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Mysterious Mr. Morten
Name: Mysterious Mr. Morten
Created by: Bleeh
Rating: PG

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Mysterious Mr. Morten is a story that focuses on the life of its main character Morten, who is often regarded by his peers as a quite mysterious man.


More characters will be added as the story progresses.

Main charactersEdit


Morten grew up in a small town in Denmark. He is an avid fan of the game World of Warcraft, and that is how he's met many of his ex-girlfriends. Well, all of his two ex-girlfriends. He also frequented many online online encyclopedias for his favorite computer games before desiring a change and moving to Greenland.

Pavia is Morten's first Greenlandic friend.

Minor charactersEdit


Sally is Morten's British ex-girlfriend, who is also an avid fan of the game World of Warcraft. After Morten moved to Greenland they broke up as Morten wanted to frequent the Internet less and that was the only way they could communicate.

Uiloq is Pavia's wife, whose brother is very ill.


It was a cloudy day in Dragør, Denmark. A young adult named Morten was seated at his computer instant messaging with his girlfriend Sally. Morten had had a lot on his mind in the last few weeks before this day. He desired a change in his life, though when he was in high school many people said he didn't have a life. "How could I not have a life if I am here on Earth breathing" thought Morten, many times in his life.

He suddenly changed the topic of conversation from which operating system is the best to moving to Greenland, with just a comment of "It doesn't so much matter to me what operating system is better anymore anyway, I'm moving to Greenland and won't have Internet access."

Sally was heartbroken. She shared everything with Morten, whenever she found a new cheat code for a game she would tell him (though he often had found out about it before her). Though, she replied with a simple "Oh, have fun with that..." before Morten broke up with her and logged off his computer for good.

Morten remained seated in his chair for a second, he was thinking about how turning off his computer for good was the first step in recovering from an addiction to the Internet. The second was moving to a whole different island, which is quite drastic, though he believed that it had to be done.

Morten began to pack and once he was done went to sleep. He had quite a day ahead of him!

Chapter 1Edit

Morten called a taxi and loaded his bags into it, heading for the airport in Copenhagen. He was heading for Nuuk, Greenland.

Once he arrived, he was running late and very quickly boarded his plane. While in the plane he started thinking of how much more interesting the flight would be if he had brought along his laptop, but he tried to ignore these thoughts by eating noodles.

He also thought of Sally, he wondered if the way he announced to her that he was moving was too rude. He didn't mean to hurt her feelings, though he probably did.

Once arriving he got his bags and left the airport, and started walking around town looking for a place to stay. He hadn't had even looked into finding a place to stay before leaving.

He eventually came across a decent hotel with a decent price, and got a room there. Typically, Morten would open his laptop and browse the Internet now. But, since that wasn't an option, he was left sitting on a bed with nothing to do.

Morten left the hotel and his cellphone started to ring. He opened his phone and was shocked...

Chapter 2Edit

Warning: this chapter will be boring too. D: Don't worry, I'll make sure this story gets more interesting soon!

Morten's mother called to tell him she ate the rødgrød in the microwave. He was devastated and furiously hung up on her. His own mother! How could she eat his delicious Danish dessert like that?

Quite upset from the phone call, Morten continued walking. After several kilometers of distance he ran into his first group of Greenlandics outside the hotel. They were playing football and invited him to join.

Surprising to the Greenlandics (and to Morten himself!) he was actually very good at football, and one man watching exclaimed "Aulaarto arsaappu ajunngilaq!" which flattered Morten, although he had no idea what it meant.

Morten greeted the man watching and asked him to translate what he said to Danish ("Han spiller fodbold godt"). He felt so much better hearing that someone recognized his talent at football as well!

After befriending this man Morten discovered that his name is Pavia. He invited Morten to his home to meet his wife and eat halibut on a bagel.

Morten was greeted with warm welcomes by Pavia's wife Uiloq. She appeared very sad during the whole time Morten was there. He asked Pavia if something was wrong with her and was told that her brother was in the hospital and possibly going to die soon.

Morten had a lot of empathy for Uiloq. He knew exactly what it was like to know something/someone was going to die soon, he had experienced the exact same thing with his characters from one of his favourite video games (The Sims) and many of his past laptops. Well, maybe not the exact same thing.