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The Story Behind the Meadows householdEdit

The Meadows household consists of Norem Rose-Blossom Meadows and his girlfriend, Cornelia Rose-Blossom Wilhelm. They have quite an age difference. Norem is 40 years old and Cornelia is 20 years old. They met three years ago, at a Winter Party in late February 2013. Although, it wasn't a pleasant meet. He saw a guy trying to force her to like him, but she pushed him into a pile of trash. The guy slapped her twice. But, as the bully was going to punch her, Norem tapped on him on the shoulder and as he turned to look, Norem punched him and knocked him out. They became friends that day. When Cornelia's 18th birthday was a month passed, she moved into a house in the countryside. He went to her house and asked if he hang out at her place. He thought to himself, "This place is big!" It was two-stories and had lots of space to make it seem big. Cornelia told him she needed to repay him for saving her from the bully. She kissed him on the cheak and gave a small smile. They became romantically interested in each other. They visited Norem's mother, Rhoda Meadows, to help her around the house and cook. And, of course, the two woman met. Rhoda was happy that the two helped around the house. Rhoda also talked about how Norem's father would help me clean and cook when I was sick. Rhoda started to cry. Norem conforted her. Norem's father, Norman Meadows, died ten years ago, leaving his mother alone in a house too big for just her. Norem went home and woke up the next morning, getting a call from Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital. He got some news telling him his mom died around 3:00 am that morning. She was found on the dining room floor with a bowl of cereal sitting on the table. They told him that they discovered her family to have heart problems. She was believed to have a Heart Attack. Norem started crying and called Cornelia. They hanged out at the pool, because it was the middle of June. Before they went home, Norem asked her out. She said yes and she decided to move in with the next week. They've lived together since then. The funeral took place at Pleasant Rest Graveyard and the burial too. They now reside in Norem's parents' house and they are still together. Norem and Cornelia share a high and exclusive relationship and they still miss Rhoda dearly!