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Nathan Cosgrove
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A man of many tenures and pride, Nathan Cosgrove is sure the man to be. Working in the Military career, he's a proud veteran and proud husband and father of two.
Name Nathan Cosgrove
Gender TS2 Male Male
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and Employment
Military career Military
Cosgrove family
Romances Amber Cosgrove Married
Child(ren) Clara Cosgrove Daughter, Madicia Cosgrove Daughter
Trait Brave
Trait Hard-working
Trait Sporty
Trait TS4 Creative Creative
Trait Charismatic
Trait Loves the Outdoors
Trait Loyal
Zodiac sign Aquarius (sign) Aquarius
Lifetime want
Lead others to success
Lifetime wish
To become the Man of all
 Rap and Country
Fav Pancakes Pancakes
Fav Green Green
Hair color TS2 Black Hair Black
Eye color TS2 Blue Eyes Blue
Skin color Skin-light Fair
Body shape Fit Muscular
Other Information
Game The Sims Icon The Sims

Nathan Cosgrove is a created Sim residing in the Dayton Neighborhood in The Sims for console. He has black hair with dark blue highlights with bright blue eyes. He is the only sim who resides at Sim 6 Avenue until he gets married to Amber Madicia and has two daughters named Clara and Madicia. Before he married her, he was working in the Military Career track and not only successfully made it to General, but also completed all six of his skills. He's interested in Travel, Money, and Heroism.

Background StoryEdit

Soon after he was created by the player, Nathan was moved to the Dayton neighborhood as a single man of many tenures and many dreams. He hoped to become one of the best men in the world. Using a certain cheat to get him a head start, Nathan decided to get into the Military to become a Veteran and support his country.

Just two days into it Nathan already found himself enjoying his job, although he got up around five to six in the morning. He didn't mind the hard training and lectures he had to go through. But when he got the chance to holler and command other recruits once he got Drill Instructor, he knew there was no going back. Believe it or not: he never minded pumping iron and reading from the mechanical books. Often times he laughed at himself when it came to practicing his charisma when he's using the mirror, only to find himself having a good time and "someone" to talk to.

By the time he gained two friends and was hammered rather hard with recommended skills, Nathan pushed himself into succeeding and proving himself as a worthy soldier and hero. He compared himself to not only the treadmill, but also to his weights and sanity. His muscles built even more and his abdomen carved of nothing but stone and pride.

When Nathan made it to the hardest level, the last promotion, he never knew he'd make it this far, as well as becoming a General. From the bottom of his career as a Recruit to the highest level as a General, Nathan decided he'd stay in the Military and continue to work it out. During his time as a General, he decided to work on other skills such as creativity and cooking as he already had logic, body, and charisma taken care of. Creativity took him at most a week, but cooking took at least three due to sleeping and working.

Amber MadiciaEdit

After Nathan gained his eighth cooking skill he heard his doorbell ring of his eight-room mansion, he put the book down and went to see his visitor. Expecting one of his guy friends, Nathan was just about to greet him with his sleek, laid-back attitude until he realized it was a woman.

She had bright green eyes, long black hair with dark blue highlights in several areas as it was pulled into a fancy pony tail with dark curls with the scent of roses in it. She was wearing more of a biker's get-up and was wearing passion fruit smoothie perfume.

Clearing his throat and adjusting his shirt, he walked up to the door and opened it, smiling politely and greeting her. Learning she was Amber Madicia, he invited her in and went to make dinner for the two. He told her that if she wanted she could spend time in the living room until he was done cooking dinner. She nodded and did so, being called out a half hour later.

She never tasted a pasta so delectable that when she was done using his bathroom she went for another plate as Nathan patiently waited, being a gentleman. When she placed her fork down Nathan walked in and cleaned up for her, surprising her.

She smiled as he put her dish in the dishwasher. Turning around, Nathan found his evening full of nothing but fun, laughter, and talk. Just before mid-night, he got down on one knee and proposed, Amber accepting the gesture. She became his wife exactly at midnight. Any passers-by that were walking by suddenly walked in and congratulated them. Nathan never felt so happy in his whole life.

Clara and MadiciaEdit

After the honeymoon the next evening Nathan suddenly had one daughter as a start. Calling her Clara, Amber stayed at home as a  stay-at-home mother to look after her daughter as the father was working. Amber often had a hard time because she'd be doing multiple things at once: such as cleaning, cooking, and caring for the baby.

When Nathan came home at three each afternoon he's send Amber to bed while he took care of the rest. Each night he held his daughter until she stopped crying. But when she finally grew into a child, Amber was relieved. Clara studied hard for school as her mother took care of the house while her father worked. A few nights later Amber found out she was pregnant again and had another daughter.

She was called Madicia, her parents naming her as in a way of taking after her mother's last maiden name. Luckily, Madicia was easier to care for. She slept two hours more than Clara, but Nathan often lost track of time because of that. He would often find himself getting up around two in the morning and rush to his daughter's side, holding her in his arms and caring until she was at last asleep. A few days later, she was at last a child. Clara helped her study for school as her mother had at last got a job in the Military career, following after her husband. Soon enough, Clara and Madicia were both straight-A students.