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New Beginning

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This is a fanon created by Salammbo. it is about Max Bloom making a new beginning in Pleasentview.


I'm Max Bloom and I'm trying to escape, to escape from my life. You see, I was born into a family who steal, lie and run, and I'm running too, but not from the police, from my life. You can't change what happened, but you can hide from it. I'm going to Pleasentview to start my new life. I never wanted what I had, who I was born to, I never hurt anyone, but my family did. All I ever wanted was to fall in love, have a family and a normal life. Once you've started you can't change it because people won't let you. But I'm still going to try!

Chapter 1, Moving in.Edit

So here I am, in front of my new home, the place where I will make so many memories. As I turned the key a knot tightened in my stomach. What if I won't get the life I want? It's too late to turn back now. I opened the door and stepped in. It felt so weird.

After putting all my stuff in place I just sat there. I started watching TV and then realized I had to go out meet people.

Chapter 2, The neighboursEdit

So I left 210 Wright Way. I walked a few minutes and arrived at a house. I rang the bell and a teenage boy opened the door. I said hello and said that I was new in town and stuff. He invited me inside and then called his dad :

-Hello? May I help you?

-Not really, I'm new in town and I wanted to meet my new neighbours.

-Ah, well welcome to Pleasentview. To be honest I was hopping you'd buy one of my paintings. I'm an artist.

-I would love to buy a painting, my house needs decoration.

-Really? Great! I'll go get them.

a few minutes later

-So these are my paintings. Which one would you like?

-I'll take that one.

I pointed at a beautiful picture of Pleasentview.


I arrived at the next house and a red haired lady opened the door, and a blond lady passed by me and went out. The red haired lady and I chatted for a while then I left. Her name was Nina.


A man named Don lived in the next house. We talked a bit and then I left.


The next house was a Mansion. An old man and his children lived there, and the blond lady from earlier on was also there. We chatted and he invited me for dinner but I said no.


A beautiful woman named Brandi Broke and her two children lived in the next house. The house was definitely the opposite of a mansion.


I arrived home and realized there was a house behind it. A man, his wife an their twin daughters lived there. I chatted a while but then it was getting late so I left.

Chapter 3, The blind dateEdit

I was going out of my house for my morning jog when I saw Mortimer. He asked how was the family and when I said I had none he seemed surprised "You live in that big house alone? Well that won't do! We have to find you a lady, my friend" he said that he could organise a blind date. I said yes because I wanted to meet someone.

Chapter 4, The dates.Edit

So I was getting ready for my date when I realized I was late so I had to run. I ran fast so I arrived there on time. Nina was my date, she was nice and we had a good time but there was no spark.

The next day I saw Mortimer and he asked me if the date went well. I was onnest with him and he organized an other date, the date didn't go well so mortimer organizesd an other one, and an other, and an other....

One night the neighbours (the Pleasants) invited me for dinner and the beautiful black haired woman was there, What was her name? Oh yes, Brandi! It was a wonderful night and than I realized I actually fell in love! I was really happy but I didn't ask her out. The Pleasants were very nice too.

Chapter 5 , Oh My God!Edit

OMG! OMG! This can't be happening! I just reallized 2 things;

  1. Mortimer's wife wasn't abducted (I mean seriously, ALIENS?!) she was kidnapped by my brother!
  2. Dina's husband isn't dead, he was kidnapped by my bro too and my bro just sent a letter saying he was dead!

I know this because I was at there place, they mentioned them and I knew my brother kidnapped someone called Micheal Bachelor and Someone called Bella Goth.

Anyway I'm going to find them !!!!!