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House: Small, cottage-y.


  • Mental: Handy

  • Physical: Brave

  • Social: Friendly

  • Lifestyle: Adventurous

  • Other: Gadget Geek

  • Description: Growing up in a home in which her father was in the military, Lia was used to harsh discipline, a no-nonsense attitude and the occasional “Drop and give me twenty!” However, this hasn’t hardened her heart one bit, and she loves hanging out with her best friend Matthew and her goal of being a doctor is well underway.

  • Aspiration: Knowledge

  • Appearance: Black hair in a braid. Asian. Strong body. Wears tiny silver hoops, a royal blue short sleeved shirt and green camo pants.

  • Age: Teen

  • Favorites:

  • Color: Grey

  • Food: Crepes

  • Music: Country

Matthew (Lia's boyfriend):

  • Mental: Artistic

  • Physical: Never Nude

  • Social: Good Sense Of Humor

  • Lifestyle: Childish

  • Other: Outgoing

  • Description: Matthew, from the time he could raise a hand, was an artist. Using his best friend Lia as his muse, he has made awe-inspiring art all around.

  • Aspiration: Family

  • Age: Teen

  • Appearance: Wavy brown hair and a puppy-dog face with large brown eyes.

  • Favorite Color: Lime

  • Favorite Food: Vegetarian Chili

  • Body: skinny or average

  • Favorite Music: Epic


Juno: Female Husky (belongs to Lia)

Dark Gray Cat: Esmeralda (female) (Belongs to Matt)

Funny Muzzle Longhaired White Cat: Snowball (male) (belongs to Matt)


House: Large and modern.

Edward (boyfriend to Kelsi):

  • Age: Teen

  • Mental: Absent-Minded

  • Physical: Couch Potato

  • Social: Inappropriate

  • Lifestyle: Dog Person

  • Other: Procrastinator

  • Description: Ed never really cared much for hard work. His appearance, grades, and financial situation were never any worries for him. The only thing he really worked at was reciting a poem by Poe to impress Kelsi, and even then he had to have it written on his arm to remember.

  • Aspiration: Pleasure

  • Body: Fat

  • Favorite Color: Sea Foam

  • Favorite Food: Hot Dog

  • Favorite Music: Hip Hop

  • Appearance: has a huge purple mohawk, with the rest of his head shaved. Wears a sports jersey (even though he doesn’t play sports) and jeans.


  • Age: Teen

  • Mental: Unstable

  • Physical: Heavy Sleeper

  • Social: Hopeless Romantic

  • Lifestyle: Technophobe

  • Other: Allergic to Fur

  • Body: skinny

  • Description: Kelsi was always considered “odd” by others. She often had “episodes” and stayed, for a short while, and a wonderful place where everyone put on smiles and wore clean white shirts and let her finger paint in a high-security room with a locked steel door and no windows.

  • Aspiration: Romance

  • Appearance: blue eyes, black hair that is shaggy and long, wears silver locket, white buttoned shirt, red jean shorts, and no shoes. Her eyebrows are perpetually -- ~

  • Favorite Color: Red

  • Favorite Food: Pumpkin Pie

  • Favorite Music: Beach Party

Julio (Kelsi’s little toddler brother)

  • Age: Toddler

  • Mental: Genius

  • Physical: Lucky

  • Social: Charismatic

  • Lifestyle: Ambitious

  • Other: Paranoid

  • Aspiration: Grilled Cheese

  • Favorite Color: Aqua

  • Favorite Food: Grilled Cheese

  • Favorite Music: Classical

  • Body average

  • Description: While his whole family was always sneered at by the town for being the kookiest around, Julio was insulted. He was in no way as odd as the other family members. In fact, he was practically Einstein imprisoned in a toddler’s body.

  • Appearance: tan skin, curly dark hair, a bit chubby with baby fat, wears a cheesy toddler t-shirt and shorts. Seems to be smarter than the other 2 members of the family.

Other notes: Both Edward and Kelsi have gone into Aspiration Failure; however, Julio seems to be the only family member whose life is perfectly happy and normal.

Pets: (All belong to Kelsi/Julio)

German Shepherd: Chocolate (female)

German Shepherd: Chip (male)

German Shepherd: Cookie (puppy) (male)


House: Castle with many ghosts

Robert: (father)

  • Age: Elder

  • Aspiration: Family

  • Mental: Virtuoso

  • Physical: Clumsy

  • Social: Diva

  • Lifestyle: Good

  • Other: Easy Going

  • Body: Fat

  • Appearance: Very formal and well dressed richly. Looks Indian.

  • Favorite Color: Orange

  • Favorite Food: Porsini Risotto

  • Favorite Music: Geek Rock

Jane: (mother)

  • Age: Elder

  • Aspiration: Family

  • Mental: Can’t Stand Art

  • Physical: Disciplined

  • Social: Grumpy

  • Lifestyle: Evil

  • Other: Shy

  • Body: skinny

  • Appearance: Very formal and dressed richly. Looks like Alma Coin.

  • Favorite Color: Spice Brown

  • Favorite Food: Ratatouille

  • Favorite Music: Dark Wave

William: (son)

  • Age: Adult

  • Aspiration: Fortune

  • Other notes: Seems to have a crush on Esther.

  • Mental: Insane

  • Physical: Unlucky

  • Social: Loser

  • Lifestyle: Kleptomaniac

  • Other: Hyperactive

  • Body: Fat

  • Appearance: Dressed like a slob. Mix of mother and father’s looks (the worst of the traits). Has small, bright blue eyes, a bushy unibrow and beard, and curly red hair.

  • Favorite Color: Irish Green

  • Favorite Food: Spaghetti

  • Favorite Music: Electronica


Dachshund: Todd (male)

Dachshund: Sweeny (male)

Notes: 2 vicious young dogs.

White and Gray flea speckled Horse: Blossom (female)

Notes: A sweet old mare who has served the family long and well


House: Apartment


  • Age: Adult

  • Aspiration: Power

  • Appearance: Wears all black, curly dark hair, dark skin. Wears mysterious clothes, such as long black hooded robes. Looks Polynesian.

  • Other notes: Interested in weaponry and dark arts. She has been to Shang Simla and is a master of karate; she is also aggressive at times when she is disturbed and will violently lash out. Likes to go places and has visited all 3 foreign countries: Shang Simla, Al Simhara and Champs Les Sims. She doesn’t like Champs--too cheesy. Except for the wine; she enjoys wine making and has a taste for fine wines. She isn’t much into the photography aspect; she’d rather be hunting mummies and exploring tombs. But she does appreciate particularly good art. Her favorite part of travelling is having adventures fighting mummies and exploring tombs, and gathering treasure. She is well known in Shang Simla for her mastery in fighting. A dream of hers is to settle down in Isla Paradiso. Knows nothing about her father’s side of the family, so she could be related to the Grim Reaper.

  • Life State: Vampire

  • Mental: Gatherer

  • Physical: Sailor

  • Social: Brooding

  • Lifestyle: Night Owl

  • Other: Cultured

  • Favorite Color: Lilac

  • Favorite Food: Egg Rolls

  • Favorite Music: Egyptian