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"The family that has lasted quite a long time in just two houses, and with so many family connections."
Name The Melton Family
Members Ruby Melton, Pearl Melton, Bryce Alexander, Diamond Melton, Emerald Melton, Charlie Melton, Sapphire Melton
Number of generations 6 generations
Family connections Goth family, Schneider family, Alexander family, Alien Hive
Lot Melton Manor
Other Information
Game TS4 Icon The Sims 4
Playability playable
World Willow Creek

The Melton family resides in Melton Manor, a large two-story house in Willow Creek, that includes 3 bedrooms (two master bedrooms and a kid bedroom) and 3 bathrooms.


Jamie Melton (deceased)

Annabella Schneider (deceased)

Chandler Shneider (deceased)

Cassandra Goth (deceased)

Eric Goth

Deangelo Goth

Crystal Melton (deceased)

Mauricio Sweet (deceased)

Drake Melton (deceased)

Kari Fleig (deceased)

Senior Pollination Technician #3

Ruby Melton

Emerald Melton

Pearl Melton

Diamond Melton

Charlie Melton

Sapphire Melton

Cole Merritt

Bryce Alexander

Barret Shafer

Janie Alexander

Alexander Triplets (will update with names)


The Melton Family has had minimal feuds, either inside or outside of the family.

The Ruby/Pearl Feud:

This Feud is still ongoing. After the birth of Sapphire Melton (Pearl and Bryce's last child), an affair between Ruby Melton and Bryce Alexander begun. Behind Pearl and Cole's backs, Ruby and Bryce were seeing each other. With Pearl in just the next room, Ruby asked Bryce to be her boyfriend. They also Tried for a Baby, which they succeeded in doing. The child is still unborn. After Ruby told Bryce the good news, they convinced each other to leave their spouses, in which Pearl and Cole discovered the affair. Cole then god very depressed and moved out of the house. Pearl became very angry, and took any chance to yell at her mother that she could. She also became very angry with her neighbour, Dusty Hogg, when he tried to be friendly with her.

The Melton/Hogg Feud:

The Feud began during the Ruby/Pearl Feud, when Dusty Hogg tried to be friendly with an Angry and hateful Pearl Melton. She immediately began to scream at him, and even slapped him in the face. This began Dusty's hate for the Melton family.