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The following is the list of all lots found in Willow Creek.

Inhabited housesEdit

Ichabod ManorEdit

Ichabod Manor
Ichabod Manor - Schweiger home
Type: Residential
Size: 30x20
Number of floors: 3
Occupants: Schweiger family

Ichabod Manor is the home of the Schweiger family found in Willow Creek. It's less colorful compared to the other houses, while here the color black is dominating the exterior. The house is in the typical gothic-style in which the most of the Schweiger homes are. There are three floor with the possibility to access the roof.

Unhabited housesEdit

Cozy CottageEdit

Cozy Cottage
Type: Residential
Size: 30x20
Number of floors: 2

Wildflower LodgeEdit

Wildflower Lodge
Type: Residential
Size: 20x15
Number of floors: 1
Number of bathrooms: 2

Community lotsEdit

Cherry Blossom Memorial ParkEdit

Cherry Blossom Memorial Park
Cherry Blossom Memorial Park
Type: Park
Size: 50x50
Number of floors: 1
Number of bathrooms: 2

The Cherry Blossom Memorial Park is a 50x50 sized park lot. It features many activities a sim can do.

*work in progress*