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Marlin Syna is a sim in Veronavilla. He has five points in gardening. 

Early LifeEdit

When Marlin was only 2, he learned to walk. He was proud of a big painting of the victorian era, as the moonlight signed on the roof. He was perfectly happy to be peaceful. When he was 9, he managed to climb his first tree. He then built a treehouse for his half-soulmate. 


At the age of thirteen, he managed to make a full-soulmate. They went on dates at the pub after school and told exciting stories to eachover. They were the new veronavilla famous lovers. He was dating Samantha, a 13 year old girl who told incredibly funny jokes and was the most famous person ever with over 1000 lovers. 


When Marlin became an adult his boss was David. He was enimies with David because David was so mean and hated Samantha's beautiful silver coat. He is currently in this stage.