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Life with more mysteries than it seems
Name: Life with more mysteries than it seems
Genre: Fantasy/Drama/Thriller
Created by: Just a Witch
Number of chapters: TBA

Original run: TBA
Status: In production

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Life with more mysteries than it seems is a fan fiction by Just a Witch.

The residents of Sunset Valley have always lived in peace and quietness. But weird thing are starting to happen to the town and it's residents after the arrival of two new residents, who seem to be normal but but may change the lives and fates of the Sunset Valley residents forever.


There are somethings in life that you always will remember. Some things that you don't want to remember. But my life was just boring. And easy. But everything changed the day of their arrival. The day that changed my life forever. Sometimes I wished all of this was just a dream. But it's not and I blame myself for it, altough everyone tells me it don't. Although, almost nobody knows it. And it's for their best because they will probaly not surive if they discover the truth. But I did. Now I will have to live with the consequences. And it will always haunt me.

Holly Alto


Chapter One - The Beginning

Chapter Two - The Revealing