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Cassandra Goth and Don Lothario are engaged to be married, but when Cassandra's heart is broken and a big surprise in the middle of it, can they ever live the same way again?

Chapter 1Edit

I wake up from the faint sunlight coming through the window, I can feel the warmth of Don's body against mine. I roll over to see his face looking at me, smiling, his green eyes looking into my brown ones.

"Did you like it last night?" Don asks quietly.

"Yes, I did. Did you?"

"Yes, it was wonderful, are you hungry?"


"How about we go out to eat downtown, would that be nice?"

"Sure." I say. Me and Don always go out to a diner called Petunia Street Cafe, that's where we met for the first time. I get out of bed and change into my casual clothes, and Don changes into his, and we go to the cafe.

"Hey Cass!" Mary-Sue yells excitedly from behind me "Haven't seen you in a while! Me and the family decided to go out to eat since we were all off work today. Want to sit with us?"

I think about it, "No thank you." I say, "Nothing against you, Mar, but Don wants to be with me only right now."

"Oh, ok! That's just fine. I think Daniel would probably want some family time too." Mary-Sue says energetically, I know she's been drinking energy drinks again, but it's a bad time to lecture her right know. The waitress guides us to our table, and we relax, taking our time to order, and making small talk.

"So where do you want to get married at?" I ask Don, his face falls, I can see that he isn't quite ready.

"Ummm.... I don't know yet. I'll think about it." he says uncomfortably. He doesn't talk anymore after that.

We eat, Don pays, and set off for my home. The ride is awkwardly quiet, The only words coming out of us were "Bye." when I get out, he stays for a minute to see that I get to the door, and then he drives off. What was up with him? Maybe he just isn't ready.

Chapter 2Edit

Don's Point of View

I'm driving away from Cassandra's house. It feels nice away from the awkwardness. Nina's due at my house in 15 minutes, and I'm hoping for some fun. I get home just as Nina's walking towards it. I get out of the car and walk towards her.

"Hey Babe." I say to her.

"Hey Don. How are you?" Nina replies

"Good, I was just out with that Cassidy-whatever her name is. She's so clingy."

"I know! When are you guys breaking up? I want you for my own."

"Soon. I promise. It was just a passing thing."

"Good." she says before locking me in a kiss.

Before long we're making out, and I hear a scream, we pull apart to see someone I was never expecting: Cassandra.

Chapter 3Edit

"I can't believe that you're doing this again! YOU SAID AFTER WE GOT ENGAGED YOU'D STOP BEING THIS WAY!"

I scream at the top of my lungs.

"We are totally over!"

I say. I thought he changed, I thought he would become a better person, but he's still doing this? I walk away before he starts talking, tears well up in my eyes. I went over to his house to see what was going on, not to see my fiancee macking on another woman.

I try to think of good things, I got out of marrying him, I still have my other friends, I think while walking home. I finally get home and run to my dad.

"Dad, I caught Don cheating on me." I say, crying.

"It's ok, honey, Only time can heal wounds like that" Dad replies.