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Mike Edwards
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Mike Edwards
'Meet the Edwards, a family who hopes to make the best of everything!'
Name Mike Edwards
Gender TS2 Male Male
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Parents Thomas and Cassie Edwards
Sibling(s) Gregory and David
Romances Shawn McCormickDivorced, Taylee BlueDivorced
Child(ren) Anna Deceased, Tanner Blue (adopted) Tess, Carlee, Davey, Matthew (adopted)
Zodiac sign Cancer Cancer
Hair color TS2 Black Hair Black
Skin color Skin-light Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game The Sims Icon The Sims
Neighborhood Sim Lane
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Biography Edit

Michael Edwards was the middle child of Thomas and Cassie. He was born on December 30 on an airport as the family was about to return home from vacation. Mike was never really close to his brothers and preferred books over friends. He was never one to go out on dates. Then he met Shawn McCormick after helping her find her way to the front office at school. When Shawn became pregnant with Anna, they both dropped out of high school to raise their child despite their parent's protests. The two were married in some private church in another city. Two years later, they divorced and Mike took custody of Anna.

Life in Sim Lane Edit

When Anna is offered a scholarship to one of the best high schools in the world, Mike took the opportunity to start over in Sim Lane. The two first moved to a house which was nicknamed the "death lot" because so many Sims mysteriously died there. At the time the yard wasn't as cluttered with gravestones and wasn't as haunted. But after several mysterious deaths and scary hauntings, Mike relocated to the other side of the neighborhood. Later he met Taylee Blue, whose family moved into the death lot. Shortly after her husband Rosco died in a fire at the house, the two found themselves in a relationship. Before they knew it, they were married and had a girl named Tess. The marriage fell apart quickly and Taylee left with Tess, leaving son Tanner behind. Mike currently works as a science teacher at Anna's school.

After his divorce with Taylee, Mike decided to put off relationships for a while. Then he met Audree and they just fell in love! Anna is coming across as a gifted artist and has a successful future ahead. At least, they thought so until Anna became a victim of the death lot. It all started when they met a new neighbor whose name they never got. Anna was called to visit him on the day of her death. Hours later the neighbor called Mike over and he found his daughter trapped in a room surrounded by ashes. The neighbor later disappeared.

Months after that Mike suddenly became the father of three young kids! Audree's relationships has some consequences and Audree feels that she isn't capable of caring for three kids. She temporarily moves in with Mike and Tanner and brings them in. They are Baby, Bellauve, and Locobutt. The twins Baby and Bellauve are Mike's and Locobutt's father has not identified himself yet. Mike agrees to adopt them and by Christmas the adoption was made official and they were given new names, Carlee, Davey, and Matthew.

Epilogue Edit

Mike stayed in Sim Lane raising the children while Tanner went off to Sim U. A ear later, Mike suffered a sudden heart attack which forced him to stay in the hospital for months. Tanner, against his stepfather's protests, dropped out of school to take care of him and the kids. A year later Mike fully recovered and Tanner attended a local community college while staying at home.

The mystery of Anna's death still remains a mystery. However, recent reports say that people who walked by the infamous death lot felt a strong presence. Sure there are a lot of ghosts who are stuck in that lot but many said the presence revealed herself as "Anna". Sometime later, when a mysterious fire appeared on the lot, the smoke formed the words: The big reveal is coming. Two months later Sims are still talking about it along with all the other mysterious stuff happening in that place.

Carley, Davey and Matthew are doing well in school. Carley excels in science and won first place in the science fair two years in a row. Davey is skilled with numbers and is fascinated by physics. Matthew suffers from dyslexia but is a talented writer. His father makes contact with him occasionally but it is often limited. The last time they contacted each other was over a year ago.

Months after recovering from his heart attack Mike resumed his job as a science teacher. Although he never heard from Taylee, Tess has made contact with him and gradually became more involved with family affairs. She and her stepfather (who divorced Taylee after a short time) often visited during the summer.

Marriages Edit

Shawn McCormick The two met in high school. During their junior year, both dropped out when Anna was born. They were each other's first love and were convinced that they were meant to be. Unfortunately they divorced two years later. After the divorce, they never contacted each other ever again. Last thing Mike heard was that she remarried and is doing very well. The only time Mike saw her in person since the divorce was during Anna's funeral. She stayed a few minutes but never spoke to him.

Taylee Blue Looking back, Mike sees this marriage as a mistake. He had no idea how or why he was so into her. He barely knew her and once they married she became nonexistent. None of the neighbors really know what was going on between them. Their child, Tess, was a devil. The only good thing that came out of the marriage was Tanner. Taylee has since remarried and divorced. Mike has never seen or heard from her since the divorce.

Family Edit

Anna Born in his first marriage with Shawn. She is very close with Mike and Tanner. Some may call her a daddy's girl but she doesn't mind. She had a bad feeling about Taylee when they first met. She felt that Mike was making a mistake but supported him anyway. When Tess was born, Anna tried to keep her cool. Eventually she got fed up with her. She is very protective of her father and cares about him a lot. Though she's a little serious for a kid, she's very wise and intelligent. Unfortunately her life was cut short when she was found dead in the death lot. Her death is currently under investigation. Eventually the case was left unresolved due to lack of evidence. A recent turn of events suggest that closure may come in the future.

Tanner Blue Taylee's son from her first marriage. He likes Mike and Anna and prefers them to his own family. When his mother remarried and had a baby, he became best friends with Anna. Tess seemed to hate him the most. She would insult him up to the point where he snapped. Like Anna, he wasn't so sure if the marriage was a good idea. He didn't mind having Anna as a stepsister though. When Taylee and Mike divorced, Mike adopted him and he became part of the family. Tanner went to Sim U before dropping out to take care of Mike and then lived at home while attending community college. He is majoring in communications.

Tess She was born right after Mike and Taylee married. The girl was mean and caused trouble. All she did was insult everyone, especially Anna and Tanner. None of her parents wanted her when they divorced. Eventually Taylee was her guardian and they left. Mike did not know about their whereabouts and was never contacted by them.

Some years later Tess and her stepfather, another ex of Taylee, made contact with him. Tess had changed due to being in her stepfather's care, becoming nicer and less troublesome, although she is a bit manipulative at times. Both she and her stepfather were accepted into the family.

Carlee (Baby Cardova) Carlee resembles her late half-sis Anna and likes to paint. She is the older twin. She loves science and hopes to be a botanist when she grows up. At school Carley is a two time winner of the science fair. She is protective of her younger brothers and does not like being pushed around. Carlee is also very organized and often helps Mike organize his notes and lesson plans.

Davey (Bellauve Cardova) The younger twin. He resembles his father Mike and is very observant. Davey wants to be a scientist and enjoys doing experiments that involve numbers and observing. He has sharp vision and is quick to point out if something was wrong. At times he can be a little too involved with his experiments.

Matthew (Locobutt Cardova) He's very outgoing but has a lot of problems. He can be rude when provoked and has a bit of a temper. His father eventually made limited contact with him. Matthew does not have any emotional connection towards his father but genuinely feels sorry for him. The last time they talked was over a year ago. As he grew older, he became less rude but still possessed a stubborn streak. Despite his dyslexia, Matthew was a talented writer, often spending his free time writing stories, which he hopes he becomes famous for. Many of them were published in the school paper.

Relationships Edit

Fanon:Audree Cardova Not long after divorcing Taylee, Mike found himself in another relationship! After what happened with Shawn and Taylee, he's become a bit hesitant in starting relationships but Audree seems decent. She's also a great chess player and they love to spend time in the hot tub together. But he has a feeling that there might be some tension between the kids. Mike hopes that it's just nothing and that maybe Audree will really be the one.

Things have changed a lot between them but they are still good friends. Mike is happy that Audree trusts him enough to help her when she needs it.

Unfortunately, as Audree continues her tumultuous affair with Matt, their relationship became very strained. Eventually Audree and Matt ran off together and Mike never saw either of them again.

Friends Edit

Fanon:James Finnegan For a while Mike didn't really have any friends. Then he met James and he feels like they've known each other for years! One of their favorite things to do is challenge each other to a game of chess. Watch out because these matches can get really intense!

Appearances Edit

Fanon:Sim Lane Stories