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My First Day
Name: My First Day
Series: Spells Inside a School
Written by: LolitaG

Previous chapter: None
Next chapter: Basic Magic

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One day...

Mary-Sue:"Angela, be quick please, me and Lilith are already waiting for you in Half an Hour."

Angela:"I'm almost done, Mom! I'll be done in about five minutes."

Lilith:"You are so late, Angela, I believe Dustin already dates another girl because of you're so Late..."

Mary-Sue:"Lilith! Just shut up! Oh, I heard Angela's steps. Just pick up your backpacks and put it in my car."

Angela:"How do I look?" Lilith:"No way! You're not Angela, you're an alien in disguise! Angela don't look as stupid as you!"

Mary-Sue:"Angela, why are you wearing that all-pink costume? Miss Adams will be enraged and take it off your body!"

Angela:"I don't care! I'm sure Dustin will leave other girls for me."

Lilith:"Dustin, Dustin, Dustin, Again? Don't you have something better to talk? How mature you are?"

Mary-Sue:"Ok, girls, please go to the car and sit properly and once again, please shut up!"

Five Hours later...

Lilith:"Mom, are we arrived yet?"

Mary-Sue:"We're almost arrived, Lil. Please wake Angela up."

Lilith:"WAKE UP, Sleepyhead!!!"

Angela:"Wh-what happened? Am I dead?"

Lilith:"No, but you're going crazy!"

To be continued...