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Maven Valentine is a Vampire living in Bridgeport. She is best friends with Elvira SlayerMorrigan Hemlock, Good Friends with Beau Merrick
Maven Valentine
(odd, because both Elvira and Morrigan are sworn enemies with Beau), and Elspeth Cook, and Friends with Vladimir Schlick and Lilly-Bo Chique. She also has taken a certain disliking to Lady Cook and her husband Jeffrey Cook, due to their snobbishness, and the fact that they don't believe in vampires (even though there are tons of them in Bridgeport).

Maven is a Young Adult, and is at level 6 in the Painting skill, level 6 in Mixology and level 6 in Writing. She is a level 2-star Celebrity and also will moonlight at random bars in town, usually at Waylon's Haunt and Eugi's.

As with most of the Vampires in Bridgeport, she has the Evil trait, but she is also rather Flirty, and a Great Kisser. She's also a Night Owl; if you ever see her sleeping, it's usually on her coffin during the daytime when other Sims are usually wide awake. She prefers the nightlife.

She is also the proud owner of the Vampire club in Bridgeport, Plasma 501, but renamed it "The Coffin Club" as it had much more of her style to it. To her, everything is red and black, and the Coffin Club is no exception. She accepts everyone in, as long as they don't have a problem with Vampires. Unless they're Jeffrey and Lady Cook, that is.

In my version of Bridgeport, her first "victim" is Elspeth Cook; however, rather than biting her (as she is only a teen), Maven gives her a Bottled Vampires' Bite and gives it to her as a gift (since Elspeth had asked her to turn her, but she couldn't due to the "Vampire Policy" [as she calls it]). When Elspeth is turned, she comes running to Maven for advice; Maven states that as a teen, she won't have to survive on Plasma fruit and can live normally; Maven slowly becomes Elspeth's "role model".

Elspeth's parents, Jeffrey and Lady, don't like Maven, to put it simply, as they don't believe in vampirism. The thing is, there's tons of them in Bridgeport. Maven doesn't really like them either, but mostly due to Jeffrey being a political figure; something she doesn't take a liking to.

If she had a theme song, it would be "Living Dead Girl" by Rob Zombie.