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Maureen Langford
Name Maureen Langford
Gender Female Female
Langford Family/Gieke family
Parents Alec Langford, Rose Langford Deceased
Sibling(s) Adrian Langford MaleDeceased
Romances Chester Gieke MarriedDeceased
Child(ren) Sally Morison Step-daughter, Georgia Morison Step-daughter, Jamie Langford Son
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Maureen Langford Adult
Maureen has one rule. Feel good about yourself, you are who you are. However it's hard to feel good about yourself when your husband's ex girlfriend, is the beautiful millionaire artist and the living reminders is living in your home. Still, she tries.
Age TS3-Elder Elder
Life state CAS Human icon Normal
Zodiac sign Pisces Pisces
Hair color TS2 Blonde Hair Blonde
Eye color TS2 Brown Eyes Brown
Skin color Skin-tan Tan
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Fanon:Lavisha

Maureen Langford is the sister of Adrian and the best friend of Flynn Space. Her parents died when she was at college which was what made her and Flynn friends in the first place.

Early LifeEdit

In her early life, Maureen lived happily with her parents and brother in the Kierra District. They're house was quite big and pretty and the family loved it there. Maureen was best friends with her brother and they played games all the time together. Maureen was sad when her brother went to school and left her alone but she soon joined him a year later. Her brother looked out for her but she was fine and made loads of friends. When she was a teen, Maureen had loads of Boyfriends who she knew her parents disliked. This was a slight rebellion but she loved them really. She was happy when she went to join her brother in College.

Young AdulthoodEdit

As a Young Adult, at first life was great. She partied everyday but still got on Dean's list and rung her parents everyday. She knew her parents were proud of her and her brother as they were both very bright and got good grades. However, one day, Maureen got a phone call from her brother. Her parents had had an accident at a pool and drowned. Maureen was devastated. How could she live without them? Both her and her brother had different reactions. He overcompensated whilst she withdrew. Around Junior year, Maureen couldn't pay rent on her residence so she moved in with the college recluse, Flynn Space. Maureen soon found out that they were quite similar. Flynn's father had died just before she had come to college and Flynn was really lonely. Maureen decided to do her a favour and set her up with Adrian. Maureen was glad that they date went well. After her and Flynn graduated she didn't hear much from her or Adrian. Around this time, Maureen met an odd man called Chester. He was having a hard time raising twins from an illicit liaison with Buttercup Morrison and he hire Maureen as a Babysitter. Maureen found this family really kind and fun and she found herself oddly attracted to Chester even though he wasn't really her type. He asked her out and she agreed and a year later they were engaged. After this Maureen finally heard from her friend, and it was a shock. Flynn just said that the Baby was coming. Maureen knew that her friend needed her as she was going to be a single mum and went to help. After this Maureen married Chester and also she decided she wanted to have a baby too as Amin. Jr was SO cute. Maureen told Chester and he agreed a Baby would be good so after a few months of trying, Maureen was pregnant. Sadly, though she lost the baby which lead Maureen into a depression. However, Flynn and Chester helped get her out of it and soon she was ready to face the world again. She had a good feeling when Flynn asked her to be the Maid of Honour at her wedding and she was right. Maureen was pregnant again! She was jubilant and after 5 months the Baby still seemed healthy! She was going to be a mummy. She soon had the baby Jamie but things went a bit troublesome after that... Adrian found out that his own sister was keeping a huge secret from him. He was a Dad and he had been for 14 yrs since he had left Flynn. He became very angry at Maureen and refused to see her. Maureen was really upset but Adrian had been terrible to Flynn and didn't deserve to see his son especially as Amin. Jr had specifically asked her not to tell Adrian.


As an elder, Maureen's brother became sick so she went to visit him and take care of him. Se soon found out Adrian had pneumonia which could be a killer in the elderly... Adrian requested ehr to ring Amin. Jr and he looked so feeble and desperate she agreed and Amin. Jr picked up the phone. She handed it to Adrian who asked fro some privacy. When she heard that Adrian had stopped talking she found him dead but smiling. As she rung the hospital, she wondered what had happened in the phone which had made Adrian smile... Maureen was very upset when her best friend passed away as well but she tried to be positive in life and now that her son, Jamie was a teenager, life was quite easy. Jamie looked after her a lot and so did the twins, especially when Chester died. Strangely, Maureen made friends with Buttercup AKA her step-children's mother and her late husband's ex. Buttercup and Maureen helped each other out and Maureen was happy to have a friend among all the deaths and things happening in her life.