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Name: Lukai
Series: A Loser's Try
Written by: Tornac57
Release date: April 22, 2011

Previous chapter: The First Date
Next chapter: TBA

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Chapter 2


"Why? Why is bad romance fated upon me?" Gobias cried, "It seemed... it seemed that we were meant for each other, but things are so rocky now they'll never turn around!" He colasped, sobbing onto the sofa. He felt a firm hand patting his back. It was his friend, Connor Frio, who was over visiting.

"Oh, Gobias, things can't be that bad. I mean, I thought it was bad when I was dating Claire just after Jared broke up with her. It wasn't actually that bad..."

"But you broke up with her anyway, and that's exactly what I don't want. I need a heir, a legacy. Without a child, people will forget I ever existed. Well, those that know I exist at least." Then he struck upon an idea, a marvelous idea, "Wait! I'll adopt!"

"Adopt? Gobias, are you out of your mind?" Connor cried, leaping to his feet, "You don't want to adopt. I hear the social workers treat them nasty and they're always bad. You don't want a mean infant toddling around your place! And if you adopt, you won't be a balchelor. You can't party, and you'll always have to hire a babysitter."

Gobias stood up and looked his friend in the eye, "I'm adopted."

"Point in case, not that you're not great, but you were made into the loser that you are by that social worker. She destroyed you man, you could have just been a normal old fellow, but no..." Connor was down on his knees now, pleading with his friend, "You're my best friend Gobias, don't do it. Don't get stuck with kids until you're married. I understand you might not get married, but please!"

"Thank you Connor." Gobias said coldly. "Please leave now." He crossed his arms and pointed at the door. "I understand your concerns, but this is my life not yours. And we're not even roomates, it shouldn't concern you." Connor got up, dusted off his pants and walked out the door, without even glancing at Gobias.

Gobias sat down again. He considered crying, and really, why not? He had lost his best friend and was on his way to losing his girlfriend. He thought about what Connor had said about children and babysitters. He could handle it. He knew he could, and why should Connor be so concerned? 'Maybe', though Gobias, 'we can't be friends anymore. I hoped it wouldn't come to this but it probably has.'

"Hello? Yes, this is Gobias Koffi, I'd like to adopt... Yes, a boy... an infant... His name's Lukai... Yes, he'll do... Great! I'll see you shortly." Gobias turned his phone off. He was about to become a parent.