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Lyrical Dream
Name: Lyrical Dream
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Created by: Lost Labyrinth
Rating: R (15)
Number of chapters: TBA

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Lyrical Dream is a fan-fiction created by the biggest loser on TSW. It is a drama (with some comedy elements) about a young man who wants to make it as a rapper in Bridgeport but he must avoid some obstacles in his way.

Characters Edit

  • Kevin (stagename: Whiplash) - the main protagonist. He was born to a middle class family in Riverview and has wanted to be a rapper after he saw his idol in concert.
  • Carl - Kevin's best friend and manager.
  • Millie - Kevin's love interest.
  • Big Dawg - an established rapper. Kevin saw Dawg in concert during his teenage years and looks to Dawg for inspiration.
  • Hubbard - a wealthy record producer who pressures young artists into releasing an album for his own gain.

Plot Edit

Chapter I: Aspiration Edit

The year was 2006. It was a good year for the people in Riverview with farm shares being high, enabling everyone to cash in on the success. Not only did that make Riverview a famous place but it attracted a lot of people, whether it be for residential or commercial purposes. However, the farm town had only just got into the hip-hop spirit, with news spreading that Big Dawg was performing at the stadium in Riverview.

"Oh my god, man! Big Dawg is coming to Riverview! OMG I'm so excited and I just can't hide it..." cheered Kevin, who was a 15 year old high school student. "Imma text Carl this." Kevin then sent a message to Carl which read, "omg brah, b1g dawg iz cumin 2 r1v3rv13w!!!1111! i shud ask my cousin in tw1nbr00k if he jelly!111!" Kevin then bounced around the room ecstatically and read the reply from Carl. After Kevin put so much effort into his text, Carl's reply read, "ikr".

Two nights later, both Carl and Kevin met up at the stadium ready for the concert. "Bro, I can't wait for this!" shouted Carl. Kevin had a grin on his face and replied, "After all my years of watching Servos in action, this one night will give my life all meaning. I need to write this on Simbook!" Kevin then wrote a status on his Simbook that read, "Big Dawg is performing tonight! My life is complete! <3". As they sat down at the stadium, Kevin and Carl were cherishing the moment that meant everything to them.

"And now, the moment you've all been waiting for....BIG DAWWWWWWWWWWWWWG!" announced the energetic announcer. "Wassup Riverview? I'm glad you all made it tonight because...THIS...IS...THE...BOMB!" shouted Big Dawg. It wasn't hard to tell that Kevin and Carl were loving every moment of the concert and they were even happier when Dawg performed his new single for the first time. As the crowd cheered, Dawg rapped, "You say heya, I see ya, cruising through Syria, drifting past Nigeria, appearing at the cinema, relaxing in Panama..."

3 hours later, the concert ended. Digital sales of Dawg's new single sky-rocketed up the charts. "I now know what I want to do with my life...I want to be a rapper!" said Kevin. Carl looked at Kevin and replied, "Whoa! And I want to work for a record company!" The duo then went home for the night with their strong ambitions.

Chapter II: Leap of Faith Edit

Present day. Kevin and Carl had moved to Bridgeport to try and make it in the world of music. Kevin had spent the past few years writing lyrics and practising them. "There's no getting in my way, cuz it's all child's play, I go on Simbook to say "k", cuz I'm like a sunray, I do everything my way!" rapped Kevin. Carl had captured the lyrics and recorded them onto a mixtape. "I'm telling you, the record company will want this!" assured Carl. Kevin was optimistic, as he managed to get his first gig at a local comedy club.

"So I wasn't too happy about my character being killed in Paris...nor was I happy about the aftermath of my fast food plans!" said Charlie Sheen. As noone laughed at anything he said, Charlie then proclaimed, "You're just jealous because I can fail and win at the same time! Okay now I have no choice but...Y U NO LAUGHING?" A restaurant owner in the audience shouted, "Amigo, get off the stage before I throw plates at you and I just sent you an SMS!" Charlie then read his text message. It read, "Y U no FUNNEH? As Charlie was booed off the stage, Kevin went on.

"You see me rolling like Optimus Prime, doing everything at prime time, not accepting any mime, making my own rhyme, looking for a good sign, cuz I love the number nine, drinking all da wine, just wanna make you mine!" rapped Kevin. As he was clapped by the audience, he cheerfully replied, "Thank you guys, you've been great!" Kevin then felt that he had made himself known, now he aimed to break the sound barrier that was owned by Big Dawg.

As Kevin stood outside the comedy club, a girl came up to him. "Hey!" she said. "You were great tonight, I never thought I'd hear something so...extraordinary. Name's Millie!" Kevin looked at her and replied, "My name is Whiplash but you can call me Kevin!" They both looked at each other and smiled. "Say, why don't you give me your number? Maybe we can go out sometime?" asked Millie. Kevin gazed at Millie and replied, "Sure!" As they exchanged cell phone numbers, Kevin thought to himself that after years of dreaming, he was finally living his dream life in Bridgeport.

Kevin then returned to the apartment that he was sharing with Carl. "Bro, I think I've made it. Not only did I get a positive response at the comedy club, I met this insanely hot girl named Millie who wanted my cell phone number! OMG, I think I've found the love of my life and I'm getting somewhere in the rap game! This is all happening so quickly, I can't believe my eyes!" cheered Kevin. Carl admitted that he was happy for Kevin and he had more good news for him. "I showed your mixtape to some guy named Hubbard and he was impressed. He wants to meet you. Did you know he is the record producer for Big Dawg, Rihanna, Pitbull, Taio Cruz and I heard he's trying to get Rebecca Black!" said Carl. Kevin was over the moon about everything that was happening to him...though he couldn't quite find happiness over the mention of Rebecca Black.

Chapter III: Standing Up Edit

As they arrived at the recording studio to meet Hubbard, Kevin and Carl had to wait outside as Hubbard was busy recording Pitbull. "Imma take pictures with my Kodak cuz I'm from Miami and you know dat. Even my family in Cuba owns a Kodak, cuz we all love taking pictures with a Kodak, rollin; from London to New York while taking pictures with my Kodak, capturing Buckingham Palace with my Kodak and you'll go to Times Square to take a picture of me with a Kodak..." rapped Pitbull. As Pitbull carried on making his Kodak song, Kevin wondered if he'd ever get to meet Hubbard. "Kodak? lol he should've used a Panasonic." said Carl. Kevin laughed and replied, "About Pitbull's usage of a Kodak...he's got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan."

As the recording session came to an end, Pitbull wandered out of the studio saying to himself, "Mr. Worldwide, this was gold! I smell another promotional deal with Kodak! I've gotta phone Ne-Yo!" Both Carl and Kevin were relieved that Pitbull was out of Hubbard's sight as they could finally go to the meeting that could make or break their careers. "So uhh...what did you think of my mixtape?" asked Kevin. Hubbard, who had a Texan accent replied, "I'm telling you: You. Have. It. After dealing with that Kodak guy, I now feel like I'm in heaven. I want you to make it big...not just in Sunset Barnacle Hidden Springs...even in your hometown. You've come so far, why stop now when you could take on the world?" Kevin was ecstatic about the words that came from Hubbard. "As his manager, I'd like to know what you want him to do?" asked Carl.

" you want me to get my first number 1 hit within the next four months and get my debut album out by the end of the year? Rapping is my passion. I want to make it in this game. I want to be number 1. I'm down for it!" excitingly said Kevin. Hubbard nodded in approval and dismissed the duo.

Both Kevin and Carl left the building and waited for the next bus. "Y'know Carl, Hubbard seems nice." said Kevin. A bystander overheard Kevin and replied, "You think that at first but he'll come onto you so much that you won't be able to take it...he did it to me. I wanted to be a dubstep producer but noone here likes dubstep...according to Hubbard. Name's Rowley." Kevin replied, "I'm Kevin but my stagename is Whiplash. This is my manager Carl. I'm trying to write something that'll storm up the charts and I think if I make it, I may be able to help you..."

Chapter IV: Turn on a Light Edit

Desperate to make a breakthrough on the singles chart, Kevin tried hiring different artists to collaborate with him. The first audition Kevin had to deal with was Bruno Mars. "Is it the look in your eyes or is it this dancing juice? Who cares baby? I think I wanna marry you..." sung Bruno. Kevin stared blankly and dismissed Bruno. Kevin then looked at Rowley and said, " least he's dropped that stupid hat. I'm tempted to throw a grenade at his girlfriend just to see if he's all talk." Rowley then chuckled at Kevin's remark. The next nominee don't want to know. "You could do so much better if you wrote your own songs and that is where you need to start. But I still think you can make a breakthrough...just try again later." said Kevin. Surprisingly, the young female star was understanding of Kevin's decision.

"...and that is how rap and songs about party rockers in the house at night where every day you're shuffling don't go down too well. Ask Pitbull." said Kevin to LMFAO. As expected, they walked out of the room...shuffling. "You know what, I think I can do this alone...with your dubstep backing track, whaddaya say?" Kevin asked Rowley. Rowley agreed and commented that it would be better for both of them that way.

"I-I-I-I-I know you can save my life-life-life-life-life while we're stuck here for the night-night-night-night-night...damn that is more annoying than catchy." moaned Kevin. Rowley remained optimistic that they could make something good. "Surely there must be a song that you've always dreamed of creating?" asked Rowley. Kevin then looked at Rowley and replied, "There is one song that I've wanted to create since 2006 and it would go great with a dubstep track..."

Chapter V: Airplay Edit

Kevin and Rowley saw their big break as their song made it onto the Bridgeport Hot 100 show, presented by Bryan Meecrest. "Our next track is from Riverview rapper Whiplash and it is produced by Rowley. It is titled, "Lights" and I'm expecting this to be a big one!" announced Bryan. As the song played on the radio, the lyrics sang,

I've been to all the dark places,
Seen all the different faces,
Won so many races,
Leaving no traces,
Been to all the places,
You know you can't waste it,
Cuz we need to just face it,
Like we'll copy and paste it,
Cuz we can't waste it,
It's whatever we make it,
You know we can't fight it,
So yeah, we can light it!

<dance beat and a repeat of the first verse>

"Wow...that was incredible! I really think that Whiplash can make it out here!" commented Bryan. Whiplash was at his house listening to the Hot 100 show to find that he has finally received airplay. "Congrats made it!" said Carl. Kevin smiled with happiness as his phone rang. "Hey Millie, what's up?" asked Kevin. On the other side of the line Millie replied, "I just heard your song on the radio and it was awesome! Wanna meet up for coffee? I'm free whenever." As Kevin was about to reply, Bryan played the Pitbull remix of lights on his show. Pitbull rapped, "Voli's a vodka, Kodak's a camera, Mr 305 taking these things to a whole new level! Dale!" As Kevin heard Pitbull butcher his song, Kevin replied, "Let's do it now!"

"So my friends were like...oh my god this guy rules! They all rushed home to download your song and they actually paid for it! They usually do it illegally but not this time! You're gonna be famous!" rushed Millie, who was excited for Kevin's future success. Kevin was happy that he finally broke through. "Wow, my phone says that Lights is on top of the download chart and best of all, it ain't Pitbull's version! Things are just getting better..."