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The Morril family is a family of Sims living in the town of Hallowan, in the Fanon series Hearts of Hallowan. They are related by marriage to their chief rivals, the Ullman family, though the rivalry between the families is spurred mainly by the parents; the children themselves share very little tension.

Blake Morril is the father of the Morril family. He married Carylena, an immigrant who studied medicine and was hired as a nurse, later becoming a practicing physician. Together they have three children.

The oldest, Richard, entered into a joined partnership with Korey Ullman, his partner. Wes and Lana (twins) are both younger adults; Lana is currently enrolled in college, where Wes has dropped out and is directionless in life.

The cause of the rivalry between the elder Morrils and the elder Ullmans has yet to be determined, but it is more than likely caused by Carylena and Janie Ullman, as Blake and Gabriel Ullman seem to be friendly towards one another.