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In the middle of nowhere in Siminios. This town rests, a few people may think this town has secrets.
Name Mistbury
Game(s) TS3SN Icon The Sims 3: Supernatural
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The town is based on a small sleepy town in Illinois called Salisbury. It has all the buildings and some of the families from the town.


It is surrounded by various forests, the town has plenty of trees. All the lots are Old-Fashioned,Fancy/Old, or Modern\Old. It has one road that goes through the forest, it leads to the graveyard. The Sun sets by the Graveyard. The Graveyard has a road named after it.

Residential LotsEdit

Coming Soon

Community LotsEdit

One's in the Town(Altered Names)Edit
  • The Day Star Cafe
  • Dyer Bros Eating
  • Mama's Italian Cafe
  • MistBury Cemetery
  • MistBury Christian Church
  • MistBury Baptist Church
  • S.T.L
  • Coltin Art Gallery
  • MistBury Lake
  • O'Conners Consignment Store
  • Abandon Factory
  • MistBury Tower
New Lots (Mostly RabbitHoles)Edit
  • MistBury School
  • MistBury Plaza
  • MistBury Hall
  • MistBury Park
  • MistBury Science Lab
  • CornerStone Library
  • All ambition lots will be included
  • All Expansin\Stuff Packs
  • I'll try not to use store Items
  • This isn't all the Community Lots

New Families Edit

  • Cooke- The Cooke family is always full of drama, from fighting to arguments to sadness, this famly is strugleing to stay alive.
  • Nobel- The Noble which is part of the Cook family, is a strange family with Darren, Dorthie, and Grace. They struggle for food as Darren works long hours for money.
  • Coltin- Gorge and Wendie are the typical relaxed elders, except that Gorge is a famous artist.
  • Sponstir- The Sponstir family is the Jack of All Trades of the town whether its Business to Fireworks
  • Cougar- Daline loves cats and everything about them, but she also loves gardening.
  • May- Candy is the town's investigater and is always on the look out for clues.
  • Enkel- Annie and Jonah devote their lives to taking care of Jonnie.
  • Son- Kale and Linnett are both brother sister and they hate eachover, they spend most of their time with their pets.
  • Noles- Rosco is still sad about the death of his son Jash.
  • Rak- Cue and R.J love dogs soo much that they have 6 in total, but they wish they could have more.
  • ButterField- Mandy, Douglas love animals but don't have enough money to take care of them but they have three horses Shammy, Butcher, and Pony with their dog Spike. They use them to get money, but will this family survive?
  • Reed- Martha has always tried to get her families attention, she'll do anything but they just don't like her.
  • Appaloosa- Ardy and Annaliese have the ultimate horse Ranch, and the Ultimte Horses. They live in the rich part of town, their house has the biggest backyard.
  • Conel- Vicky, and B.J have two kids Dane and Gabby, they have all types of pets, 2 dogs 2 horses and 2 cats with a lot of minor pets.
  • Shulz- Devvie, and Dave have 5 kids 3 Dave JR., Sarie, C.K., Rocky, and Paul. C.K, Rocky, and Paul moved to Sunset Valley recently. But they also have Bella and Kitty.

Returning Families Edit

  • Cottoneye- Bell is a little delusional but she is proud of it. She thinks this town is evil and that everyone in it is a witch besides her she hides in her basement.
  • Breckenridge- Maine, Spen, Ro, Ruth, and Paul are the enthusiastic people around town, even though they are old they have a lot of energy.
  • Grisby- Devvie and Donny are both bored of this town and try to get out of it.... so until then they just spend time at the bar.
  • Cho- Tracy is a lone wolf in the town, she doesn't do much but loves nature so much.
  • Goth- Bebe and Marvin live by the graveyard and are about to lose it: Reasons Unknown
  • Specter- Macy and Johni love anything supernatural, they can also talk to ghosts which is maybe why they let Bellice, Rock, Laciene, and Ralph live with them.
  • Subject- Cray Zee is a strange looking person and is not sane at all he's... Insane
  • Grim/Specter- Whenever Olive died her ghost tried for baby with the grim reaper befor she went to the underworld, so then the grim reaer resurrected olive until she had Fantasma.
  • Jolina- Lucile is a typical woman with traits that shouldn't be together, while Little Holly just tries to escape her mom
  • Alto- The Alto family isn't the nicest family around, but they do know how to ruin Sim's day's.
  • Nita- Abbey is the most paranoid sim in town, she spends most of her time locked in her basement with her dag Bandi.
  • Bunch- Morgan, Buddy, Lanton, Spencer, Brandi, Militia, Andy, and Lane make up the biggest family in town with their pet dog- DandyLion and their Cat- Dino
  • Shue- With the strange green tint to their skin Andev and Angel get made fun of at school. But if Mama gets involved the kids will feel sorry.
  • Baker- Chuk and Mathilde are the most generous sims you will ever meet, they farm, they give, but don't like people who ignore their nice deeds, like their new neighbors.
  • Beaker- Loucile is worried about her falling apart house but not as much s she worries for her going crazy husband.

Trivia Edit

  • All the names of the families and places are changed a little like the Nobel family is Noble with Dorthey Aaron and Gracie
  • When I put this on the Exchange I'll put the families too :)
  • You might need the wishing well/fountain of youth/ and the tree of prosperity (srry if you don't have them, I'll find links to them free and put them in the description :) )
  • This town takes place 15 years after the sims 2
  • There is 30 families in this town