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Life Style (part 2)
Life Style (part 2)
Name: Life Style (part 2)
Series: Life Style
Written by: SCHNETZKA (talk)
Release date: March 6, 2012

Previous chapter: Life Style (Part 1)
Next chapter: Life Style (Part 3)

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Everything was going great. "Great" being the opertive word.


Jenni Jones-Brown

Renee William-Brown

Jeffrey Castor

Courtney Castor

Jaden Smith

Chapter 1: Deadly HorrorEdit

Jenni and Jeffrey were still doing great together. Then one day out of nowhere Jenni’s mother Renee, died. Jenni was devastated. She and Jeffrey started having relationship troubles then. They stayed together though. Not long after Jenni found Jeffrey flirting with another women. Jenni let it slide though knowing her luck. The kids in the family were doing great and Jenni is happy for that. Jenni was in the process of planning a vacation when her oldest daughter Courtney came home with a boy. Jenni never met this boy, so she had questions to ask. Courtney had brought home a boy named Jaden. Jenni soon became friends with Jaden. Courtney and Jaden began dating not long after. They had many sleepovers together. Jenni didn’t mind one bit.

Chapter 2: GraduationEdit

Courtney was ready to become a young adult and graduate. She learned to drive during her teenage years so she was ready to drive to freedom. Mom, why is graduation so far away”, said Courtney who was anxious to move on in life. Jenni didn’t answer, but she smiled and walked away. Courtney knew her mom was planning something…but what? Courtney eventually graduated and she and Jaden found a place together. They continued to date, knowing they loved each other very much. Jaden proposed to Courtney. Without any hesitation she accepted. They were on their way to life.

Chapter 3: Marriage DifficultiesEdit

Courtney and Jaden planned their wedding. They wanted it to be perfect, which was an awkward choice of words for the family. They decided to have a big wedding at the town’s main museum. This was going to be the best. Courtney walked down the aisle. She and Jaden were down pronounced husband and wife. During the wedding something tragic happened. Everybody witnessed Jenni and Jeffrey’s divorce. Everybody was shocked, but they eventually got over it. Courtney and Jaden decided not to have a honeymoon. When they got home, Courtney and Jaden got busy as a married couple. That night they conceived their first child. Courtney was not feeling well about a month later, so she went to the doctors. Guess what the doctor said…!