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Monty family
Name Monty family
Number of generations 5 generations
Family connections Minola family, Capp family
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Patrizio Monty's feud has outlived him, leaving his family to pick up the pieces. Will his grandson's affections for the Capp heiress bring the families together, or push them further apart?
Members Isabella Monty, Mercutio Monty, Romeo Monty
Lot Monty Ranch
Net worth §175,389
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
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Antonio Monty has never given up his search for the truth behind his wife's death, but as the years drag on the answer only seems farther and farther away. Will Antonio ever give up? And will his fixation hurt his relationship with his twins, Beatrice and Benedick?
Members Antonio Monty, Beatrice Monty, Benedick Monty
Lot 267 Avon Avenue
Net worth §62,360
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2

The Monty family, as in canon, is one of the two main families in my version of Veronaville. However, their backstory and line of work is probably darker than Maxis intended, as I have taken them to be the ruling family of the Veronaville mafia. Since the beginning of the game, the Monty children have grown closer to adulthood, and Patrizio and Isabella's daughter Bianca has married into the Minola family.

Origins and HistoryEdit

The Montys were the heads of Veronaville's crime family as far back as Patrizio Monty's grandparents, Bassanio and Portia. The Monty family business is often idiomatically referred to as "llama ranching" to mask its unsavory nature. Succession in the Monty family is strict patrilineal primogeniture. With Patrizio Monty dead, the current head of the family is Mercutio Monty, although the syndicate is currently controlled by one of Patrizio's old friends until Mercutio comes of age and can be shown the ropes of leading the mob.

Feuding with the CappsEdit

Considering his family history, it was only natural that Patrizio went into the family business upon reaching adulthood. During his teen years, he was encouraged to help support the family by getting a job at a legitimate local business, and chose one owned by Scribonia Capp, then head of the noble house of Capp. Through this job, Patrizio met his first girlfriend, Contessa. However, when her friend Consort informed her of his family's place in the Veronaville mob, she dumped him and he was quickly fired.

The sting of rejection would have faded quite quickly and never motivated the Monty syndicate to begin a feud had the adult Consort and Contessa, now married, not formed a law firm with one of their friends, specifically to fight organized crime in Veronaville. Ever since the founding of Capp and Ulett Legal, Patrizio Monty made it his business as the head of the family to destroy the Capps and their legacy, a drive that became more intense every time they put one of his friends in jail.

Eventually, one of his attempts to destroy the Capps found its mark: a hitman he had sent to kill Consort and Contessa's eldest daughter, Cordelia, managed to set fire to her house, killing both her and her husband. Prosecutions against members of the Monty syndicate only grew following their deaths, leading to a vicious cycle of escalation in the feud.

With Patrizio's death, the feud has officially outlived the family heads who started it. Time will tell whether it will keep going or fizzle out.

Family TragediesEdit

Although the only deaths directly caused by the feud have been on the Capp side, the Montys have their share of tragic family losses to deal with and/or blame on their longtime rivals.

Patrizio and Isabella's eldest son, Claudio, was killed in a shootout with a rival gang. Shortly afterwards, his wife Olivia died of complications related to her pregnancy. Their sons, Mercutio and Romeo, went to live with their grandparents, where Patrizio began instructing Mercutio in the duties he would have as the next head of the Monty family.

Perhaps the most mysterious death in the Monty family, however, is that of Antonio's wife, Hero, who vanished one day without a trace. Her husband has been searching for answers ever since, but turned up nothing but rumor. Word in the Monty crime family is that she was killed by someone on the Capp payroll or by a member of a rival syndicate, but another rumor abounds that she is not actually dead and has instead entered witness security.

Romeo and JulietteEdit

Despite being first in line for the headship of the crime family, Romeo Monty is dating the Capp heiress, Juliette. His reasons are unknown, though some friends of his have warily observed that he tends to talk much more about her beauty than any aspects of her personality. He seems to regard their families' feud as a non-issue in their relationship, since she's "crazy about him."

Apparently this conviction that Juliette will never see a bad side to him has gotten to Romeo's head, or he just doesn't care, because he has still been "playing the field" despite his relationship with her. Recently, he has been attempting to court Rosaline, the daughter of another family rival, but with little success. He's fairly certain Juliette will never find out about it. In fact, Juliette has heard of Romeo's infidelity from her sister, but so far she seems unable or unwilling to believe it.