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Ran Away
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My Housemates Are Beautiful Vampires
Name: My Housemates Are Beautiful Vampires
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Created by: Rizkirafu
Rating: T
Number of chapters: 6

Original run: 4/12/2016-5/1/2017

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So I decided to create another fanon beside my A Sim's Tale series. A comic strip, the title is My Housemates Are Beautiful Vampires.

About the storyEdit

The story follows a sim named Jake Brown, an anti-social writer who moved to the Moonlight Falls to find a quiet life. However, unknown to Brown, the house where he lived is already inhabited by three, more than hundred-years-old vampire sisters: Alexia, Stacey, and Luna, which are all cute and beautiful.

The vampires are not dangerous though, but they often make Jake annoyed. One vampire is in love with her, another one loves to seduce him, and the third one is really scary and need anger management.

Is This set in same universe with A Sim's Tale series?Edit

Maybe yes or maybe not, I can only say the story isn't part of A Sim's Tale series. However, I might add one Sim's Tale character if I want.

Characters (update)Edit

An Anti-social free-lance writter that moved to Moonlight Falls in order to get a quite life.

The oldest of the vampire sisters. She had grumpy trait and really need anger management. She was respected and feared by her sisters due to her trait. She worked in Law-Enforcement career.

The second oldest of the vampire sisers. Stacey was the "Queen of the nightlife" in Moonlight Falls. She loved clubbing and flirting with guys. When Jake became her housemates, she often seduce him and made her younger sister, Luna, jealous. She worked in Grocery Store.

The youngest vampires in the house. She was cheerful, childish, and somewhat naive. She falling in love to Jake and would do anything to made Jake her boyfriend. She worked in a day spa.

Jake's co-worker and love interest who, unknown to him, a witch. She loved hanging in the gym and unfortunately for Jake, already had a boyfriend.

Other InformationEdit

  • It will be updated weekly (even twice per a week if I'm not busy)
  • Sorry if you found a typo, bad grammar, or bad words.
  • Enjoy :)

Issue #1Edit

Me and My housematesEdit

Issue #2Edit

Wife Material?Edit

What adults always doEdit

Issue #3Edit


Issue #4Edit

Luna the ArtistEdit

Queen of NightlifeEdit

Jake's in LoveEdit

Issue #5Edit


Issue #6Edit


More coming soon