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Lillia Verne never really was into anything that was pink. So when she received from her great-aunt twice removed whom she’d never even heard of until today an enormous monstrosity of bows, ribbons, frills, sparkles and fur, she nearly passed out. But she didn’t. On the contrary, she very calmly took it to the window and threw it out unceremoniously, followed by gasoline and a lighted match. Little did she know, she was being very carefully observed by a certain aristocrat. From half a mile away, William sighed in pleasure as he watched her. She would look good in pink. And oh, the way she moved when she so gracefully spat upon the pile of ash smoldering upon the grass below, threatening to ignite the stalks and burn the whole structure to the ground. Beautiful. He peered steadily through his telescope, watching her finally retreat back inside. He stepped away from the telescope with a sigh of longing. Oh, how he wished she would notice him! He pulled his breakfast out of his pocket and ate, still staring out the window wistfully.

Lillia grinned as the nausea-inducing outfit was devoured by hungry flames. Then she pulled her hood over her face, looked up, and frowned. That window in the castle of the eccentric family… Was that a smudge in there? Looking out? She shook her head and turned away, retreating into her room. Inside, her apartment was filled--absolutely filled--with martial arts equipment. Everything from robes and belts to mats and punching bags and weapons such as bamboo staffs and nunchucks. In her old roommate's space (her roommate had… mysteriously vanished) she had a large winepress and treasures and trophies of long-lost tombs she had conquered. Some folks rumored she even had a mummy’s head on display, which was, of course, ridiculous. She had three.