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Willow Manson thinks her life could not possibly get any worst. Not only has she been forced to actually pursue a medical career, she's also been assigned to be the sole caretaker at St. Amanita's Home for the Deranged, nicknamed "the Mad House". Being stuck in a house full o' nutjobs does not bode well for the rich party girl, and she'll do anything to rid herself of her responsibilities and return to a life of leisure. However, as time goes by, she finds that she's grown to love her charges, and she may even have romantic feelings for one of them. 

Chapter 1: WillowEdit

The building was three stories tall, plain brown brick, and windowless. A small forest of fruit trees had grown around it, embracing in with green foliage. A small plot had been fenced off for a garden, which appeared to be well-kept. My seven new charges stood in front of the door as I pulled up. When I walked over to them, they gave me suspicious looks. 

"State your names," I ordered like I had been taught. The first inmate stepped forward. She was a twitchy, nervous old woman with wispy white hair. She wore turquoise sweater that. hung off of her shoulders and a denim skirt that was much too big for a slight frame. Her eyes flicked fearfully from me to her fellow prisoners. 

"L-Laura F-F-Filberts," she stuttered. Her voice was trembly and squeaky, like a mouse's. She tottered back in line. The next person stepped forward. She was a younger woman around my age with dark brown hair, dark skin, and wild, amber eyes. She wore a ruffled white top, a pinstriped cherry vest, and a flounced red skirt. 

"Marisol de Castillo." Her voice was low and oddly accented. I looked her up and down. Her fingers were clawed. 

The next person stepped up. He was only a boy, a child. His eyes were empty black voids, and his ears were pointy under his unkempt black hair. He smiled at me, revealing sharp, pointy teeth. This boy was an alien halfbreed.