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Life of a Minx
Name: Life of a Minx
Genre: Family
Created by: Carman39
Rating: PG

Original run: March 7, 2015 - May 21, 2015
Status: Sold

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Life of a Minx is a story by Carman39, based on the Minx family. The story is the fourth Carman39 fan fiction, after the cancelled ones The Bains, Sistaz, and The Beach House. Life of a Minx will be told through five POV's, which are Sarah's, Erica's, Eve's, Jennifer's, and Hanson's. The story was cancelled on the wiki, and sold to a Wattpad user, and will be public on Wattpad known as "Sarah's Daughters" soon (warning: new version will contain swearing and more mature content).


  • Sarah Minx - The mother of Eve, Erica, and Jennifer, ex-girlfriend of Robbie. Grandmother of Hanson.
  • Eve Minx - Daughter of Sarah and Robbie, half sister of Erica and Jennifer, Aaron and Garry's ex-girlfriend, deceased.
  • Erica Minx - Daughter of Sarah and unknown guy, deceased.
  • Jennifer Minx - Daughter of Sarah and unknown guy, Hanson's mother, Garry's ex-wife.
  • Hanson Cinder - Jennifer and Garry's son, Sarah's grandson.
  • Garry Cinder - Eve's ex-boyfriend, Jennifer's ex-husband, Hanson's dad.
  • Robbie - Eve's dad.
  • Cornelia Goth - Eve's former adoptive mother.
  • Mortimer Goth - Eve's former adoptive brother.
  • Gunther Goth - Eve's former adoptive father.
  • Aaron Matthews - Eve's ex-boyfriend.
  • Amy Terryis - Eve's best friend.

POV 1: SarahEdit

The wheelchair rushed into the hospital. A teenage girl was sat in the wheelchair, grabbing her baby bump and screaming. Her boyfriend was behind her, running along with the chair. 

"It's okay babe, not long until we reach the room." the boy said as he reassured his girlfriend. The girl was put onto a bed as she pushed and pushed. Screaming as she did, it rang through the hospital corridors. 

"One more push!" The midwife shouted.Push. Push. Push. Then baby cries. The girl took deep breaths as she laid back onto the bed. Her boyfriend held her hand as she started to fall asleep. 

"Miss Minx, here is your new baby girl." the midwife said. The girl held her baby in her arms, looking at the life she created. The baby girl cooed as her mother held her.

"Robbie, I want to call her Eve. Eve Minx." the girl said, smiling as she held her daughter.

"Woah woah woah! You won't be naming her, her adoptive parents will name her. Geez Sarah!" Robbie said, rolling his eyes.

"Adoptive parents? I'm keeping her Robbie!" Sarah said. But then a couple walked in, Sarah recognized them as Cornelia and Gunther Goth. 

"We're here for the baby, Robbie called us and said we could adopt her." Cornelia said. She came over and reached for the baby, but Sarah slapped her hand away.

"Here for the baby? Adopt? Robbie I never agreed to this!" Sarah said. She clung onto her daughter tight. 

"Sarah, give them the baby. If I don't want her then I'm not having her!" Robbie said. He grabbed the baby and handed her to Cornelia.

"Thank you Robbie. Oh Gunther, Mortimer will love his new sister! I know he will!" Cornelia shouted excitedly.

"Give me back my baby! Please! I never agreed to give her up!" Sarah cried. Tears rolled down her cheeks as Cornelia and Gunther walked out the room, cooing. They named the baby "Evelyn", like Sarah wanted. Robbie kissed Sarah on the cheek.

"Don't touch me! You pig!" Sarah screamed through tears as she slapped Robbie away. Sarah was changed after her daughter was taken away, but for fear of rejection, she never tracked her down.

Sarah spent the next few years after Eve's birth wondering where she was, how she had grown up into a sweet young child. Sarah felt like she had let down her daughter by not fighting Cornelia for her. The fact that Sarah couldn't see her daughter's first words, steps, and day at school was too much for her. Instead of driving to Sunset Valley to retrieve Eve, she drove to a bar and met this man. Sarah wanted to get back into the dating game and see new people, but then Sarah began getting sick in the mornings. The pregnancy test was positive and after a few months she gave birth to Erica Minx.

"This is it. A new chance at being a mother. This time my baby is going nowhere!" Sarah said as she held Erica in her arms. Sarah and her boyfriend continued dating, but Erica hardly ever saw her father as he didn't come visit often. Another three years later Jennifer was born. Sarah had what she wanted, two beautiful children, she forgot about Eve for a while.

"!" Jennifer burbled. Two years later. Erica had just started school and Jennifer was talking and walking.

"Good girl Jennifer! Erica get your coat on!" Sarah said. Her boyfriend left so Sarah had to care for the girls herself. Then there was a knock at the door. Sarah opened the door.

"Oh thank goodness. I finally found you Sarah Minx, I came here all the way from Sunset Valley to find you here." A little girl stood at the doorstep panting. In her hand she held some sort of certificate, she handed it to Sarah. Sarah read it. It was an adoption certificate, the biological mother space on the certificate had the name "Sarah Minx". Sarah gasped, she had found her long lost daughter Eve.

So Sarah welcomed her long lost 12 year old daughter into her home. Everything was going well until this happened.

"Sarah! Sarah! Where is she! Where is Evelyn!" A female voice shouted. Sarah opened the door and Cornelia Goth pushed through.

"Evelyn Goth! Get in the car! You are coming home with me right now!" Cornelia shouted as she grabbed Eve by her shirt. 

"It's Eve Minx now! I'm staying here with my real mom! And my sisters!" Eve protested. Then she bit her hard on the hand. Sarah watched as her tough little daughter attacked Cornelia, ending the attack with a swift kick out the door.

"Wow, I can tell that you will be the tough guy of the family." Sarah said smiling. So Eve joined in with her sisters, and mother, and Sarah could finally relax and stop worrying about Eve. Eve had her thirteenth birthday at the house and Sarah couldn't be prouder. But a tragic event left a lasting effect on Sarah's sanity.

Sarah and Eve were bonding, Jennifer was watching TV, and Erica was swimming in the pool. It was a hot sunny day and it seemed like nothing could go wrong. 

"I know I have probably said this a million times, but thanks for taking me in Mom." Eve said smiling. 

"You're welcome Eve, please take this lemonade to Erica." Sarah said, handing Eve a lemonade and kissing her forehead. Sarah got back to making another glass of lemonade when she heard a piercing scream.

"MOOOOOOOM! HEEEELP! ERICA'S DEEAAAD!" were the screams coming from the back yard. Sarah dropped the glass as she ran outside, Eve was standing there screaming and crying and Erica was lying face down in the pool. 

Erica's death left Sarah scarred, Sarah had the pool covered up and shut down, and had childproofed the whole home. Under Eve's advice Sarah left for two weeks to go on a therapy vacation. And when Sarah returned she felt fine. But Sarah's sanity didn't last long, as another tragic accident occurred when Eve returned from college, as a gift Eve was given a vending machine. Sarah came to visit Eve's house one day and found Eve crushed under the machine, dead. Now Sarah lives alone, two daughters dead, one living in Bridgeport. Sarah's happy life turned sad, and now she is an old woman each day worrying for her remaining daughter's safety.

POV 2: EricaEdit