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Minx family
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Name Minx family
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Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
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Minx family
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Name Minx family
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Minx family
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Name Minx family
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Game TS4 Icon The Sims 4
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  The Minx family is a Sims 4 and Sims 3 family. The family now features Sarah MinxJennifer Minx, Hanson Cinder, and Tinashe Minx.

Bio (TS2)Edit

In The Sims 2, Sarah appears as a child, with her mother Bhani Minx (nee Hua) and father Richie, shortly after Sarah's birth, Bhani and Richie had Jason. Bhani has the Fortune aspiration, and wants to run away and make money, her relationship with her husband and daughter is strained, but her relationship with her son is amazing. Knowing Jason won't remember his father and sister or miss them, Bhani ran away, abandoning her family, but took Jason with her, leaving Sarah and Ritchie heartbroken. Sarah and Ritchie never saw Bhani or Jason again.

Bio (TS3)Edit

A Decision to RegretEdit

After Bhani ran away with Jason, Sarah fell down a downward spiral as a teen and a young adult. Sarah Minx once had a baby, Eve Minx with an unknown man, however feeling as if she can't care for a child, she gives Eve to the Goths. Eve is renamed "Evelyn Goth" and Sarah moves. Sarah always regretted giving up her daughter, and it took ages for Sarah to get over it.

A Second and Third ChanceEdit

Sarah is given a second chance when her new unnamed boyfriend gets her pregnant, and soon after Erica Minx is born. Sarah vows to love Erica as much as she would have loved Eve. A few years later Jennifer Minx is born. Sarah and her boyfriend break up and Sarah raises her two girls as a single mother.

Return of Eve and Tragedy StrikesEdit

One day, Sarah answers the door, and Eve (having run away from her family" had turned up. Sarah accepts her daughter back, and so does Eve's half-sisters. But soon after Eve's return, tragedy strikes into the household as Erica dies in a pool accident as a child. Sarah, toddler Jennifer, and teen Eve are devastated. Sarah does everything she can to keep her daughters safe, as Erica's death made her paranoid to the extent of taking away the pool. Sarah was nervous when Eve went to college, fearing that she would lose her daughter again.

Eve's College ExperienceEdit

Eve arrived at college and studied Fine Arts. She moved into a home with ber boyfriend Aaron Matthews. Eve did well in her classes, was always very kind and popular. Eve and Aaron broke up and Eve found love with Garry Cinder, her professor. Eve left for break and was about to join another term, but Sarah's worst fears came true when Eve died in a vending machine accident.

Jennifer's EscapeEdit

Sarah's sanity left after Eve's death. Sarah became extremely protective of her only remaining daughter, child proofing the house and only letting Jennifer out for school. When Jennifer became a young adult, she left for college against Sarah's wishes. Jennifer finally felt at home during college. Like her sister, Jennifer took fine arts and her professor was Garry Cinder. Jennifer met Garry and they bonded over their love of Eve. Their friendship turned romantic and once Jennifer graduated they dated and married, and Jennifer finally left with Garry to go to Bridgeport.

​Baby and DivorceEdit

Jennifer became pregnant with Garry's child, and together they had a son, Hanson. Jennifer and Garry planned to have a second child together, but they fell apart and divorced. They still lived together and remained friends, but only for Hanson's sake.

Bio (TS4)Edit

Move to Willow Creek, Pregnancy, and New BabyEdit

Jennifer seemingly later built bridges with her mother, as they moved to Willow Creek together with Hanson, while Garry moved to Oasis Springs. Jennifer ended up having a brief reconcile with Garry, while dating J Huntington III. Jennifer later discovered she was pregnant, but didn't know who the dad was. Jennifer told Garry at a family vacation, and J at home, they broke up. Jennifer finally gave birth sometime later to her second child, a daughter named Tinashe, who's father was J.


Minx - Cheeky, mischeivous, and seductive girl, the family name is fitting as the family is mostly female.

Bhani - Name of a Hindu Goddess, fitting as Bhani Minx is implied to be of Indian and Chinese descent.

Hua - Bhani Minx's maiden name means flower in Chinese, Bhani's last name also implies Bhani's Asian descent, and was possibly named after popular Chinese song "Mo Li Hua".

Ritchie - Popular American name derived from "Richie", Ritchie is mostly used as a last name however, but can be short for Richard.

Sarah - Hebrew name meaning "Lady, princess, or noblewoman".

Jason - Greek name, in mythology, Jason was the leader of the Argonauts.

Eve - Named after the biblical character Eve, the first woman on earth.

Erica - Feminine form for Eric.

Jennifer - Cornish form of name "Guinevere".

Garry - Variant of Gary, named for Gary, a city in Indiana.

Cinder - A pyroclastic material, and igenous rock.

Hanson - Usually a surname, son of Han

J - J stands for Jameson, meaning son of James, once again mostly a surname.

Tinashe - Meaning "God is with us" in Shona, Zimbabwe.

Family treeEdit

Minx family updated

The Minx family tree (updated version)