quite happily in their large mediterranean style villa and due to Oriana's position of CEO, quite a hefty income as well. However, this would not last due to Salvatore. Salvatore Lovazzano arrived in town with a nice big bank account with him and Antonia, being the least favorite sister as her parents had always preferred Oriana, jumped at the chance to annoy Oriana by marrying a rich guy and then living an even more luxurios life then she did now.

Antonia failed to notice however that Oriana had been watching her every move for the past week and knew very well what was going on, to get back at Antonia, she then swooned in on Salvatore which resulted in a fierce rivalry between the two sisters. In the following week they never spoke to each other as they usually did, never went out places with each other, they wouldn't even sit together at dinner. Finally the connection had snapped, and both sisters were constantly trying to outdo each other. Poor Salvatore didn't want to be fought over so he left town for Sunset City, Antonia and Oriana blamed each other for Sal's departing and there were constant squabbles over trivial things and both sisters gradually drifted apart. Antonia finally decided enough was enough and told Oriana to pack her bags and leave the house... Oriana being smarter and more devious than Antonia decided to move in with a friend, but the night she was due to leave she made sure Antonia was out the way and left some grilled salmon on the cooker and left for Caitlin's (her best friend). The next morning the news hit the town...hard, Oriana was now the centre of attention. Secretly inside she was delighted but didn't show it. She even attended the funeral, but only to make sure she was found as the only living relative to Antonia so she would inherit everything she deserved. Around a week later Oriana announced she was moving to Starlight Shores to get away from it all the actual reason was that she didn't want to be around if people started getting suspicious...

The next section of the Leone family story picks up when Oriana has moved to Starlight Shores and married a man called Will Blues however Will was forced to change his name rather than Oriana. Will and Oriana were now elders and had two children, Aurora and Cassandra...

Aurora's childhood was spent in Starlight Shores with her sister and her parents, however she had received the evil gene from her mother, and Cassandra had a strange interest in ghosts. By the time Aurora was a young adult she had moved out and was living in a luxury apartment in Bridgeport all paid for out of her mother's bank account naturally, and rather than get a job she decided to invest her money in various businesses around town and collect the money and this had worked well for her until Mark Banmiller arrived with his large business plans and new ideas on how Bridgeport should work, gradually he began to take Aurora's businesses over stating that not enough progression has been made which involved Aurora being removed as CEO of Horizon inc. (her business) and Mark replacing her to make what changes he wanted. Aurora however wasn't going to take this lying down and phoned her mother when she got home from her former office. Oriana had been through similar situations before when there was only one way to teach the opposition a lesson. She told Aurora what to do and later on Aurora arranged a one to one business meeting at one of the city's tallest restaurants with Banmiller...

As Aurora left her apartment building with her ginger hair blowing slightly in the night time city breeze her stomach churned and she left in her white sports car (Aurora loved white things). Later on that evening just as Aurora finished her olives Banmiller arrived late as he usually did wearing a nasty beige business suit, Aurora led him out onto the balcony with a spectacular view of the city and told him she was going to get drinks. For a moment she hesitated but then plucked up the courage and when Banmiller was leaning over the railing she turned round and knocked him...

Meanwhile Cassandra had moved away from her family as soon as she could as she disliked her father who she thought had just married Oriana for her money, and by chance had ended up in Twinbrook with a modern luxury villa by the side of the lake which she had fought hard to get the Clay family to move out, the new house had excellent views but clashed with the surrounding houses due to Cassandra wanting exactly what she had requested, however this didn't bother Cassandra as the neighbors were not as civillised of sophisticated her. Cassandra's interest on ghosts and the supernatural grew until she decided to join the ghosthunter career and began to climb the ladder to success...

A few weeks later Cassandra had met a handsome suitor named Taylor who she fell in love with, Cassandra now had everything she wanted but one thing but ends met and Taelia was born, Cassandra hadn't had any contact with her sister for years but she felt she had to tell her and Aurora made out she was delighted but something cold in her voice told Cassandra she wasn't as pleased as Cassandra had expected but Aurora had already put the phone down. She had also told Oriana who reacted how Cassandra had expected, Taelia grew older watched over Cassandra and Taylor until finally Taylor died when a large party set the kitchen on fire and he was put in the family mausoleom in Twinbrook. Meanwhile Cassandra was left in pieces to raise Taelia alone and the now elderly Oriana refused to help either only for her to pass away of old age only a year later. Taelia was now a young adult and wanted to move away but Cassandra had a special connection to Twinbrook and refused to leave splitting the family apart, Taelia moved as far as she could to get away from her pedantic mother and snobby, nasty aunt (Aurora) and coincidentally selected Lucky Palms for her new home...

A luxury house was purchased and refurbished in Taelia's favorite gothic decor utilising the family's big bank account. Taelia was the kind of person who liked to be known and be the talk of the town, so she made many friends (and enemies) and also one lover. He was called Alex and eventually moved in with Taelia giving her the perfect little life, but like all Leones, this perfection didn't last because of someone else. Alex decided to have an affair with another woman infuriating Taelia, she immediately demanded to know who it was however he refused to tell her. Over the next week relations grew bad between them and Taelia decided that it was pointless trying to repair the shattered relations, this resulted in the third house owned by the Leone's being burned to a crisp because of the fireplace. Taelia had it mothballed and  moved to a new modern house situated on the pier and cut all ties with Alex who was now living with his new lover and now on the hit list of the Leone's... 

One month later and in a snowy winter Taelia had two babies and a husband called Johnny. The babies were twins one boy called Georgi and a girl called Judy, little did they know that they would shape the Leone family forever, their childhood had been a mixed one, as their father had left for Moonlight Falls and Taelia was devastated as this one was the second that had left her. However Taelia just got on with life, desperately wanting her children to stay in their hometown of Lucky Palms but the two of them had oter ideas...

We start this section with yet another big move for both of the twins, Judy moved to Vista Beach (recreated from the wii) and Georgi temporarily decided to stay where he was. Judy built one of the most famous Leone mansions finished with a modern wood and black marble facade and large windows to let in light, the large porch and double doors were framed with a beautiful pinkish-red bougeanvillia (if that's how its spelt) and the house surrounded by trees, Judy never really wanted a career but she felt she needed to give something back to the town she loved as when she moved she truly felt at home in Vista Beach and as such became owner of the town's hotel and turned it from a 3 to a 5 star luxury resort after months of striving to get that 5th star. After her hard work to push most of the town to one of the most desired destinations to live she decided to settle down and married a gentleman called Johnathan whom she met at a business meeting at the local bistro, deciding to tie then knot they travelled to Champs Les Sims in France where they bought a small but pleasant holiday home after some exploring tombs together and had a small and romantic wedding with a few invited guests at the chateau followed by fine nectar tasting at the local nectary, Judy even made some bottles herself to take home (these would later be worth thousands after years in the basement of Judy's mansion), but Johnathan kept slipping over on his turn. After their wonderful week in France Mr and Mrs Leone returned home to Vista Beach where Judy's nectar was stored in a rack in the basement after Johnathan told her that nectar always tastes better when aged well however, she did send one bottle to Georgi, her brother as unlike most of her relatives she never had a sibling rivalry and kept in goood contact with her brother. Judy and Johnathan had a wonderful life together and an honest one which was rare for a Leone, and by the time they were adults they had had 6 children, they were: Cassandra (the second), Pauline, Alana, Francesco, Josh and Ebony. By far them most powerful generation of the Leones there had ever been and, unusually as Judy nor Johnathan had it, one of the siblings had the evil trait and would go on to be one of the most infamous criminal masterminds...

As one of my favorite parts of the Leone legacy comes to a close and the grip of the family across Simnation becomes tighter, i need to ask: What do people think of my Leone Family Legacy? Please comment if you read it, or you can comment on my page AuroraDexter868 and tell me where you think the Leones will end up next? I will consider it xx

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