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"The Crash" is the first episode of The Sims Saga, as well as the first episode of Matt's Story.


"I had lived on the other side of the lake. Sure, it was away from everybody, but I liked the peace. I guess I was kind of shy, and I always felt embarrased that people would watch as I had one of my... err... "bad days". I'm sure Calley didn't mind. She was always out at the neighbor's house. I guess I was fine with that. My house had this nice little porch and a rocking chair that I'd always sit on. Sometimes, the clouds would give way and I'd see the view of the downtown area. It wasn't much... actually, it was a lot. The buildings shone in the rare sunlight, and their reflection would beam on the waters. But one building that especially caught my eye was that SkyShock.

The Skyshock was the tallest building in this city. I never went up close, but it always mesmerized me. This town was filled with buildings made before I was even born, and here was an aluminum building of some sorts. I heard Calley say many things about the resort, as it was near the school at the other side. She told me that these columns held up the "lobby" of the resort. She said the building was owned by a lady who went to the future. As much as I wouldn't have believed it, I never knew. I was fine with seeing it from the distance. As long as one of those resorts didn't get to this side, I was fine.

Eventually, Calley got home, and she went to bed. The clouds rolled in, and I decided it was time to go sleep to. And that was it. I went to sleep.

The next morning, I felt different. I woke up, and I felt so confused. I began to hyperventilate, My face started twitching, and I hit the floor in pain. Was this it? Am I going to change forever? I always had this unstable problems, but they never got to this point. I tried getting a bag, but they were all gone. I nearly yelled at poor Calley when she said hi. I began to drive her to school, since I decided I could get a bag. I began driving the ol' car, when I got dizzy. I tried to brake, but my body wasn't strong enough to hit them. I tried moving to the side, when I noticed a bumping. Calley began screaming as I got confused in my mind.

That's when I hit the water. I reached for the door, but I couldn't. I felt Calley tug me, but that was it That's my last memory... Poor Calley. She is scared of water, and I made her sit though this."

Ms. Coddle jotted down the data as she checked his temperature. "You're lucky. Calley managed to bust open the door and save you. However, Mr. Corona I have some bad news. She has a small case of pnumeonia. However, the doctor are right at it. As for you, I don't think you are emotionally ready to leave. You seem to have reported various other cases of this. 

"But not this bad. When will I be ready to see Calley again?" Matt said.

"Mr. Corona, we believe you just can't be trusted yet." Ms. Coddle replied. "We have no other choice but to admit you for insanity before anybody else gets hurt." Matt tried to get up, but he still felt exhausted.

"Is that... bad, Coddle?" Matt panicked as Ms. Coddle assured him.

"No, it's not like those movies. You will just get daily therapy, and we will provide a room for you. And please, call me Molly."

"Molly? Is there anything I can do for Calley? I know she's still a bit hurt about the whole... whole..."

"Don't worry, Mr. Corona. After we fix her up, we'll have her temporairly relocated over to her mother." Molly answered.

"But she lives up at Moonlight Falls!" Matt screamed. "That place is a whole different ball game."

"Unfortunately, that's all they can do. You don't seem to have any trusted relatives in town."

"What about the neighbors? Surely they can do something!" Matt had a scared look in his green eyes, and Molly tried calming him.

"Mr. Corona, I will work with the social workers to see what I can do. But for now, just get some rest." Molly began to head out as she heard Matt say one last thing.

"If she has to leave... just let her spend a day at the SkyShock." 


Matt Corona

Calley Corona

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