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Ran Away
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McLain and Lowery's Life

This takes place in Starlight Shores

Characters Edit

Sinead McLain: The girlfriend of Parker Lowery, commitment phobe and aspiring pianist. Traits: Commitment Issues, Virtuoso, Genius, Good Sense of Humor, Vegetarian

Parker Lowery: the boyfriend of Sinead McLain, who is an up and coming singer that's is head over heels in love Sinead. Traits: Natural Born Performer, Nurturing, Friendly, Brave, Heavy Sleeper

Anya McLain: Sinead's Mom

Louis Lowery: Parker's Dad

Elaine Lowery: Parker's Mom

Holly Robins: Sinead's Best Friend

Rich Richmond: Parker's Best Friend

Parker Edit

I woke up in a cold sweat, I had my reoccurring nightmare, where I'm running to get to my wedding but when I get there my bride is gone. To many that doesn't seem like a nightmare but to me that is really terrifying,many people who know me know I love everything about weddings. Sinead always teases me about how I'm like a little girl planning my wedding and all but she hates weddings and commitment. It took me three months of coaxing to get her to move in with me, but I know she's happier with me and that lets my mind rest. After thinking about Sinead I decided I'm gonna lay down and try to go back to sleep. I couldn't I was too restless, so I looked at Sinead her face always calms me down. The outline of her hourglass body, her caramel skin, her short dark brown hair and her cute freckles make be melt, But I wish she was awake so I could see her lilac eyes. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen she could be a model of she wanted to, but she's more content playing the piano. I looked forward at the picture of us at our senior prom from three years ago. As I was reminiscing Sinead let out a quiet moan rolled over and put her hand on my stomach, her gentle touch was enough to put me to sleep.

Sinead Edit

I woke up cranky and tired, I don't sleep well when the people next to me are cold and sweaty. I knew Parker had a bad dream but I know he likes to be alone when something bothers him. I also knew if I opened my eyes it would really relax him, but I was too tired. I walked out to the kitchen to see Parker has made me my favorite food a mushroom omelette and on the counter was a gift. That was when I remembered it was our anniversary and I didn't get him anything. Then he walked out of the bathroom with only a towel, and said "I see you got my gift, where's mine?" I didn't get Parker anything but I didn't want him to think I didn't get any thing so I gave him a passionate kiss and gave him some morning woohoo. That's a gift isn't it?

I'm happy it's Sunday because that means we have all day to spend our three year anniversary together, we thought it would be fun if we went to Verde Park to catch the local simfest. We walked to the park telling jokes and walking hand in hand, but I noticed that Parker had this glow about him, maybe it was just the morning woohoo but he seemed different. A lot more lively, we took a seat on a picnic blanket towards the stage and listened to the performances. I figured since Parker was trying to be a professional singer he should perform a song he might win he is really talented. He got up on the stage and he had this amazing confidence the brought the song oogie fever to a whole other level. He has steel in his eyes when he sings and that steel let him win the competition. I was so focused on his lean yet muscular body, his pale skin, his bright green eyes and light brown hair I almost flipped out he was just so talented and handsome it was the first time I had ever felt so lucky to be his girlfriend.

Parker Edit

After I got out of the shower that morning I had the best day, I got hot morning woohoo with my gorgeous girlfriend of three years, I won a compettion and I felt good all because in the shower I had a compelling urge to propose to Sinead, I don't know why but I really want to marry her. I know we are only twenty one but I see myself marrying her and starting a family. So I was just so confident, that I was gonna purpose. I vowed in a week I would propose to Sinead. I went to sleep that night thinking about ways to propose,I had my arm around Sinead and my lips only centimeters away from her ear breathing shallowly and considering options on proposing.

I woke up that morning energized, I woke up at 6:00am steped out on our front porch and called Rich, he answered the phone clearly tired and agitated barely managing a hello.


I shouted in to the phone "I'M GONNA MARRY SINEAD!!!!"

At those words Rich suddenly gained a little bit of excitement and replied "Wow that's great have you proposed yet?"

I uneasily replied no explaining to him the marrying her was only a general idea. Rich's tone turned from excited to slightly pissed off.

"Dude when you propose make it memorable, and know that all girls don't wanna get married I asked Sadie once before her friend Mercedes moved in and she turned me down, and I might have started an affair with her friend...but that's beside the point make it memorable." With that Rich abruptly hung up the phone. Then Sinead came out on the prorch probably because she heard me shout and says sweetly with sarcasm

"Parker baby you know I don't like it when you shout into your cellphone at freakin 6:00am!"

Hastily I replied "Oh could you here me?" after I said it I realized it was a stupid question and Sinead immediately got suspicious and asked

"Yes,I could hear screaming not words but I hope you didn't say anything you didn't want me to hear." She gave me a I'm on to you look and went inside our house.

Sinead Edit

In the morning I went for a jog to think, I don't like not knowing things and Parker's phone call threw me off a bit. Then I ran into Isaac Luck, literally, I hit his chest and fell on my butt. For those of you who don't know who he is he was my high school boyfriend who Parker stole me from. Definitely hard feelings there. Also I think I should add that he's my boss. I sat on the ground rubbing my head, he grabbed me by my waist and set me on my feet. I'm kinda of a petite sim, if he grabbed my wrist he could have crushed it, Isaac's easily six feet tall.

"Are you okay?" He asked in a loving tone still holding my waist.

"I'm fine, and you can let go now" I said in a clearly weirded out voice.

"Sorry, I just couldn't stop looking at those pretty lilac eyes of yours"He stuttered in a cute way.

I blushed, and then he kissed me, I immediately pulled away and said "I need to continue my run" he called me back to aplolgize but I sprinted with tears running down my face I was ashamed and humiliated. But the reason I was crying was because the kiss felt the same as when Parker kisses me the same passion, I actually liked it.

I walked up the front steps of our house exhausted from running from Verde park back to out house by the ocean. I opened the door and saw Parker cooking, I ran in and kissed him to make sure kisses with him were better, and they were. I sighed I sigh of relief and kissed him again and again. Then I just blurted it out.

"Isaac Luck kissed me on my run to verde..." I continued to kiss his neck but he stood paralyzed and pushed me off.

"How could you kiss anyone but me!" he shouted angrily.

"I DIDN'T HE KISSED ME!! Do you honestly think I would cheat on you?" I replied in an irate voice.

A little bit calmed down he said "how did this happen?"

I explained how hearing his phone call about me this morning stressed me out so I went for a jog, then I wasn't paying attention to what was ahead of me so I hit Isaac's chest with my head. Then I told him how Isaac picked me up by my waist, complimented my eyes, kissed me then I ran away.

I could tell he was still mad but he knew it wasn't my fault. I kissed him then realized our breakfast was burning.

Then he asked "honey did you like it?"

"like what?!?!" I cried more worried about our burning kitchen.

"The kiss!" He shouted.

"This is hardly the time!!"

"Just answer me!" He cried, I could tell not knowing was hurting him.

"A little bit, that's only because he's a great kisser! I like the kisses we have a billion times better!" By now the fire was inches away from my back and the heat was intense.

"WHAT!" He shouted.

"BABE OUR KITCHEN IS ON FIRE PLEASE WE CAN TALK ABOUT THIS LATER!" Just then the fire hit my skin and I screamed. Parker quickly put out the fire and picked me up and took me to the hospital to get treated for burn wounds.

I laid in the hospital bed my back sore and singed, then Parker came in looked at me with a solemn face and said "I'm so sorry I let my jealousy get in the way of your safety."

Then I replied "you know your an idiot for ever thinking I would cheat on you I would take a bullet for you, Isaacs kiss didn't compare to the kisses we share.

Parker Edit

After the morning fire incident I decided I couldn't wait to propose I want her to be mine, the whole Isaac Luck kiss made me wish she had a ring on her finger so she could show people she was taken. I decide to walk to Anya's house so I could get her permission to propose to Sinead, normally I would go to her father, but he died when she was six years old. I knocked on Anya's door she answered in a bra and pajama pants with a cigarette in her fingers. In a raspy voice she said "Oh Parker come in here!" Sinead was born in Apaloosa Plains you wouldn't know unless you met her mother though. I told her how I was here to ask her for her permission to marry Sinead, but before she could answer I got a phone call from the binder clips center asking me if I would open for the band robes of teal tonight.

"YES" I shouted in to the phone.

"Parker hon do you want to know if you can marry my daughter or not?" Anya said in a sarcastic voice.

"I do" I replied hastily.

"Well the answer is yes!" She said excitedly and gave me a hug.

"Thank you so much" I exclaimed, then I ran out to go get a ring then take Sinead to the concert I decided that's where I will propose.


I sat on the couch tapping my fingers on the coffee table, I just took a pregnancy test because when we woohooed on Sunday we didn't use protection and I think we might have a little sim baby on the way cause I just threw up. The timer in the burnt down kitchen went off and just as I picked up the test off of the coffee table Parker walked in and announced

"I'm opening tonight for Robes of Teal!"

"Parker, I'm pregnant..." I nervously shouted.

"What! Really? This is great!" He bellowed.

Then to mess with him I said "it's not yours."

"WHAT?!?!" He screamed.

"No, I'm just kidding we're gonna be parents!" Parker sighed a sigh of relief and kissed me and told me to get ready for the concert.

"Parker I don't think taking a unborn baby to a rock concert is a good idea."

"Come on please I'm begging you come!" He pleaded.

"Fine" I sighed under my breath.

Parker kissed my tummy and we walked out to our car and drove out to the Binder clips center. When we got there I stood in the front row, the lights dimmed and the announcer said opening for robes of teal tonight is Parker Lowery, the audience cheered and clapped. I smiled because I knew he was mine. Then Parker grabbed the mic and said "I'd like to invite my gorgeous girlfriend on the stage."

I was immediately taken aback by this but I walked on the stage. I nervously said "Babe what going on?"

"Just watch." He said as he put a flower in my hair and kissed my lips. the he took my hand and got down on one knee and said words I didn't want to hear for a long time.

"Will you marry me?" he said sweetly. I was about to say no, but then a light on the stage flew of and hit a man in the face and killed him? Then I thought how I always saw my self dying married to Parker and if I had just died, I would have had so many regrets. So I just said "Hell yes" and kisses his lips.

Parker Edit

With the confidence from Sin saying yes to my proposal I was pumped for my performance. She walked of stage with a wavering smile that worried me a bit but I decide I couldn't care less. That night I gave the best performance of my life. My performance was so good the audience didn't want me to leave but their feelings quickly changed when robes of teal walked out in their robes of teal. I rode home in a limo but Sinead had gone home by then. She was laying on her the couch sleeping with a tub of ice cream next to her. The rain gently tapping on the window,I didn't want to wake her so I just went to bed.


Sinead and I have changed since that amazing night she said yes. It's gotten cold out which makes Sin even more unhappy to get out of bed on Saturday and go to the doctor to get checked out. She didn't go today because I had a concert at the binder clips center and not a concert opening for anyone, a concert all of my own. I've become a pretty big star here in sunset Sin and I moved out to a nice mansion by the beach where she has spent all of her time decorating the nursery and giving private piano lessons to the children and teens of Starlight. I have gigs almost everyday this week the only day I don't have a gig is on Sunday.

Sin walked in the room her tummy much bigger, wearing a sweater and some jeans. I walked over to her as she got coffee by the coffee machine and tried to kiss her neck. She pulled away and said stop.

"Hey Sin what's you're deal lately?"

"Nothing Parker I'm fine."She said a bit too curtly.

"Sin, I can tell when your upset what's bugging you?" I sat on a chair and gestured for her to sit on my lap. She just waved her hand and said "Parker...maybe we shouldn't get married."

"What?!?" I shorted trying my best to hold back tears. "Why not?"

"It's not that I don't love you Park, I just don't see why I need to get married. If one of us wanted to you know...leave the relationship it would be easier staying boyfriend and girlfriend."

"Sin we are going to have a baby soon, why not get married raise the baby in real family?!"I shout tears streaming down my face this is all I really wanted form her.

"We are a real family Park, marriage doesn't change that!!!" She screamed desperately trying to get her point across.

"Baby please, don't do this to me I want you to be my wife."

"Park, if I marry you now I won't be happy."

"So you don't love me do you?"

"Park I really do, ugh, fine I'm sorry we'll get married." She said grabbing the keys to her care and walking out the door."

"Wait." I said reluctantly, I was going to say babe we don't have to but I couldn't make the words come out of my mouth. "Just trust me you'll love being married."


I walked out of the door tears streaming down my face I immediately called Sadie.

"I can't do it Sadie it's just too damn hard. With the baby, and marriage it's all happening too fast!!"

"Calm down Sin you have the ability to just walk out and leave don't make Parker force you into marrying him."

"Sadie he'll try to take custody of the baby when it's born and I can't have that."

"Don't come to my house go into your house and face Parker."

I picked myself and walked in on Parker crying with his head down of the counter.I walked over to him and kissed him. "I won't let you force me into marriage Parker I love you but let's just wait until the baby is born."

He looked at me and reluctantly said. "Ok whenever I get to marry you I'll be happy." He smiled and gave me a hug and sighed shallowly in my ear. That turned me on so we ran up stairs and had some pretty great make up woohoo.