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Members Zacharias Papazoglakis, Kristen McCaw, Julian McCaw, Khloe McCaw
Number of generations 5 generations
Family connections Akintola family, Osbourne family
Other Information
Neighborhood Sedona

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The McCaw family began with Jonas McCaw and his wife Gwendolyn McCaw. Together they had one child, Johnathan McCaw, Johnathan married Yana, the only child of Vladimir and Katherina Yusupov. Together, they had one son, Julian McCaw.

Aminadab Papazoglakis married Xanthe Aloisi and also had two children, Zacharias and Khloe. Zacharias married Luciana but the married soon failed and soon they divorced, Luciana soon died mysteriously. Luciana's urn sits on a coffee table in the families living room. Julian married Khloe, and had children two children, Brad and Kristen McCaw. Benedict Vonn married Princess Isobel of Sedona and also had one daughter, Gabrielle Vonn. Brad McCaw married Gabrielle Vonn and also had two children, Don and Melissa McCaw.

The living members of the McCaw family are, Julian and Khloe, Khloe's brother and children, Zacharias, Brad and Kristen, Gabrielle, Don and Melissa. who live in two separate households the eldest living at 1 St. Claire Rd, the other members of the family are in the family bin. They have a slightly dysfunctional family; Zacharias and Julian tend to fight a lot and Brad is cheating on his wife with the local gold digger, Jade Akintola despite the affair no one else in the family has found out yet. The McCaw's are the most well known, liked family in the town, Kristen being the most popular sim having 7 friends, despite being a teenager she is one of the most mature members of the family, Brad is the least like sim in the town even most of his family have a negative relationship with him.

When they are first played, It will be Khloe's birthday, she will be growing up into an elder, you need to play her a fun party (The party room is already set up).