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Info and traitsEdit

Mike was adopted as a child by Toby and Tony Melze. Despite his parents traits such as "mean spirited" "grumpy" and evil, Mikes traits were "athletic" "good" and friendly.           ​​


When Mike began school he quickly became friends with Arlo Bunch as they share the athletic traits. Mike began playing sports with Arlo so much that it began to affect his grades. He still managed to hold them at C+ but not more. When Mike became a teen He found out that his parents were criminals when they were both arrested. He began to dislike them and almost always slept over at Arlos place. Finally he graduated with a grade of C+ and imidiately traveled with Arlo to Bridgeport where they wanted to be sport stars.

Mike and Arlo arrived at Bridgeport soon after. they bought an apartment and both got a job in the sports career. When Mike and Arlo weren't at work Mike made friends and Arlo began mixing drinks. Later on they were both begun to gain celebrity stars because of their sport careers. It was also an plus that Mike knew a lot of peaple and Arlo worked at plasma 501. But then one knight plasma 501 was just closed and Arlo was heading home, a black shadow came and bit him. He waked up soon after with a mark on his wrist. When Mike saw the Mark he almost screamed up in surprise! He knew that there were vampires in Bridgeport but never that his best friend would be one. TO BE CONTINUED SOON!