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Marie-Neige loves cold. Eternal winter is the best thing she can wish for. Yet this love for ice and snow litterally froze her heart. People around her that have to bear her frosty, harsh demeanor often say that her heart is so chilly that it could freeze molten lava.
Name Marie-Neige Dortheimer
Gender TS2 Female Female
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state Ghost Ghost
Education and Employment
Unemployed Unemployed
Dortheimer Family
Parents Odile Dortheimer, Reynald Sorbetti Both Deceased
Sibling(s) None
Romances Joren Viktorson Married, Victor Gorfou Married, Urbain Givre Married, Hervé Glaçon Married All Deceased
Marital status Widowed
Child(ren) Friga Dortheimer
Trait Loves the Cold small Loves the Cold
Trait Evil small Evil
Trait Insane small Insane
Trait Loner small Loner
Trait Frugal small Frugal
Zodiac sign Sagittarius Sagittarius
Lifetime wish
LTW Gold Digger Gold Digger
Fav Classical Classical
Fav Fruit Parfait Fruit Parfait
Fav White White
Eye color Eye-custom White
Eye color Eye-grey Grey
Skin color Skin-light Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Deceased
Cause of death Frost?
World Moonlight Falls

Marie-Neige Dortheimer, AKA Mrs Polarcold is a member of the 20th generation of the rich and powerful Dortheimer legacy. She is the being behind the disappearance of many men and is therefore among the most gruesome members of the legacy, and her biography is one of the darkest, most disturbing one in the family.

Marie-Neige was born in Moonlight Falls to the ghostly Odile Dortheimer and the businessman Reynald Sorbetti. They both lived in an old mansion they once shared with distant relatives, but Odile managed to have them moving to another town.

Even if most other children usually feel lonely without any siblings, Marie-Neige loved being an only child. She had a rather mysterious and lonely personality, and she also was very mature for her age. Her later, far more grisly personality stems from this childhood behavior.

At school, she was a very bright pupil, and this allowed her to have amazing marks without doing anything there. This combined with her frosty and naturally mean behavior led her to be really disliked by her schoolmates. And this got even worse in high school

Her most well-known trait was her disturbing love for cold weather. She loved winter to no end and her habits were reversed compared to the ones of normal people: she remained at home with all the fans on and ice bottles with her during summer and went outside for walks and sometimes even camping during the chilliest months of winter. And no one knows how she could never fall ill after this.

Sadly, this freezing weather was not nearly as cold as Marie-Neige's heart. She also was (like some other members of the family) a heartless gold-digging person, who moreover strongly disliked work. To complete the description, one should also say that she has no real care for other people's lives and that her possessiveness was unequaled.

Her mother told her early that she should get a wealthy husband to dispose of his money at her wish. And therefore, as soon as she could, Marie-Neige began to frantically search for a mate. However, money was not the only reason she wanted a husband: she wanted, as a result of her possessiveness, someone that literally belonged to her and only her, someone she could do whatever she wants with.

Still, Marie-Neige's sour personality was well-known and she had to go far away to find the person she needed, in Aurora Skies. Here she found a handsome young man named Joren and she seduced him with her rather advantageous looks and hiding her frosty self. She made him fall in love with her and they soon got married. They then headed back to Moonlight Falls.

Soon enough, a daughter, Friga, was born. Many people said ot was a copy of her father, and she was meant to have inherited of his jolly and warm personality.

But as time passed, Joren began to see his wife true self as a cold, calculating woman, which was hidden behind her gorgeous appearance. He began to be scared of her... Marie-Neige indeed began to act really weird, telling him he belonged to her and that she did not want to see him go outside again.

Frightened of his wife, Joren decided to go seecretely outside and meet other people. After some night out in the local tavern, he met a young and lovely lady and he fell in love with her. They decided to meet again...

However, what was bound to happen happened: Marie-Neige discovered her husband's affair. And at this moment, her extremely sadistic and jealous personality gained a severe boost. Still, she was intelligent enough to conceal the fact that she discovered Joren's affair, while planning a lurid fate for him...

Weeks passed and one evening, while dining, Marie-Neige slipped a little something extra in Joren's glass of wine and he fell in deep slumber. When he woke up, he was in a dark, freezing room made out of only grey, wet stones. After some minutes, he realized that he was in some sort of cell, with iron bars blocking his way out. Suddenly, a silhouette moved in the darkness outside the jail: it was Marie-Neige, who was waiting until he woke up.

She revealed that she discovered his affair and she was so outraged (and mad) that she decided to build this cell just for him, within the house's secret basement (which once acted as Marie-Soleil fortune-telling room).

She said once more that Joren belonged to her entirely and that he would never ever leave this cell until his demise.

Joren vainly tried to break out, while Marie-Neige's sadistic laughter echoed in the ominous basement. She then turned back and returned to the world above. She would later visit him daily, feed him and stare at him while narrating him her day as if it was a trivial conversation. This is how Joren discovered the extend of his wife's extreme lunacy.

Marie-Neige even wrote a disturbing little poem on the wall facing the cell to remind her ill-fated husband that he will never escape and that his forced stay there is some sort of payback for him cheating on Marie-Neige:

"Wishing, longing, hoping

Will never set you free

It's the greatest sort of pain

Your heart will ever see."

Meanwhile, Marie-Neige tried to raise her daughter to be just like her: her worse fear was to see Friga develop Joren's personality as many people told her that. Friga was oblivious at her father's dire fate and could not enter the basement, as a skull ornated device barred the entrance.

After some years, Joren finally passed away due to the chilly temperature in his awful cell. And Marie-Neige disposed of the body by burying it in the woods. She then was rather bored to not have someone to hold in her evil grasp and went in search for a new husband.

She found three other husbands like that, and they all suffered the same fate than Joren. Each time, Marie-Neige made sure that Friga would be utterly oblivious to even their very existence by sending her to relative during the short time between her meeting a new victim and him being imprisoned in the very same cage Joren was in.

Meanwhile during all these years, Marie-Neige gained a solid (and justified) reputation of a witch. People that talked to her while she was in inside remembered well her grim and stern behavior, as well as the incredible coldness of her living quarters, and she only appeared outside of her house during cold weathers such like blizzard, gaining her the nickname of "Mrs Polarcold". Many rumors were passed by Moonlight Falls residents, telling for example that the poor souls that encountered her in the snow storms were bound to freeze to death.

When Friga had grown as a beautiful and charming young woman. Her mother's uncare for her turned out to be rather beneficial for her as she was extremely mature and learnt everything all by herself. All these years of secrets and coldness also led Friga to hate her mother a lot. And she was decided to discover all the secrets Marie-Neige locked away from her. For example, during one Marie-Neige's secret weddings, she was sent to Hervé Dortheimer and his daughter Eulalie, who once lived in the very same house she lived in. Having become good friends with Eulalie, she asked Hervé if they couls visit her and Marie-Neige, but they told her that Marie-Neige explicitly said that they would never ever come back to Moonlight Falls. And this answer puzzled Friga quite a lot.

This crazy skull lock had fascinated her for a very long time and she was decided to see what it was hiding. After hours of focus, she finally solved the lock's riddle and entered the basement. And her worst nightmares did not hold a candle to the horrors she was about to see.

She first saw the poem, written in golden letters, that scared the hell out of her. Then she heard some noise behind her and she turned around. She saw a man, imprisoned in the cell. He turned out to be Marie-Neige's fourth husband who has been in there for more than five years. As Marie-Neige still fed him daily, he was "healthy" enough to tell Friga everything about her mother and what she did to her husbands. Friga then tried to free the unfortunate man, but Marie-Neige arrived just behind her.

The madwoman told that Friga should never have come in this place and that she now had to seal her along with her fourth husband so she can never tell anyone. Friga then understood why Hervé could never come here anymore, as he KNEW that the basement existed, having lived here, and they could suspect something after seeing it locked the was it was. While Marie-Neige approached to knock Friga down with a metal snow shovel, Friga managed to escape after hitting her in the head with a loose iron bar from the cell.

She ran to the closest police station and told everything to the cops. Meanwhile, Marie-Neige woke up and, seeing that her daughter bolted, killed her husband in a fit of rage and got out of the house.

The police arrived just in time to notice Mrs Polarcold fleeing into the icy woods behind her home. The policemen tried vainly to catch her but she disappeared in the blizzard.

After some time, Marie-Neige was finally exhausted from her escape and at nightfall, she heard some noise behind her. She turned around and saw a wolf. She tried to get away from it, as she feared it could kill her and ran away as fast as she could. Unfortunately for her, the blizzard diminished her vision too greatly and she did not see the small ravine until it was too late and she fell. She landed in the freezing water and was knocked down by the rock at the bottom of the stream.

Her body was discovered some days later, and no one could ever know if she drowned, froze to death or was killed by the impact on the rock.

After the discovery, Friga felt alive again, as she feared her mother could return to avenge herself, and she decided to demolish the house and go away to live with Eulalie in her friendly and warm neighborhood...


Her French name could be translated as "Mary-Snow".