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Matt Roderick
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Claire and Matt are two best friends who have been through a lot of ups and downs. After spending so much time apart, they have reconciled and are back together!
Name Matt Roderick
Gender TS2 Male Male
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Parents William and Kia Roderick Deceased
Romances Claire Bennett Married
Zodiac sign Libra (sign) Libra
Hair color TS2 Brown Hair Brown
Skin color Skin-light Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game The Sims Icon The Sims
Neighborhood Sim Lane
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Biography Edit

Matthew Roderick was born on January 16, the only child of William and Kia and the heir of some big shot company. Shortly after his birth, Kia died of complications due to previous health problems. When Matt was two his father was murdered by someone from a rival company. He was "adopted" by Stanton, his father's partner. The two never got along because Matt often caused trouble and came off as arrogant and Stanton attempted unsuccessfully to take away Matt's inheritance. At the age of five he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which was quickly treated. At preschool he met Claire Bennett and developed a crush on her. He pursued that crush when they met again in high school. After several attempts, he finally won her heart. The two began dating. After high school Matt decided to move out for good. His plan to do nothing changed when the tumor came back. Claire dropped out of Yale to take care of him. Eventually he recovered. For a while they were closer than ever. Then suddenly their relationship fell apart. Matt didn't go into detail why it ended badly but that they - she - needed space.

Life in The Sims Edit

Matt was getting settled in Sim Lane after spending the last two years jumping from one place to another. One the first neighbors that happened to greet him was Claire! It was awkward at first then it was as if the breakup never happened. The two were now closer than ever. Willing not to make the same mistake again, Matt proposed to Claire. She accepted and almost instantly they have two daughters Katherine and Brittany born less than a year apart. Things are looking great between them and Matt uses his inheritance (now all his!) to get them a nice little place and put the girls in the best schools. Looks like everything is great now for this family!

Or so it seems. When Audree started making moves on him, he couldn't resist. They started seeing each other secretly. They were doing okay until Claire caught them kissing. Claire is outraged and attacks Audree. After that it's been nonstop arguing between them. Matt loves Claire but he find Audree so alluring.

As time passes by things get worse between Matt and Claire. Things have gone a bit shaky with Audree too after she gave the kids to Mike since he was the father of two of them but not the third one. But still he continues to spend a lot of time with Audree and has been staying with her a lot. Eventually Matt and Claire divorced when he started becoming abusive. He then moved in with Audree and took off with her.

Epilogue Edit

Not long after running off with Audree, Matt left her. Their relationship became stormy and Matt decided that enough was enough. After that Matt traveled around for two years, staying in various places. Months later he decided to seek help and went back to his hometown. There he met Claire and the kids. Slowly he reconciled with them. Although he and Claire still have a long way to go, he feels at peace for the first time in years.

Family Edit

Fanon:Claire Bennett It took him a while but he finally won her heart! Sure she seems a little out of his league but Matt feels that they are perfect together. They may have their ups and downs but what couple doesn't? There are times when they can't stand each other but they eventually get back together. Matt isn't going to let her go this time.

But it looks like things aren't looking so good between them. After she found out about his affair with Audree they've been arguing a lot. Matt feels very frustrated with her and himself. Now they barely speak to each other. Eventually it got so bad that they divorced and Matt left. But a few years later they reconcile and their relationship is on the mend.

Katherine She looks a lot like her father but her personality is just like her mother's! She is very close to her parents and sister. On most days after school, she can be found playing chess with her little sis. Katherine is class president and head cheerleader at school.

Brittany Looks like her mother, acts like her father! She has this very forward attitude that may scare some Sims off. She can get a bit mean at times but once you get to really know her, she's a great friend to hang around with! Like her sister, Brittany is also a cheerleader and is president of the drama club.

Friends Edit

Fanon:Audree Cardova There's something about Audree which screams fiesty, which Matt finds attractive. She's very forward and outgoing like him, which he also likes a lot. But at the same time he just feels like she's a little too open with him. Audree's a real go-getter which Matt really likes about her.

Matt's kind of confused about his feelings towards her. He's really attracted to her but he loves Claire. Even after Claire found out he's still seeing Audree behind her back. Unfortunately their relationship came to a stormy end. Matt never saw her again after he left her.

Appearances Edit

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