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Info and traitsEdit

Mike Melze is the adopted child of Toby And Tony Melze  and their only friend. His traits are "Athletic" "Good" "Flirty" "Brave" and Friendly. 


When Mike was a toddler he got adopted by two criminals Toby and Tony melze. He was their only friend and he learned all his toddler skills. Because of his parents richness He also got a little spoiled. Then he became a child and began school. He got B+ grades but what he most wanted was friends. He got one good friend Arlo Bunch and they also shared the athletic traits. When Mike became a teen Tony his more wild father got arrested while at work. Then Mike discovered that both Tony and Toby Were criminals and began to dislike them due to his good trait, especially Tony. He was still friends with Arlo Bunch and they began playing soccer together. This slightly affected Mikes grades but he managed to hold be above C. When he became young adult his final grade Was C+. He and Arlo decided that they wanted to move to bridgeport and become soccer stars.