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Living One Day at a Time
Name: Living One Day at a Time
Genre: Fiction
Rating: E for Everyone
Number of chapters: 5

Status: Complete

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Main Characters Edit

Tara Sims

Michael Sims

Kyle Sims

Sheryl Sims

Plot Edit

Tara and her family go on an adventure in the world.

Chapter One: Special ThingEdit

It was a beautiful sunny day outside. Tara and her dad Michael have just got home from daily activities. Tara’s brother Kyle was going to work and Tara’s mother was doing her daily walk. This was one of your ordinary families. That all changed one day in the blink of an eye. Tara saw something in the sky that didn’t look right. She told her dad and he saw it too. What was this mysterious thing? Tara’s mother Sheryl just got home from her walk and noticed the strange think in the sky as well. What in the world could it have been? Kyle finally got back home and he noticed the weird thing too. Now the whole family saw this magical creepy object that at the moment had no name. The object then came directly towards the family. It turned out to be a meteor. This was no ordinary meteor though. It was special.

Chapter Two: SomewhereEdit

The meteor hit the house and left pieces everywhere. The family was devastated. They had nowhere to go and they didn’t have a house. The family decided to just leave and go somewhere. But where? The family didn’t know where they were going but they continued their journey anyways. The family heard a strange noise and so they stopped. They looked up and found out that another meteor was coming at them. But this meteor was no different than the first one. Actually this was the same one. See I told you it was special! The family ran as far as they could away from the meteor. The meteor then hit the ground. Luckily all of the family survived. How did the same meteor target the same family twice? Now that’s something you don’t see everyday.

Chapter Three: ScaryEdit

The family was really frightened by what was going on. They ran as fast as they could, but then they came to a dead end. They couldn’t go back and risk being killed. What were they going to do? Sheryl had a great idea by using their cell phones to call for help. Too bad they were in the woods and had no service. Now what were they supposed to do? They need help. Tara was the most scared out of everyone as she gets scared easily. The family decided to take the risk to go back home, but before they could the meteor returned and started shooting for the family. The meteor slammed against the ground once again making a big mess. But this time was worse. Kyle has died by being smashed into the ground.

Chapter Four: In the WayEdit

The remaining family members were now more scared than ever. They were also very sad. Kyle didn’t deserve to die. The family wondered more than ever as to why this certain meteor was following them. The will always wonder. The family took the risk and ran back to the spot of the last meteor. They had to stop though. But why? The family couldn’t get through. The one meteor shot down a tree that was in the way. There was no way around or over the tree. The family was in trouble. Things turned for a worse. The meteor came shooting down once again this time killed Sheryl. Tara and Michael were now really terrified. What would they do? Tara sat on the ground worrying about life, while Michael paced back and forth trying to think of a plan. Michael got an idea. He suggested that they would climb a tree to get cell phone service. So as Tara was an avid climber, she climbed up a tree. She was able to call a friend. Before she said a word thought, the same meteor flew back up to the sky and hit the ground once again. This made the tree Tara was on collapse. Tara’s dad died in the process but somehow Tara survived. Why did she survive?

Chapter Five: Live Through ItEdit

Tara was all alone now. She had nowhere to go. Her phone broke as she fell off the tree. Everybody else phones were also broken. What could Tara do to survive in the cold outside world? Tara gave up trying to go somewhere. She knew this was the end. She just waited for the meteor to fly back up. The mysterious thing is that it never did though. It’s been at least an hour and the meteor still hasn’t flow back up yet. It must have been Tara’s lucky day. But was she really lucky. It was at least 2 weeks since the meteor did anything. Tara was so close to starvation. She wanted to live though. That would never happen though. Tara finally died of starvation. The family memories live on in the world. They were living one day at a time.

The End!