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McDooglewurtz family
Name McDooglewurtz family
Number of generations 4 generations
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Scats McDooglewurtz
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Neighborhood Fanon:Veronaville

The McDooglewurtz family was founded by Scats and Sandy McDooglewurtz.

Family albumEdit

46 Bard Boulevard, VeronavilleEdit

Sim State UniversityEdit

File:DavidRosemarieJitmakusol.jpg|David with former sweetheart Rosemarie Jitmakusol File:Daviddancinguniversity.jpg|David dancing File:Donalduniversity.jpg|Donald File:Davidwakesup.jpg|David File:Donaldomelette.jpg|Donald eats an omelette File:Donaldgoofball.jpg|Donald File:FriendsMcDooglewurtzzzzz.jpg|David and Donald with their friends Stephen and Joe File:DonaldStephendance.jpg|Donald and Stephen dance File:DylanandVivian.jpg|Dylan chats with Vivian at University File:DylanVivianFirstKiss.jpg|Dylan and Vivian's first kiss File:DavidBransfield.jpg|David Bransfield

Out and AboutEdit

File:Vivianproposalrestaurant.jpg|Dylan proposes to Vivian at a restaurant

40 Woodland Drive, PleasantviewEdit

File:DaphnesParty.jpg|Marsha dances with David B. at Daphne's party File:DancingatDaphnes.jpg|Dancing at Daphne's party File:TwinsArtieSandy.jpg|Daphne and David have twins, Artie and Sandy

50 Poet Place, VeronavilleEdit

The McDooglewurtz family
Scats - Sandy
David & Denene - Donald & Marsha
Deidre - Dylan & Vivian - Daphne & David Bransfield - Daniel & Diane - Derrick & Jane
Derry - Darla - Sandy B. - Artie B. - Dominic - Daisy