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The McIrish family consists of a couple, River and Heathcliff McIrish. The've been married for a bit over a month. River was a friendly girl during her youth, but had hardly any friends. Heathcliff on the other hand, had many friends starting in early High School. River succeded in school! She got A's and B's in High School and managed to stay higher than D's in Jr. High. When Heathcliff was nearing 19 years old, he met a woman at the community gym. Her name was River. He was really nervous when he first saw her and thought she was pretty. He walked up to her and said Hi and told her his name. They both were nervous, but Heathcliff was more, because of his Loser trait. His nervousness broke when he found out they liked the same show, The Brady Bunch, and the same soccer team, the Sunset Valley Llamas. They started reminiscing about their interests and youth. They became BFFs within a week or two. Later, they started a romantic interest for each other. They ate a holiday brunch and dinner together at Thanksgiving in 2015! They also hanged out for the whole week of Christmas. They had a date on Christmas Eve. They went to the park, the pool, the beach, and Heathcliff's house. He ended the date with their first kiss and a sleepover. He asked her out Christmas morning. Little did they know, River was 20 and nearing 21, and Heathcliff was 18 nearing 19. They were two years apart! But, it didn't seem to break them apart. In fact, Healthcliff proposed to her on Valentine's Day of 2016 and she said yes! They married on March 8 of 2016. The surprising thing is, she didn't move in after the marriage. River moved in when they were dating, a few days before the proposal! They now reside in a small single-story house, built by Heathcliff himself, in Sunset Valley! They have been married a month and two weeks and seem to have an high and exclusive relationship.