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let me apologise cover- broken heart and blood stains

let me apologise- a fanon by storysims13Edit

RAVEN Lancaster-Parlor stepped onto the platform. The platform was sort of important. She thought.

"Oh missy, get down Raven!" Mother said to Raven.

"Mother, no. I thought it was important. I would've wanted you to notice me earlier but your attention was to that Tobias Parlor. I don't want to be Raven Lancaster-Parlor. I want to be Raven Lancaster. Oh, and I know you're having a baby with Tobias. I can tell, Mother," Raven rambled.

The next day, Mrs. Lancaster-Parlor couldn't find Raven anywhere, and she was left giving birth to the new baby, Jonas, alone.

run away run awayEdit

Raven Lancaster ran. She had her knapsack and she ran.

"I don't want to see Mother or Tobias or Baby or even Fionna even if she is my friend. I want a new home. Mother's constantly treating me like gum on her shoe, and Tobias was soon to be dad, I can't let that happen. I must tell the authorities how I was treated, as soon as possible. I'll have a chance at not going home and that's all I want," Raven muttered.

After another km of walking she saw a small town called Appaloosa Plains. There was an entry sign saying so and how it was exactly 103 km from Sunset Valley and 98 from Bridgeport. She had come from Starlight Shores and hadn't known that Sunset Valley was a place in Simnatia. She knew about Bridgeport because Fionna moved there after her mom and dad got a divorce. 

She walked in the town and saw a happy girl named Jen Diamonds.

"Hi," the girl said.

"Hello I'm Raven, do you know where the authorities are?" Raven asked.

"Oh, I'm Jen and I'll ask my brother Patrick and twin Joana where it is. You see in school we don't study Geography, it is not studied here after all we're in the middle of nowhere. Our signs tell us where to go if it's necessary but people tend not to leave after they've came. Let me grab Patrick," Jen said and ran off to grab her brother Patrick.


Raven saw Jen come back with a very tan older boy who was apparently Patrick.

"Hello I'm Raven, I come from Starlight Shores and I ran from home. I want to find the police, can you help me to the station?" Raven asked.

"Um yes, go up the road," Patrick said.

"Thanks!" Raven said and ran off. She stopped shortly after that to eat a Power Bar.

Once she got to the Police Station she heard a tall man in blue say,

"Hey kid what dya need?"

"Oh um well my mom's been treating me like s**t and my "dad" is gone being a drunk addict. There's a cruel man Tobias Parlor, he is marrying my mom. It should've happened yesterday. I'm Raven Lancaster but technically Raven Lancaster-Parlor. My mom is Lois Lancaster-Parlor and my dad's Maximilian Lancaster," Raven said.