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Mortimer's burden
Mortimer's burden
Name: Mortimer's burden
Series: All Blue
Written by: Auror Andrachome
Release date: February 26, 2011

Previous chapter: N/A
Next chapter: Alexander's questions

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Mortimer's burden is the first chapter in the fan-fiction series, All Blue.


In Pleasantview, where the Goth family resides, there lays mysteries, of which have rocked the very cradle Pleasantview laid in. There, we find Mr. Goth, or Mortimer, looking at an old painting of his beloved estranged wife, Bella Andromeda Goth. It's quite sad really. No one knows what happened to her on that fateful night, so many years ago. If we dream, and look hard enough into our hearts, maybe we could find answers. Sadly, here, that's not the case. Now, let's get on with the story, shall we? "Bella, my sweet love. Where did you disappear to?" As Mortimer went on with his talk of Bella, Alexander watched him, contently. Alexander wanted to ask so many questions, but he knew his father had no answers to give. Heck, no one knew where Bella disappeared to.

Back to the story...

Alex was at school, where he was the smartest kid, and the most frequent nerd. He looked out the window, seeing the adventures waiting for him out there. "Mr. Goth, MR. GOTH?" The name made Alexander reminisce about the actual Mr. Goth at the time: his father. "MR. GOTH!" Alexander quickly jumped from his seat in fright. The other students, save Lucy, laughed. Lucy only smiled, and Alex smiled back. "Mr. Goth, are you with us now? Good. What is the square root of π,", the teacher asked. Alexander thought for a second, and the answer came to him. "1.772453850905516027298167483314!" Even though Alexander was thought of as weird, and socially-awkward, no one questioned his brilliance. Alex went back into sitting into his chair. Back to his adventures, back to be with his mother...DING DONG. The bell rang at the Goth mansion. It was seldom that the Goth family had any visitors.

"Hi there, sweetie", Dina called. Mortimer had been recently seeing a young women he had met at the bar, and they grew attached. "Sweetie, could you pay for my sister's breast implant surgery?", Dina asked. Mortimer, being blinded by Dina's beauty and charm, agreed to pay for all medical fees. After Dina had left though, he felt foolish. Why would he do such a thing? What was Dina planning? Bella, where are you? Mortimer went up the stairs. He continued, to go farther and farther up the stairs. There, it was a 10x15 painting of their family, taken over twenty years ago. It was the entire Goth family. His parents, Gunther and Cornelia Goth, himself, his wife, Bella, and daughter, Cassandra. It seemed so perfect back then. He missed the good times.

He couldn't be bothered though. It was today, not yesterday, nor tomorrow. No, Mortimer thought, this can't be the end! Bella was murdered! She had to be! There was no other way that she could've survived all these needless and depressing years? Thinking about finding Bella's dead body was a subject that he didn't want to, well, think about. Even thinking that Bella was dead, truly scared him. Even if she was, she probably left Mortimer willingly, instead of being kidnapped from their very home. Bella was, in all truth, an unfaithful one.