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Marina Trident
The Sims 3 Island Paradise Logo
Name Marina Trident
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Young-Adult Young Adult
Life state Mermaid Mermaid
Trident family
Parents Tristan Trident, Coraline Trident
Sibling(s) Aqua Trident Female, Pearl Trident Female
Marital status Single
Fav Island Life Island Life
Fav Kelp Kelp
Fav Blue Blue
Hair color Haircolor1-TS3 Blonde
Eye color Eye-blue Blue
Skin color Medium skin-TS3 Medium
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game TS3IP Icon The Sims 3: Island Paradise
Playability Playable
World Isla Paradiso
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Marina Trident is a mermaid from Isla Paradiso. She is the eldest daughter of Tristan Trident, the ruler of the ocean, Pearl's Deep. Marina is next in line to her father's throne, which she doubted her self she will fail in doing her duties as a queen



Marina was born during the Winter solstice, where the water is freezing. Her mother gave birth to her at the shell palace. Her father gave her a special conch shell as a Birth Right, which contained her will. She was just 1 year old when she started to show the ability to freeze water and control weather. Her father had a vision that one day she would be a warrior, and her father bought her a toy mersoldier


As a child, she is a tomboy and loves to watch Sea Games every year. She would love to become one of the athletes of Sea Games when she was older. Marina loves to blow her conch shell, which sometimes accidentally summon sharks, though others won't like that. She also a good strategist at a very young age. She learns this by playing with her toy mersoldier that her father gave her when she was just a toddler. She took Warfare at merschool. Her father gave her a trident when she was 12. She promise that she would use it carefully and would train her skills on using it.


Marina's mother, the Queen, died when they were celebrating her youngest sister's birth. This left Marina a heavy grief, and from that day on she hated land dwellers for hitting her mother with their so-called boat. Marina trains her fighting skills and tridentplay at her merschool. She is a great tridentswoman and a great fighter. Her strongest feature is her tail, which is very strong that it could be used to knock someone unconscious. She also trains for the Sea Games which is one of her childhood dream. She trains for warfighting and how to use a moon ring, a special ring that allows the user to store moonlight and blast someone with moon force, which is very powerful.

Young AdulthoodEdit

On her graduation day, she finally got her moon ring. She is a great warrior and huntress as a young adult. She would go all night catching fish with her spear and net. She is also the palace's supplier. She would pick up some kelp at day and even would go to Mermaid Grotto to supply the kelps of Mermaid Grotto. Her father gave her baby hunting dolphins as her 18th birthday present, and she would take them to assist her in hunting. Pearl, her youngest sister, takes care of her hunting dolphins and feeds them tuna, until her absence. She also had war sharks, which is actually her father's but then he gave it to her upon his retirement on warfare. She is next in line to her father's throne, but she is afraid that she would fail to take care of her duties as a queen.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Basic Merpeople abilitiesEdit


She could turn herself to look like a land dweller by drying her tail, which would morph to legs, but when she came in contact with water again, her legs will morph back to her scaly golden tail. Mermaids need moonlight energy to transform for the first time. So if no full moon, no legs. She never used this ability, as she hated land dwellers and would never want to be like one, because her mother's death is caused by land dwellers, and it left her grief-stricken and took months for her to recover. That is why she hated land dwellers so much.

Extended BreathholdEdit

She has the ability to hold her breath for almost 24 hours all the time, and each morning she would surface at the palace's air room, which a special room that every merpeoples' house has.


Like every merpeople, Marina could make her self invisible so she could not be seen by those sneaky divers. She uses this ability to hide during a war and to attack her opponent without the opponent knowing she was there.

Volume reductionEdit

She could reduce a volume of an object like rocks to dust or a blue whale, or even she could enchant someone's voice by reducing his/her voice chord.


Marina could control the water with her mind only. She trained this ability at merschool to be use on wars. If it's trained properly, a merperson could even control larger degree of water like waves, tides, and currents


Marina could levitate objects with her mind. She uses this ability to fire arrows to her opponent and during war. She also could use this ability to save herself if somethings falls upon her.


All merperson are born with this ability, though if one trained this power well, he/she could control stronger storm. Marina is a weather master and sometimes helps her father on making storms and rain. She also could hold back the rain if she wants to.

Special abilitiesEdit


She could freeze water, which is a special ability that every merpeople who were born during Winter has. She uses this ability to trap objects or a person inside water itself. She could even freeze someone, which is handy if she is attacked, since a merperson body is 100% water and land dwellers have 70% water in their body.


Another ability that every merpeople who were born during Winter has. She could create blizzards and even snow above surface.

Other AbilitiesEdit

Warfare and TridentswomanshipEdit

She is a good warrior and tridentswoman. She has won thousands of underwater battle and is a good strategist. She even trains young warriors at the merschool she formerly attends as a child and teen.

Fighting skillsEdit

She could do hand-to-hand combat and she could use her tail to smack objects and is strong enough to make someone she hits unconscious.

Hunting skillsEdit

She is a good huntress and is the palace's suppliers. She would go out every night with her fellow mermen hunters and mermaid huntresses and her hunting dolphins to hunt for fish and squid. She ever caught a very large squid and at the palace she immediately orders the palace cook to chop off the squid for dinner.


Marina has numbers of items that she possess, including her Birth Right

Birth RightEdit

Her Birth Right is a conch shell. It contained her will and once it falls under other's possession, the current possessor will take full control over her will. She usually plays with it, sometimes she blows her conch shell which accidentally summons sharks (sharks love conch shell blow), though others won't like it.

Moon RingEdit

She got her moon ring after she graduated from merschool. Every mermaid who has graduated merschool will obtain a moon ring, which is a weapon that has the ability to store moonlight and could blast someone with moon force. If not used properly, it will be dangerous and the power will be out of control.

Hunting EquiptmentEdit

This consist a bow and arrow made out of shell, a spear which made out of corals, and a net which is made out of seaweed. She use this to equiptment to hunt at night.


Her father gave this to her. Though it's uncommon for mermaids to have a trident, her father requests the royal blacksmith to create a weaker version of the mermen trident that is suitable for a mermaid. Though mermen tridents are ten times more powerful than this trident, she uses it carefully as it is still dangerous.