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Lucas Bedford is the father of Sandi French and River McIrish. He was first the boyfriend of Molly French, but later had an affair with Fiona McIrish. Fiona didn't know Lucas was dating Molly as they had secret relationship.


When Fiona found out Lucas was going out with Molly. They wrote an article in the paper, as Fiona works in Journalism. Lucas took Molly and Fiona to court for 'false aligations' but lost; and not in the way Molly and Fiona wanted either. Lucas became extremely famous after the court and became Best Friends Forever with Matthew Hamming and Lola Belle. He became extremely rich and did some work for Matthew and Lola, which was having affairs with many women so that Matthew and Lola could sell it to the press to get richer and more famous.

Return to Sunset Valley Edit

Lola broke up with her boyfriend, Kai Leiko, and started to date Lucas. Lucas drove to Sunset Valley on his own to meet his daughters. Then Lola travelled back only to find Molly attempting to flirt with Lucas, but Lucas resists. Lucas introduced Lola, Jupiter and their son Alfred. Later on, Matthew comes with his pregnant girlfriend, and Lola's fitness trainer, Moxie Logan. River hated Lucas, but Sandi liked him, and he saw that Molly was treating her badly, so they told the authorities and Sandi was taken by Lucas and Lola, whilst Molly, Fiona and River were arrested.

Lucas and Lola liked the buinesses in Sunset Valley, so they brought all of them. The cost was roughly 500,000 Simoleons and the couple put Lucas's cousin, Nancy Landgraab, in charge of the business. They also adopted a Horse that they called Champ. Champ and Lola later won every race they took part in.