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Miss Sim Universe
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22px-Flag_of_Colombia.svg.png Colombia

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Dat Torres

Current Titleholder

Dayana Vargas


22px-Flag_of_Colombia.svg.png Colombia

Miss Sim Universe is an annual international sim beauty contest. It's the most famous beauty pageant along Internet. The contest was founded in 2008 in Spain by J.K. It is based on Miss Universe beauty contest. It was aired for first time in Summer 2008 in missimworld Channel of YouTube.

In total 207 delegates have compited but only 66 countries has been represented. The competition has been hosted by four countries: Tokyo, Japan (2008), Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (2009) Athens, Greece (2011) and Johannesbourh, South Africa (2012). The Logo in 2008 and 2009 edition was the same of Miss Universe Organization: "The Woman with the Starts". In 2011 edition the Miss Sim Universe Organization decided to adapt it to the different countries were the contest will take place on, becoming "The Greek with Stars" the Official Logo for that edition, and in 2012 it changed to "The African with Stars", in 2013 the competition will move to Australia, going back to the first original logo again.The contest has been realized every year since 2008 except in 2010, when it suffered an hiatus process for troubles with the Organization.


Miss Sim Universe was aired for first time in Summer 2008, in missimworld Channel on YouTube. It was founded by J.K at age of fifteen. The idea of this young men from Spain was to make a different show with Sims. He tried a year before to make another sims beauty pageant called Miss Sim World (for this the name of the Channel on YouTube). The first edition of this contest was very successful, it has more than 20 delegates and finally Nashira Galistera from Turkey was crowned Miss Sim World 2007. One year later he tried to do it again, but the fame of the contest disappeared, nobody s
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Endytha Adira Salim. Miss Sim Universe 2011

ent sims... so he forgot the idea of a Beauty Pageant for sims. Several months later he decided to try it again, to make a beauty contest but with everything made by him: the delegates, the stage, the runways... He did it and it was so successful, the people loved to watched it and it had more than 8,000 visits to date. A year leater he did again and the people received it with hand open, it had 8 more delegates and 50,000 of share. Now it has become in one of the most waited shows along YouTube, it has become so international and famous. Third edition was waited to be broadcasted in Summer 2010, but due to technical problems and trouble with the organization the contest suffered one year hiatus.

In 2011 it was announced that the contest was going to have a new president: Rodolfo Mendieta from Mexico, who already owned the Miss Sim Mexico Pageant, so J.K, MSU's creator, left the contest after 3 years and 2 editions. The third edition was finally realized in last 2011, ended in 2012, becoming the very first year that the winner was crowned in the following year. It had almost 60 delegates, who were the same delegates who were going to compete in 2010 edition. Despire being one of the less watched edition, the organization apologized because they had not much time to make the contest, and they already promised to make 2012 edition even bigger. The 2012 edition finished, as well than 2011, in the following year... with a similar share than 2011 but better quality.

In early 2013, shortly after ending the 2012 edition, Rodolfo Mendieta announced he was no longer the president of Miss Sim Universe. Earlier that year, on February 10, 2003, Dat Torres, owner of Colombia's franchise on Miss Sim Universe, announced he was no going to send any more Colombian winners to the Miss Sim Universe competition:

"The decision was hard to take. It's a huge door that I closed, to open a new one that is even bigger. 'Dat Torres - Miss Sim Colombia Owner (2010 - 2013)"

Finally on March 10, 2013, just one month later it was finally revealed that this decission was because Dat Torres was choosed as the new Miss Sim Universe President, who is running the contest to date.

The Main EventEdit

Miss Sim Universe tries to find the most beautiful sim in the world, for it, a panel of judges, formed by people expert in beauty pageants, evaluate each delegate to find the best.


Miss Sim Universe 2008's Opening Number

The first round is Official Gown Competition (In 2009 Edition it changed its name to "Meet the Delegates"). Here all the contestants have a runway with the same dress, in this round the judges evalaute their beauty, their performance... And finally they choose the Top 15, the best 15 girls of all them.

The second round is Swimsuit Competition, where the Top 15 parade with the same swimsuit. Here they valorate all the qualities that a beauty queen shold have, but in this round the msot important things are the body and the performance. After this competition the judges choose the Top 10.

The third round is the Evening Gown Competition, it's the last runway for the Top 10. Everyone have a different dress. In this round the most important thing is the elgance of the girl. After this competition the judges choose the Final Top 5.

The Top 5 have their alst round, Final Questions Competition (it was not celebrated in 2009). Where they had to answer a question from the judges. here they all should demonstrate that they are also intelligent and not just beautiful. The question is answered by the creator of the sim.

Finally all the scores of the 4 competition are added, and the girl with more score is the winner and the toher are her runners up (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th).

  • The judges are not the only ones who choose the winner. The public can vote for their favourites, and that votes are added to the judges scores like extra points.
  • Before the show begin, the girls have activities around the country were the contest took place, like sightseeing... And they also have an Official Photoshoot: (A face shoot, swimsuit shoot and evening gown shoot).


The delegates to compite in Miss Sim Universe beauty contest are sent by the people who watch the show. Everyone who likes making sims and like beauty competitions are able to send their contestants. All them must prepare their best sims, send them with their dresses and their look (hair, make up...) that they wanted that their sims h
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Natalia Manganeli, wears the current crown

ave in the Final Show.


Miss Sim Universe Organization has had wo crowns in its two editions: one of them is from Modthesims and the toher one is original. The first one was used in MSU 2008, it was from ModtheSims Download Website and was designed by Rock Chick and it was called "Charmaine Tiara". The second one was made by Miss Sim Universe Organization, it is based on real Miss Universe crown used since 2001 to 2007. It was called "Dominicana Tiara" in honor of the host country where it was used for first time: Dominican Republic. In 2011 edition the crowned was changed one more time for a new Jew inspired in the current Miss Universe Crown. It still has no name, and it's the current crown.


Year Country Miss Sim Universe City Location
2013 TBA TBA TBA Sydney, Australia
  • 22px-Flag_of_Colombia.svg.png 'Colombia
Dayana Vargas Johannesburg Johannesburg, South Africa
  • 22px-Flag_of_Indonesia.svg.png Indonesia
Endhyta Salim Athens Athens, Greece
  • 22px-Flag_of_Brazil.svg.png Brazil
Natalia Magnelli Santo Domingo Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • 22px-Flag_of_Puerto_Rico.svg.png Puerto Rico
Bárbara Ortiz Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

Titleholders galleryEdit

Grand Slam RankingEdit

The Grand Slam Ranking is the official ranking of the most competitive states in Miss Sim Universe. It is based on the placement of the representants from each country (Top 15, 10 and 5) and Special Awards (Miss Congeniality, Miss Elegance, Miss Popularity and Miss Photogenic). The current best country in the Universe is Japan with 52 points for its 1st runner up place in 2008 and 2012 and it's Top 10 in 2011.

  • Winner: 25 points
  • 1st Runner: 20 points
  • 2nd Runner: 18 points
  • 3rd Runner: 17 points
  • 4th Runner: 16 points
  • Top 10: 10 points
  • Top 15/16: 5 points
  • Special Awards: 1 point
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    Dayana Vargas, Current MSU poses with Japan's Kazumi Kiroboto, her 1st Runner Up after 2012's show

Place Country Score
1 Japan 52
2 Colombia 45
3 Indonesia 36
4 Brazil 36
5 India 33
6 Greece 33
7 Italy 28
8 Mexico 27
9 Puerto Rico 26
10 Venezuela 23
11 Bolivia 21
12 Guatemala 20
13 Trinidad & Tobago 18
14 Cuba 18
15 Philippines




  • The public voting was included since first edition. But the votes didn't have the same value due that in 2009 edition we have much more votes tan in 2008.
  • The highest score in an Official Gown Competition was 9,342 and belongs to Japan 2008, Emi Kuzuya
  • The highest score in a Swimsuit Competition was 9.75 and belongs to Indonesia 2011, Endytha Adira Salim
  • The highest score in an Evening Gown Competition was 9.829 and belongs to Colombia 2012, Dayana Vargas
  • The highest extra score provided by the public was 3.9 and belongs to Japan 2008, Emi Kuzuya
  • The highest number of votes provided by the public was 38 points and belongs to Miss Bolivia and Miss Germany 2009, Paloma Dias and Juliane Stegmer


  • All the locations are from a different continent (Asia in 2008, America in 2009, Europe in 2011, Africa in 2012 and Oceania in 2013)
  • Host country didn't place in Top 15 in 2011 and 2012 (Greece and South Africa didn't place in 2011 and 2012, Japan was 1st Runner Up in 2008 and Dominican Republic was Top 15)
  • In 2009 the show was held in two different places in Dominican Republic due to technical problems

Competing StatesEdit

  • Japan is the most successful country in Miss Sim Universe (1st Runner in 2008 and 2012 and Top 10 in 2011)
  • Colombia is the only country that always have placed
  • Colombia has placed in the same position (11th) in two consecutive times (2008 and 2009).
  • Kazakhstan, Bolivia, Guatemala, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Cuba, US Virgin Islands, Bulgaria and Latvia entered in Top 15 in their first time compiting
  • Three winners are from America (2008,2009,and 2012) and one from Asia (2011)
  • All the winners have win a special awards (Barbara Ortiz was Miss Photogenic, Natalia Manganeli was Miss Popularity and Endytha Salim was also Miss Popularity) except Colombia's Dayana Vargas (2012 winner)
  • All the continents have place in Top 15 at least one time.
  • 23 countries have take part in all the editions: Angola, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, France, Greece, India, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, Panama, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, T & T, USA and Venezuela.