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The ghost of Monte Vista
Magnato Shield
Name: The ghost of Monte Vista
Genre: Historic
Created by: Artesox
Rating: Pg-14

Original run: 28/01/2012
Status: Ongoing

Preceded by: N/A. See The five great families of Neighbourhood for a partial prequel.
Succeeded by: N/A

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It has been more than half a century since the in Neighbourhood and only three families survived the second era: The Pomeranian's; The Sakura's and The Magnato's. The De Valour's were merged into Magnato and Pomeranian and the Heartland into Magnato. Compared to the two previous eras, the third era started quite peaceful and isolated.

But soon that would change. The Pomerarian's traditions of business were kept alive with Frederick IV and most recently Frederick V, the Sakura's traditions of freedom were also remembered by its many descendants. The Magnato's, De Valour's and Heartland's traditions however were completely forgotten by the only live descendant: Violet Magnato.

Violet was born in the end of the second era, not soon after that her parents went on a trip in the sea and ended up being Lost on a isolated island after and accident. The supposedly orphan Violet Magnato was then sent to the closest know relative, who lived in the far away Monte Vista. There she live a average family, completely ignorant to her ancestor's legacy. She was considered a burden to her adoptive family and lived in a separated house of her own.

She grew to be the opposite of what you would expect from her ancestors. She was lazy and content with the bad life she had, on the opposite of the ambitious Magnatos. She was shy and always did what she could to please the others, on the opposite of the unique De Valours. And finally, she didn't believe that she could change anything and disliked friendships, on the opposite of the friendly Heartlands.

The ghost of Monte Vista Edit

It was her birthday, Violet was now 17 years old, one more year and she would turn into a young adult. There was no party or commemorations, and she was fine with that, and she planned to do nothing but watch TV on her anniversary. However there was someone heading to her home to "commemorate" her anniversary, Violet's great-grandfather Carlo Magnato. Who came back in the form of a ghost just to talk to his only descendent.

Violet heard the door beel ringing and slowly went down stairs to see who it was.

"Please don't be afraid, I am your great-grandfather and I came here to help you" said Carlo.

Violet with a apathetic voice said: "There is no party today, no cake at all

"Oh, you just see the ghost of a long deceased ancestor and that is your reaction?"

Violet sighed "You are not the first supernatural thing I saw, and all I need to know about my ancestor is that they abandoned me"

Carlo steeped inside the house "Not impressed by a ghost them? Well it seems that you are a Magnato after all, a lazy one, but still one of us"

"You see, if this whole -Magnato- thing is not going to give me a new TV and a next gen consoles I couldn't care less about it"

Carlos looked to the other side of Monte Vista, and pointed to a large empty field across the river and close to a park. "You see Violet, I was raised very close to where we are now, and every day I woke up I saw that plot. I had this dream of being the one to build a manor there, the Magnato Château"

"And I bet you probably died trying to get the money to build the first room of such place..."

"Actually, I managed to build the whole place in another region, but my ambition blinded me and I lost everything..."

"See, that is why ambition is a bad thing to have! It will only bring problems" Violet looked quite angry now.

"Yes ambition can blind you, but not having any ambition is blinding yourself too. Don't you ever fell that you could do more than..." Carlo pointed to the messy room "...this?"

"I have tried once, but no one cared..." Violet immediately was interrupted by Carlo

"The others are not important, you knowing you did well is more than enough! You have a lot of potential, you are just wasting it by belittling yourself. I wouldn't have came back from the dead if I didn't believe in that lady."

"So you are saying I'm special? That I can be perfect?" Violet said with a intrigued look

"Don't ex ..." Carlo disappeared and then reappeared "My magic is low, I need to be quick. Believe in yourself, but never, NEVER! be ...ric humble and remember you are n...better than others" Carlo started to vanish

"So I should not ever be humbles because I'm better than the others?" Violet said with a convinced smile

Carlo tried to say something but didn't managed. He didn't looked pleased with what Violet said, but she didn't notice that.

The griffin release its wingsEdit

It took some days for Violet to truly understand all that happened, suddenly she went from couch potato to an ambitious young lady, she would work hard and take advantage of every single opportunity. Her grades jumped from bottom to top and she got a part-time job to get a little money to invest in local business.

*New trait: Trait Ambitious Ambitious

However, this was mostly because she was full of herself and thought she was better than the average person. *New Trait: Trait Snob Snob

Her nights were filled with dreams of her upcoming future life, in one dream she had won 50.000§ using the answer sphere but quickly spent it on silly things. This idea disgusted Violet for days, finally making she more responsible with money... a little too much. 

*New trait: Trait Frugal Frugal

On the bright side, she didn't ask mechanics when things broke in her house...  

*New trait: Trait Handy Handy

And as it was since she was a baby, she loved cold days and snow:

*Trait kept: Trait Loves the Cold Loves the Cold

Along with the personality changes, came the physicial changes. She started to use glasses, something that she didn't do before fearing what other would think. She also tattooed a big symbol of her family in the left side of her chest. And finally, let her hair grow a little and started to wear more clothing styles than the classic t-shirt and shorts she used. 

In the period of a year Violet took a 180º turn in her life, and could barely be related to her old self, however it is important to notice that all the change is fuelled by her recently built egocentric personality. 

  • The evolution of Violet from Teen to Young Adult
  • Violet's full outfit
  • The magnato's symbol on the left side of Violet's heart

Magnato Legacy Edit

With 18 years of life, Violet was finally a young adult, she was the talk of the town in the last months, impressing everyone with the subtle change in her life... Most of them were happy for her success, with a little exception... Her adoptive family

"Happy Birthday Violet, congratulations on becoming the local Mary Sue" Said her adoptive mother, with a malicious eye "Since you are so great maybe it is time for you to stop being a leech and finally leave this place"

"I'm ok with that" said Violet.

"You don't have a real job or the money to buy a house! I was just teasing you"

"But I could see sincerity in what you were saying, I take can of myself, no need to keep leeching you, right?"

And with that said Violet putted a few things in a bag and left her old house, her eyes were brightly looking to the horizon, to the future in which Violet would live to the expectations of what a Magnato should be, or even better, she would be the best Magnato that ever existed.


A note and Trivia Edit

♣ This is the start of a diary-ish fan fiction, it is a completionist challenge (Maximize all skills, travel to all the neighbourhoods, etc) , with a sever list of rules to make it truly challenging. A full list of mods and rules will be made available later with the Series main page

• The supernatural's sphere of answers (or something like that) truly gave 50.000§ to Violet when she asked if she would ever become rich, but I had to cheat it away since it was game breaking.