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Lost in Time and Sims!


Does a peaceful stroll mean nothing anymore in Sunset Valley? Mortimer and Bella soon become embroiled in something no single Sim should ever face!

Chapter Two - NEW ARRIVALS

Who are these mysterious beings that go around chilling with GIANT SERVOS? And why are the Scientists of Sunset Valley so afraid of them?

Chapter Three - THE LAB

What discoveries will be made at the Lab, and who is behind the five mysterious Sims appearance?

Chapter Four - NEW PROBLEMS

A mysterious NPC comes to Mortimer and Bella and the S.I.M.S to discuss infections and paradoxes!

Chapter Five - STAKEOUT

The six heed Father Time's warning and head up to watch over the President in secret. But things don't go quite to plan...

Chapter Six - PARTY TIME

Ultra-Sim, itching for excitement, dives into the world of politics of Sunset Valley to get a better look at the Leader of the Free World (elect).

Join Mortimer and Bella as they are swept up in a Game spanning adventure with dangerous implications on all of SimEarth! Featuring your favourite NPCs in a new light, and an all new Superhero team of the future!


 “Who are you?” someone asked from the top of the staircase.

Bella looked up, and gasped at the young boy standing in front of her. “M-Mortimer?”

“Yep, and you are?” Mortimer asked again, coming a bit closer. “You guys didn’t touch dad’s lamp did you? He was searching through the graveyard for years to find it!”

“Umm, no, I’m Bella...” Bella started.

“From school?” Mortimer exclaimed. “Why are you here?”

“My mum is getting ready for the Summer Hill Gala Ball tonight, so Agnes Crumplebottom said she’d look after me,”

 “My mum and dad are in Al Simhara on business, my aunt Agnes is looking after me, too,” Mortimer started.

 “Mortimer!” Agnes CrumplebMortimerm called from the study. “Why are there no TVs in this house, I’ll have to talk to Cornelia about that when she gets home. I’ll write a note, no, I’ll tell the neighbours! Wait! Who am I kidding! You live in the middle of nowhere! Anywhere! Make sure your ready by six o’clock tonight. You and Bella will be attending President Landgraab’s Gala Ball at the Summer Hill Springs! We’ll be leaving soon!”

“Okay, Aunt Agnes!” Mortimer called back. “Me and Bella are going to Central Park!”

“Alright! Just be back by SIX O’CLOCK!”

“Got it!” Mortimer finished shaking his head. “Let’s go, before she starts looking through photo albums or something!”

It didn’t take long for Mortimer and Bella to walk Bella to Central Park. On the way, Mortimer told Bella about his family. He told her about how the Goth’s helped found Sunset Valley, how Agnes’ husband had drowned on her honeymoon, and how his father Gunther was trapped in a feud between the Landgraab and Alto families.

“The Summer Hill Gala Ball tonight is in Nancy Landgraab’s honour. She’s a candidate for Leader of the Free World in the election this year,” Mortimer finished.

Suddenly, the clouds above them ripped open and a flash of bright colours enveloped Sunset Valley. A roaring of metal could be heard as a giant SERVO robot fell from the sky, followed by five sims.

Mortimer and Bella ran for their lives, as the SERVO robot’s giant metal backside came zooming towards them.


Mortimer and Bella cringed as the giant SERVO robot got closer to colliding with Central Park. Suddenly, the SERVO stopped in mid-air, its limbs almost falling off with the unexpected stop. One of the five sims that had followed it could be seen holding the SERVO up from underneath, as if it weighed nothing. Another sim flew beside him as fast as a jet. The sim holding the SERVO then aimed and threw the robot at the Sun, getting rid of it for good. The five sims then landed safely and stood triumphant as a score of reporters from City Hall left President Nancy Landgraab’s side and flocked to the mysterious new arrivals.

 “Who are these guys then, I thought you said Sunset Valley didn’t have any occults?” Bella asked, looking from the Jet to the new arrivals and back again.

“Well, I’m not missing this!” Mortimer laughed, running into the large crowd.

Sirens screeched as a row of Police vehicles stopped out of the front of Central Park.

 “Oh my WATCHER!” one of the new arrivals exclaimed. “Is that Hank Goddard?”

“Ummm, yes,” one of the Policeman replied. “And, you are?”

The new arrival with the green skin stepped forward. “I’m Captain Simtropolis, leader of the Society of Incredible Metasims, this is Ultra-Sim, Simborg, Pyro-Sim and Mine Monster, and we are the foremost protectors of Simtropolis,”

“Simtropolis?” Hank muttered, confused.

Ultra-Sim was a beautiful female sim with a green and black striped suit, much like Captain Simtropolis’. Simborg looked like a simbot with a sim head, and a Mohawk. Pyro-Sim was made of living flame, and Mine Monster was just a little girl.

Captain Simtropolis stepped forward. “Um, one question, why are we in Sunset Valley? Didn’t this town become Pleasantview?”

“What?” Hank Goddard continued to exclaim, perplexed.

“Shhhh, Hank,” Boyd and Susan Wainwright exclaimed, running in to the crowd dressed in lab coats. “Look, they’re glowing with Time-Scale radiation, we need to get them back to the Lab,”

“The LAB! We’re going to the LAB!” exclaimed the Sim made of pure flame. “Fighting that robot was the best thing I ever did!”

“Wait,” the Susan Wainwright said scanning the crowd with her special device, which beeped erratically when it was pointed in Mortimer and Bella’s direction. “Those two kids over there are infected with Time-Scale radiation too, they better all come back to the Lab...”


Mortimer and Bella were ecstatic to be visiting the Landgraab Science Facility. On the short trip, Mortimer and Bella listened while a very friendly half sim half sim-bot introduced the rest of his team to them.

 The half sim half sim-bot called out from his seat. “I’m Simborg, and this is the Society of Incredible Metasims. He’s Captain Simtropolis, our leader, she’s Ultra-Sim, that fiery-chick is PyroSim and that little girl is Mine Monster.”

“Mine Monster?”Bella asked, leaning forward, interested.

“I don’t like it either,” Mine Monster sighed as the Police van pulled into the Science Facilities carpark.

Susan Wainwright began to speak as everyone from the incident in Central Park made themselves comfortable around the Lab. “Timescale radiation is a new scientific discovery, up there with life in space and talking llamas. We don’t know if it’s dangerous to the timeline or if it’s harmful to us either, so it’s best if we keep you in the Lab for now.”

Boyd Wainwright took over. “Do any of you know how you got here?”

Captain Simtropolis stood up. He had green skin, and under that dark visor, Mortimer swore he saw alien eyes. “We were fighting Simtropolis’ resident Supervillain Loki Beaker 75 years in the future, when the robot and us fell through this wormhole. I’ve never seen Loki do something that drastic before!”

“Yeah, plus the robot was nothing special, in fact, I’m sure we’ve fought it before!” Ultra-Sim piped up, putting her hands on her hips.

Suddenly, the two scientists completely froze. Even the Space Monitors stood still. The Society of Incredible Metasims immediately assumed a protective stance around Mortimer and Bella.

“This is worse than I thought!” an elderly voice exclaimed from behind them. They all spun around to see where the voice came from. All that stood in its place was an old man with a long beard, a light blue cloak that scraped on the floor and a bald topped scalp.

“Oh my Watcher!” Susan screamed, cupping her mouth in shock.

“Not quite, mortal!” the old man chuckled. “Try.... FATHER TIME!”


Father Time shook his head. The Society of Incredible Metasims scratched their chins, trying to figure out who this guy was. Mortimer smiled, Bella screamed, and Susan and Boyd suddenly stopped moving.

“How on SimEarth did you get here?” Father Time sighed, taking a seat among the scientists, who were frozen in time.

“We were fighting a gia-” Captain Simtropolis started, before getting cut off by Father Time.

“Not you, Tycho,” he said calmly. “I was talking to the children,”

“Us...?” Mortimer asked.

“Yes,” Father Time replied. “You stink of Timescale Radiation. You weren’t meant to be infected with it. That’s even worse!”

“We didn’t...” Bella tried to explain, but couldn’t.

“It’s okay,” Father Time reassured. “I’ll have to keep you out of the picture. You do look familiar though...But, still, this presents a big problem for a man of my age.” Father Time turned to the Society of Incredible Metasims. “I’ll start with you. By coming here you’ve created your own personal paradox. You see, there was no Society of Incredible Metasims before you five.”

“That can’t be right, the Society is what inspired us in the first place,” Captain Simtropolis piped up.

“Think about the Society’s origin story...” Father Time smiled as Captain Simtropolis, Ultra-Sim, Simborg, Mine Monster and Pyro-Sim realised the truth.

“They...fought a giant robot in Central Park...” Ultra-Sim breathed.

“Exactly!” Father Time clapped his hands together. “Which is what you have just done. You are your own inspiration, and now that’s been settled, your future is...uncertain.”

“What do you mean by uncertain?” Pyro-Sim asked, worried.

“Perhaps things can be set right. Perhaps I can set this moment in time so that you are ensured to exist in the future,” Father Time pondered, stroking his long beard.

“Our future is in the hands of these children?” Ultra-Sim exclaimed. “My family worked too hard to build Simtropolis from the ashes of the war JUST so it can be unravelled by some children who were in the wrong place at the wrong time?”

 “Not exactly, you see, I have a special mission for all of you, one these nosy science people cannot know about. The Sim you seek is going to make an attempt on the President Elects Landgraab’s life tonight at the Summer Hills Gala Ball...that’s all I can tell you right now,”


“This is sooooooo boring! Why can’t we be in there! You know how much I love parties!” moaned Ultra-Sim, as she watched influential sims from all over SimNation arrive at the Summer Hill Springs Gala Ball.

“Father Time helped us escape, so if you go out there all costumed up, I think it’s going to draw attention! Besides, according to him, we shouldn’t even exist!” Captain Simtropolis exclaimed.

Mortimer had been staring at the Captain since they arrived and hid behind an inconspicuous bush in the vacant lot across from Summer Hill Springs. Something about the green tone of his skin seemed familiar.

“But they loved us Tycho, I mean, at the Park they thought we were awesome for stopping that giant SERVO robot!” Simborg sighed.

“What are you on about!” Pyro-Sim yelled, her flame body becoming hotter. “The robot died on us, we didn’t do anything,”

“Does this bush have air-freezers, or aren’t they invented yet?” Tycho sighed, wiping his forehead and removing his helmet.

Mortimer gasped as Tycho revealed his face. He was an Alien. Bella jumped up.

“Wait? You’re an Alien?” Bella exclaimed.

“Ummm, yes, why?” Tycho asked.

“But they don’t.....even...exist!” she continued.

“Well, your government might have just covered Aliens up a lot better than ours!” he chuckled. “I’m Pascal Curious’ son, with an Alien Pollination Technician. It’s very complicated. Anyway, didn’t your Aliens give you that NPC-Tech that we got when you made contact?”

“What’s an NPC?” Mortimer asked.

“An NPC, or Non-Perceivable Controller is a special Sim who control’s a certain aspect of Simlife, sorta like Father Time,” Sim-Borg explained happily.

“Shut up, Borg-Boy!” Pyro-Sim yelled. “That’s stuff from the future! Haven’t you seen any movies! If you tell someone in the past about the future, it always becomes a Dystopia!”

“Like our world’s such a Utopia!” Sim-Borg exclaimed back. “With those all powerful  NPCs all trying to destroy all Simkind once a week!”

 “Whoops, guys, President Landgraab just arrived, are you sure the assassins even gonna be in there?” Simborg called out, looking out the window.

“Look at all the cops, besides, she’s got five superheroes looking out for her!” Captain Simtropolis reassured.

“Then what do we do?” Pyro-Sim asked.

“We make sure no one tries to come out of any Time Tunnels,” he continued.

“Time Tunnels? Really?” Ultra-Sim laughed as she made her way to the door.

“Where are you going?” Mortimer asked.

“Out, I have a secret identity too, you know,” she shot back, spinning around, changing into her formal clothes.

“Yeah, as ‘Regina Monty-Capp’ Simtropolis’ most affluent party animal,” the Captain said, standing up and making his way to her.

“You forget, my good Captain, I’m also Regina Monty-Capp, mild-mannered reporter,” Ultra-Sim winked, completing her disguise with a pair of dorky glasses.


“You can’t come in here, miss,” one of the bodyguards at the party said, holding up his hand in front of Ultra-Girl, who was disguised as he alter ego Regina Monty-Capp.

“Ummm, I’m Analiza Riddles personal biographer, I should be on the list...” she said, improvising on the spot.

“Oh, yeah, must have been a typo, there’s a Cornelia Capp and Patrizio Monty but no Regina Monty-Capp, sorry,” the guard said, stepping to the side and allowing Regina to pass.

Now to find that pesky Time Traveller.

“I’m in,” Regina said clutching her dangly earring, which was actually just a fancy communicator. “I’ll circle the President. Why is she so important anyway?”

“I don’t know,” Tycho replied from the other end. “But Father Time seemed convinced the Time Traveller was after her,”

“What if Father Time was lying,” Pyro-Sim blurted unexpectantly. “I mean, we’ve never heard of him before...”

“Look, isn’t that Mortimer and Bella?” Mortimer said, nudging Bella.

“Yeah, he must be rich if he’s at this party,” she replied.

“Wait! I’ve got something...” Regina called out.

“What is it?” Tycho asked leaping out of his seat to the communicator.

“Oh, nothing, just Dim Sums, I love these!” Regina replied excitedly. “You guys should throw on your secret identities and join m--crzzzzzzz”

Suddenly, the communication link cut out into static.

“Regina! Come in!” Tycho screamed at the small speaker on the dashboard.

“Is she alright?” Simborg asked, searching for her among the growing crowd.

“I’m going in!” Tycho exclaimed. “Simborg, Pyro-Sim, your with me! Mine Monster, look after the kids!”

“My names....Petunia,” Mine Monster called out to the others as they scampered out of the jet.

The guests of the Summer Hill Gala Ball gasped and pointed to the sky as the alien superhero Captain Simtropolis, half sim half simbot Simborg, and the fiery clad Pyro-Sim streaked across the park to where Ultra-Girl’s locator bleeped desperately. Captain Simtropolis spied her from above falling to the ground.

“REGINA!!!” he cried as he dived towards her.

“What?” Regina replied calmly. “I just dropped my bracelet in this puddle, now it’s fried, oh well; we’re all here now,”

There was a sudden bright flash of light that illuminated the entire hilltop as the bush exploded into a fiery ball of fury...

“Whoops...” Regina breathed.