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I was out at the darkness of Willow  Creek. It was 5 AM in Crick Cabana, and i had my eyes open because my older brother splashed water on me. I was in the garden and lost my diary. I was fishing, and knew my parents were in a fire accident at The Bluffs in Windenburg. I was shivering of fear. There was a strange noise which sounded like a werewolf howl. I wasn't cautious of werewolves in Moonlight Falls, but it was so dark. I ran closer to my brother, who was terrified. Then, dawn appeared and the sound was quieter, and soon it gone away.  I stopped shivering, and my parents came home in their car. I told them all about it. Then, I realised my older brother had a heart attack, and soon he died without knowing. We were crying all day long. The end

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