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My Little PlumbBob is a fan fiction story written by some brony with too much time on his hands. It's an inevitable My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic based crossover fanon, about a young girl who discovers magical ponies chased from their homeland by an evil tyrant, and their effect on her life.


  • Natalie - the main character. Disappointed after not receiving a pony for her 10th birthday, she is shocked to discover magical ponies living in the forest.
  • Thomas - Natalie's 16 year old brother. He has somewhat of a poor relationship with his sister, but has a strange love for the ponies, which he attributes to too much time on Internet Forums.
  • Claire - Natalie's 5 year old sister. She is a quiet, bookwormish child. She also wants a pet walrus, but that's another story.
  • Fluttershy - A pegasus pony, and one of the main pony characters. The polar opposite of RD. She's scared of everything, but is loyal and can be a source of strength for her friends.
  • Rainbow Dash - A pegasus pony. Brave and bold, Dash isn't afraid of anything.
  • Princess Luna - A winged pegasus pony. The "good" royal pony. Luna helps the ponies out, and is a somewhat frequent character in the series.
  • Celestia (nicknamed Trollestia) - The tyrant ruler of Equestria, the homeworld of the ponies. She was once a kind and generous pony, but discovered that trolling them would get her more lulz.


Equestria, several years ago

Dear Princess Celestia,
I wish to know something, why are you becoming such a troll lately? Is there a reason for it? Or is it just for the lulz?
Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle.

Twilight had finished her letter. She was wondering what was with her beloved mentor lately, she had let parasprites destroy villages, Diamond Dogs steal half of the kingdom's diamonds, and had started saying she did everything "for teh lulz". Twilight was worried. Very worried. As she sent the letter she wondered how a solution might be found.

Canterlot Castle, present day

The ponies watched as Celestia did battle with her younger sister. They remembered how her little sister was the corrupt one once. Just then, Celestia shot out powerful bolts of energy, which struck down her little sister. Twilight took no time in responding. She performed a complex spell, and opened up a portal to another world, and beckoned to her friends to go through it to safety. Two managed to get through, but then she felt a white hot sensation and blacked out. The portal was closed.

Part One: DiscoveriesEdit

Chapter One: BirthdayEdit

Natalie woke up on a Friday at 7am in the morning. She eagerly got dressed and headed downstairs, for today was her 10th birthday. She went down the stairs, and saw her family grinning at her, with the exception of her 16 year old brother Tom, who was in his room trolling Wikipedia for no apparent reason. When asked why he does it, he replied with the answer "I did it for teh lulz".

"Happy Birthday!" Natalie's parents and younger sister shouted in unison. "Come on, open your presents!", her little sister Claire shouted.

...and so she opened her presents. She had several nice things there, like a nice book, "The history of Walruses", which her sister immediately "borrowed", some money from Grandpa Dimitri, and a DVD of Season One of The Adventures of Nyan Cat. However, she still looked for the present which she desperately wanted. It wasn't there.

"Mum... Daaaad... WHERE'S MY PONYYYY?"

"We've already explained this, darling. Ponies are too expensive to keep. We can't afford one. But look at all these other nice presents you've got... The Adventures of Nyan Cat is a good show! Why not watch it?"


And with that, she stormed out the door.

Thomas came down the stairs. "Guize, some random admin banned me from The Sims Wiki. I may as well watch Natalie open her presents."

"She stormed off because we didn't igve her a pony" his mother said.

"Now THAT is what I call a ragequit!!1 See what I did there? LOL. ZOMG guize, I'd love to chat, but I gotta go. My ban on 4chan expired. Time for some trolling XD."

Chapter Two: The Forest ClearingEdit

Natalie was upset.

All she had wanted for her birthday was a pony. One simple pony. She had always loved ponies, she thought they were such pretty and beautiful animals. Naturally she would be sad another birthday went by without the pony she so desired. She decided that she'd never, ever get a pony. She started crying. Why wouldn't she get a pony? Do her parents not love her anymore? Do they hate ponies? 'They couldn't afford it'. Bah. A load of rubbish she thought. She could pay for it with her allowance. After all, it couldn't cost that much... could it?

Suddenly, she heard a creaking noise on the forest floor. She jumped. She quietly creeped towards the source of the noise, curious to what could be causing it. It would have been a pretty large animal to make that noise, and as far as she can recall the biggest animal she's ever seen in the forest is a Squirrel.

As she walked towards the source of the noise, she saw a bush ahead quiver. There was an animal, or something, in there. Could it be the source of the noise?

"Shh... come out... I won't hurt you..." she said in a gentle voice.

"...okay..." said a vioce from the bush. She was shocked. A voice in the hedge? This wasn't an animal. This was a person.

And with that, a creature emerged out of the shrubbery. But it was the type of creature she least expected. It looked like, no it couldn't be... a pony? But this pony was different. She had a pastel pink mane, a pastelly yellow coat, and... wings. She had three butterflies emblazoned on her flanks.

Right then, although she didn't know it at the time, Natalie's life would change in ways she wouldn't ever expect.

Chapter Three: FluttershyEdit

Natalie was lost for words. In front of her was a pastel coloured pegasus pony. She thought she was going mad. Pegasus ponies don't exist, much less a talking pegasus pony.

As she approached the little pony, she quivered. No doubt it was afraid of people. As she approached it, she saw just how pretty it was. She had a curly, flowing mane of pink fur, almost like silk, and a yellow coat. She had beautiful turquoise eyes, shimmering and shining in the early morning light. And she could talk! Or was Natalie's mind playing tricks on her? Talking ponies?

"Hi" she said to the pony. The pony cowered. She seemed to be very afraid. Natalie decided to reach a hand out to pat the pony, but she had no success. The little creature ran off in a hurry, to a safer place.

Natalie had truly seen a magical creature today, for it was her first encounter with the magical onies. And it wouldn't be the last. As she headed on home, disappointed, she wondered if she really saw the pony, or if she was going mad. But, somewhere deep in her mind, she knew she was closer to getting a pet pony than ever before. And that was the best birthday present of all.

Chapter Four: MidnightEdit

Natalie went home, and enjoyed the rest of her birthday, with somewhat of a new happiness since she saw the mysterious pony. She had a happy day, a party, and several of her friends came over. Somewhat inevitably, Claire stole her book on walruses, but that can't be helped. She was wondering why she got that book anyways, since she doesn't even like walruses. Other than that, the day was uneventful, unless you count Tom getting banned from 4chan again and spending 2 hours finding a proxy ip address to continue his 1337 trolling.

Inevitably though, the day must end. Natalie headed upstairs and got into bed. It had been a big day indeed.

She awoke at 2am in the morning to a tapping sound on her window. She got up, and turned the light on. And, to her shock, she saw another pony outside the window. This one looked very different to the shy yellowish one. This one had a bright cyan coat, ruby red eyes, and, perhaps most noticeable, a rainbow mane. Like the yellow pony, she was a winged pegasus.

Natalie couldn't help but squeal at the sight of this creature. The winged pony beckoned her to come outside into the night. She was considering if she should; while she was curious as to what the pony was doing, she also felt it was a bad idea to go outside in the middle of the night.

Eventually, though, she made up her mind. She decided to go and see why the rainbow pony was there.

Chapter Five: Rainbow DashEdit

As she went down the stairs, Natalie felt somewhat of a sense of apprehension. Why was she seeing all these ponies? Was she going mad? As she turned the doorknob to go outside, she decided maybe it would be best not to go outside. But then-

"Hey, you coming or not?" It was a different voice to the other pony. While the first one sounded shy and submissive, this one sounded assertive, powerful and strong. She decided to have a look outside. As she stepped outside, she couldn't see anything. Just darkness, and a cat meowing in the distance.

"Pssst" a voice said in her ear. She jumped, and wheeled around. She saw a pair of ruby red eyes, a whirl of colour, and heard a voice speak out to her.

"Hehe, you okay there? I didn't mean to scare you" the pony said to her.

"Wh-wh-who are you?? What are you? Why are you here?"

"My name is Rainbow Dash. I come from the magical land of Equestria. We were banished here by a tyrant princess who seeks to take over our land and control us for her own gain."

"We? There's more of you?"

"Er, isn't that obvious?" Rainbow Dash chuckled to herself. "You've already met Fluttershy, haven't you?" And with that the yellow pony from the forest clearing flapped down from a tree.

"Um... hello..." she said. It was obvious that she was a very shy pony.

"Don't mind her, she's always like that. Now, we need to-" RD was cut off by a noise, and stopped abruptly.

"Dang. They know we're here. Well, nice meetin' ya, Nat." The two pegasi flapped their wings and got ready to take off.

"Wait! Why are you here? Who knows you're here? How do you know my name?" She had so many questions for the mystical creatures. She looked up, but they were gone.

Chapter Six: Call of PonyEdit

Nat was confused, to say the least. A whole group of ponies, winged ponies had just came to her door. She was confused. She decided to go back to bed and try to get some more sleep, even if she kept thinking of the ponies.

She walked inside, and heard a voice. But this voice wasn't a pony.

"Headshot! Awwww yeeeaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Take that you n00b!" She associated this with Tom, and popped her head into the lounge room. Sure enough, Tom was there playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. He appeared to be enjoying it, so she just headed up the stairs quietly. She had no idea how CoD didn't wake her parents and sister up. But that's Tom for you, he was like that. She often wondered about what would happen if someone took his video games, she thought he'd go mad. That said, he wouldn't mind if you took his copy of Black Ops, as he states it is the "worst game EVAR!".

With that, she got into bed, hearing the sounds of the game console downstairs. "It sounds like he's playing Portal now", she thought to herself.

After a while, she fell asleep into dreams of the mysterious ponies, while cries of "SCREW YOU GLaDOS" rang out from downstairs.

Chapter Seven: SaturdayEdit

Natalie woke up at 8am in the morning. She couldn't believe her birthday was only yesterday, what with the whole pony debacle it seemed like months ago. As she went down the stairs, she saw her mother telling her brother off. Somehow they heard him downstairs playing Portal, in particular his sobs when he had to destroy the Companion Cube. Naturally, they weren't impressed.

With that, she recalled her unnerving dream from last night. She dreamt she was walking in a meadow, when a homicidal android pony challenged her to a fight. She was confused, and said it was pointless, why would she fight? The android replied in a cool, mechanical vioce: "so I don't flood the ponies' cave with neurotoxin". Then the android turned into the yellow pony, Fluttershy, who kept eating copies of Call of Duty: Black Ops. And then, it turned the rainbow pony, and gorged itself on a huge mountain of pickles.

Unsurprisingly, she had no idea what to make of this. Other than it's not a good idea to see magic ponies and your brother playing Portal and Call of Duty at 3am.

Nevertheless she decided to get some cereal to eat, and she ate it. She was happy to have a day at home today, what with the strangeness that was yesterday. She decided to go play something on the computer, which today was The Sims 3. As she sat playing her favorite family she didn't realise how quickly the time went by... it became night very quickly.

Chapter Eight: SchoolEdit

The rest of the weekend went by with no incidents whatsoever, and no more of the confounded ponies. Unless you count Claire stealing "A history of Walruses" and hiding it somewhere, everything was completely normal. Or, now she thinks of it, that is normal. She didn't want the book anyway.

Nevertheless, it was Monday, and that meant it was time for school. Unfortunately. As the three children boarded the bus and waved goodbye to their parents, it started up and took them to the school.

Some time later, the bell rang for the start of class, at which time Natalie drudged off to her first class for the day, History. Her teacher, Mr. Wilson, was a 60 something man with greying hair. His face reminded her of a shrivelled prune, and he is notable as he is almost globally resented by not just students, but the staff as well. Rumors abound about him in the school, some say that he's the last of an ancient race who went extinct long ago, or that he is actually a cyborg sent from the future to kill all of mankind. Either way, he's not a very likeable guy.

As Natalie walked to her seat and sat down, she started talking to her best friend Jessica. They'd been best friends since they were two years old, and were thought of as inseparable.

"Psst, Jess, you'll never guess what happened to me on the weekend!"

"What happened?"

"Two magical ponies came to my door at 2am in the morning!"

"Nat. Prove it, or it didn't happen." with that she winked. It would be harder to convince her if she wanted pictures. With that, she was interrupted by the teacher.

"Girls, what is so positively important it cannot wait until lunch?" Nat was very tempted to say to him "they found a way to make you have a sense of humor and fun", but she refrained and said they were talking about nothing. He seemed convinced, the silly old man that he is, and went back to droning on about the history of roman aqueducts.

The rest of the day passed without anything interesting happening, although Nat kept a camera at close reach for if a pony happened to come and find her again. As she got into bed, she wondered if she'll see them again.

Much later, at around 3am, she heard a tapping sound on her window. She looked. There was two winged ponies there.

Chapter Nine: Confound These PoniesEdit

Natalie walked down the stairs... again, and met the ponies... again, which were the same two ponies from a few nights ago.

"Hey Nat, how's it goin'?" asked the rainbow haired pony, who she recalled was named Rainbow Dash.

"Fine, but that's not the- Why are you stalking me? Are you just weird? Are you mad, bro?" With that she got out her camera and took a photo of the ponies before they could react.

"Wait..." Said the yellow pony, Fluttershy.

"We're not stalking you for the lulz. We're not mad, bro. We're not weird. We have our reasons, which we are trying to tell you, but you won't let us."


"Fine, why are you following me?" Nat was fed up with those confounded ponies by this point.

"Waaaaaiiiiiiittttttt!" Both Rainbow Dash and Nat were shocked that a shy pony could be that loud.

"...sorry, I didn't mean to yell. Please forgive me... Rainbow Dash, I feel we should tell her what happened and why we're here... if you think it's a good idea... is it?"

"Good idea, Fluttershy. I'll tell her everything..." And with that, Dash turned to Natalie, and opened her mouth, prepared to give an explanation.

Part Two - PreparationsEdit

Chapter Ten - RevelationsEdit



"Rainbow Dash, I think you should tell her, given you said you would... if its okay with you... not that its important... I'm sorry..."

"OK Fluttershy, I'll explain it." Dashie turned to Natalie. "So, the ruler of our world was once a nice, kind and generous ruler, but she started being really uncool. And I mean really uncool. We think it started a thousand or so years ago when she banished her sister to the moon cause she lost a game of solitaire against her. I think she cursed her for good measure too, cuz you know, she's cool like that. She made up rumours about her not lowering the moon and other stuff like that. Obviously, she lied. She really just likes to banish people to the moon, trolol. During those thousand years nothing much happened except her making her sister feared throughout our world. Eventually her sister was released from the moon. She didn't tell anypony about her sister being cursed and stuff like that. So her sister, most feared pony in all of the lands, went on a rampage, until she was pwned by me, Fluttershy, and some of our friends from Equestria. She was sorry, obviously. She didn't mean any of it. She was sorry to her sister for all of the chaos and cool explosions she caused, unknowing her sister cursed her to act like that and she wouldn't in reality have acted like that if she had a choice, except for the explosions. Everypony likes explosions."

"Anyway, that was a year and a bit ago. Things have changed since then. Inluding our Princess. She has developed an affinity for trolling, after she used her magic to travel to an alternate universe where she said she discovered a magical entity known as the internet where she learned the secrets of trolling for lulz, and most importantly, profit."

"So, that's why we're here, Nat. We need somepony who knows of this internet thing. We were teleported here by one of our friends when our Princess was being particularly troll like. We know your brother is good with net stuff and trolling. We know you love ponies. Go figure."

"Well, how are we going to get my brother into your universe?"

Fluttershy looked up, like it was the simplest question ever. "We steal his brain!"

"You... what?"

"We steal his brain. Don't worry, we've tried it on my animal friends, and they don't mind." Fluttershy had something of a twisted simle on her face upon saying this.

"But... how"

"We steal his mind with the power of love, tolerance, friendship, and happiness."

Dash interrupted. "But we need to get something from Equestria first." A portal matierialised, activated by an amulet used by Rainbow Dash. "Wanna come with?"

The ponies flew through the portal, followed by a somewhat hesitant Natalie.

Chapter Eleven - Canterlot CitadelEdit

Natalie, along with the ponies, appeared yet again. This time they appeared in a courtyard. It would have once looked magificent, but had fallen into a state of disrepair. Stone was crumbling, weeds were overrunning the garden, and the walls were shattering. Natalie was sure that even the slightest touch might destroy hem completely.

"Umm... where are we?"

"Canterlot. This place looked great once. Now, however... Its completely different. See that tower over there Nat? That's one of the security towers of the city. Or it was, before Celestia decided to go evil. That's where we're headin'. We need the Elements of Harmony to steal your brother's essence so we can have something to fight our friend Trollestia with. It won't be easy to get over to that tower though. This place is a wasteland now, Trollestia's agents of lulz and their weapons of mass trolling are everywhere. We need to be careful."

"Why don't you just fly over there?" Natalie was getting weirded out more every second.

"Umm... okay. Rainbow Dash, lets do that then... if you don't mind, that is."

"That would work too, I guess. Won't be as awesome though. Meh."

The two pegasi strectched their wings out and prepared to fly over. Upon them fluttering above the ground, a massive explosion was heard in the distance. Cries of Problem? echoed through the air. Fluttershy fell down and wouldn't get up. She was too scared to go fly over to the tower.

"Fine, Fluttershy. Stay with Natalie. I'll go. Besides, it was only a trololo bomb. Still, if you wanna stay, so be it." Dash stretched her wings out and soared up into the crimson sky, leaving Fluttershy and Natalie in the ruined garden.

"So... do you like... er... what do ponies like?"

Fluttershy didn't hear. She was too busy being her timid self to notice. It was going to be a long time until Rainbow Dash returned indeed.

Chapter Twelve - I Like BrainsEdit

Rainbow Dash was going well so far in trying to find the elements. Nothing bad has happened... yet. She knew that everything was going too well... She looked around a corner and noticed a shimmering glow. That was them! She made a move for them...

Back in the courtyard, Fluttershy and Natalie decided to leave a note for Dash after much thought, and decided to go start stealing Tom's brain.

It is still the same time it was when Natalie left when her and the yellow pegasus got back to her house. She unlocked the door, and turned back to Fluttershy. However, when she trned back, Fluttershy was holding some diabolical instrument. She thought it was some sort of death-ray.

"What's that do?" she asked.

"Oh... um, you don't mean this? Remember when I said we'd steal his brain? This is what we shall be using! He'll be perfectly fine, in theory. It's only been tested on ponies but I'd imagine human brains are similar to that of equines. I know my little rabbit and chipmunk friends have similar neural structures... as shown by my tests"

Fluttershy was starting to become somewhat unnerving, and she quickly snapped back to her shy self. As the two walked in the house, they heard the telltale signs Tom was home, today it was the sound of him playing Mass Effect 3.

"He seems happy." Fluttershy said. "And he's going to stay like that too once we have his brain..."

Chapter 13 - Magical ThinkingEdit

Everyone lives happily Ever after and continues there awesome story the End!