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Ran Away
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Lilith's Pleasant Change
Name: Lilith's Pleasant Change
Series: A Pleasant Story
Written by: AsherÉire
Release date: 2 March 2012

Previous chapter: A Good Day
Next chapter: The Broke Boy

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"Angela, would you give me a sec? I'm just going to freshen up." Lilith closed the door. Before she could walk to her wardrobe, she heard Richie's voice: "I really think Lilith should change her appearance." Angela's voice: "I agree. She would look so much more presentable if she removed her lipstick and eye-shadow. An outfit change would be a bonus." Lilith felt sick. She thought Richie was cute, but she really wanted to make an impression to Dirk.

If this was what Richie, someone she just met, thought, then what had Dirk been thinking? She walked over to her wardrobe and changed into some jeans, a sleeveless top and boots. She then wandered over to her mirror and wiped off her black lipstick and eye-shadow. She replaced the lipstick with a pinky colour. Lilith wasn't a natural rebel. She couldn't deny disliking her music or her guitar: that came from the heart. It was her appearance that caused her dissatisfaction.

She opened the door. Angela and Richie's mouths were wide open. After the two regained their focus, Angela winked at Richie. Mission accomplished. The plan to change Lilith had worked! "Oh wow, Lilith! I have to take a picture of this!" Angela produced her iPhone and took a few pictures while Lilith posed. The four teens, Richie, Leona, Angela and Lilith, walked out of the door, noticing the look of shock upon Mary-Sue's face.

As the group approached the park, they could see a group of boys kicking a football around. A young boy, with dark skin and black hair, kicked the ball in Lilith's direction. Lilith ran up to it, flicked it up, and headed it back. The boy, upon realizing Lilith's change, missed and let it roll into the bushes. "Dirk! What did you do that for?!" yelled a boy with olive skin and hair that resembled Elvis. "Sorry Donnie ! It's just... Lilith..."

"Hey guys!" said Lilith "I want to introduce you to Richie and Leona. They're from England, but their Simlish is really good!"

"England huh?" said another boy with a similar face as Donnie. "I'm Marty, Donnie's brother. My grandad's from England"

"Got it!" yelled the boy, scrambling from under the bushes. "I'm Dirk"


"You play?" Richie nodded."Right, let's go!" The game was off! When the match had finished, Richie caught Lilith shouting abuse at Angela. Before anyone realized what was happening, Angela ran full-speed at Lilith, tackling her. The Pleasant Twins flew into the river, creating a massive splash.

The boys, and Leona, were shouting at the girls to stop fighting and get out. They were ignored. Richie decided to play the hero. He tugged off his shoes, pulled off his shirt, took off his glasses and emptied his pockets before diving into the river and separating the girls. "WHAT IS UP WITH YOU TWO?!" Richie yelled. The sudden outburst silenced the twins. The trio swam out. They regrouped with the lads on land. Richie gathered his possessions. Donnie and Marty said their goodbyes and headed home. Dirk, Richie and Leona walked the soaked twins home.

When they got to the door, they sent Leona in to get Mary-Sue. Mrs Pleasant walked out onto the porch and asked "Why are you three soaked?"

"There was a bit of an accident." Richie explained, saving the twins from big trouble "I was playing football. I slipped and brought those two with me into the lake. It won't happen again" Mary-Sue was surprised by Richie's calm manner. She let the young adults inside to change. Mary-Sue came downstairs with some of Daniel's old clothes. Richie thanked her and went into the bathroom to change. They all had dinner

When Daniel came into the house, all of the introductions were made. Thankfully, Daniel did not notice how damp his daughters' hair was. Daniel DID notice Lilith's makeover and smiled. Things were looking up- maybe Lilith won't cause trouble in school anymore.